Friday, July 23, 2010


where has this Summer gone?

Why are we always in such a hurry when Summer should be "lazy"?

Why has it been so hot that it makes us not even want to go to the pool?

What happened to the body I had just 3 years ago and why does it look "bad" in a swimsuit?

Why is it that in the 2nd week of July, I'm already thinking about school supplies, uniforms and after-school care?

Why is it that I feel the need to make my child do "workbooks" during the Summer?

WOW...a ton of questions of which I don't want to have think about, worry about or deal with...I just want to enjoy the Summer. Darn it!

It's going to be Fall very soon and we're going to wish we had Summer back, but all we do during the Summer is get ready for the Fall.

Today is obviously filled with frustration and questions. So, I've decided to write Summer a letter and ask a few things...

Dear Summer ~
We love when you get here. Pools open. No homework. Summer camps. Lazy Friday nights by the pool. Saturday cook-outs. But, I have to ask...why do you have to go so soon? It seems like our time together just goes by way too fast. And, of course, the heat doesn't help things at all (can you do something about this ridiculous heat we're having?).

Please, stick around for a while. Pull up a chair. Grab some sweet tea and let's hang out. No laundry. No cleaning the house. No ridiculous heat. No worring about back to school. No responsibilities. Just you and us working on a nice tan while listening to the children giggle, laugh and splash us with Cannon Balls.

Think we can make this happen? If you try, I'll try.

Thank you!

Your Summertime friend,