Thursday, April 30, 2009


That's all it sometimes takes to make a little one happy.

Baskin Robbins had their $.31 scoop day on Wednesday evening, so after the baseball game and dinner, Peyton and I decided to go get ice cream. After waiting 30 minutes in line, we finally got our turn to pick out our ice cream. Peyton's choice: Chocolate M&M Ice Cream with
sprinkles...on a cone!

Which brings me to my next topic, my little boy is growing up! He is actually old enough to eat an ice cream cone without making a huge mess (if you know me, you know I don't like stickiness or messes). The boys don't get sweets very often, so when they do, they usually thoroughly enjoy it -- the picture above is evidence of this statement.
In fact, my Mom's favorite treats to give the boys are Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Coke. Two
things they don't really ever get unless it's a special occasion or vacation time.

My "favorite firstborn" is growing up so fast...that's why I love my little dates with Peyton!

Truly Blessed on this sticky Wednesday evening,

PS...Totally had to clean chocolate ice cream off the seat!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Most Amazing...

Concert -- Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman -- EVER!!!!

Let me just say, this beats any New Kids On the Block concert, hands down (I wasn't sure that could happen)!!!

Last night, my friend Hannah and I were given tickets to attend the Michael W. Smith/Steven Curtis Chapman "United" Concert at the Ryman Auditorium. I owe her so much! Without her, I would have missed the best concert I have ever been to! And the best part, the tickets were free and really close! I won't go into all the details about how she got the tickets, other than to say, a guy named "Lunchbox" is involved, and I am somehow going to have to help her escape his "advances." She totally rocks (not for only the tickets, but for having to deal with Lunchbox)!

So, as we were there, I just kept thinking about my high school days...when songs by Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman (oh and Carmin...remember Carmin??) were about all I listened to. In fact, the first song I ever sang in Chapel was by Steven Curtis Chapman. Amazingly enough, the first song Hannah ever sang in public was by Michael W. Smith. It was meant for us to go to this concert!!! Oh and by the way, unlike me, she can actually sing...she's a singer/songwriter and has actually been signed to a label (yep, not singing around her, that's for sure).


Amazing! Uplifting! Sweet! Funny! Emotional! It was all these adjectives and more -- hard to explain, really. The concert itself was unique. It was in the Ryman Auditorium (the old Grand Ole Opry), which is really more like a small church. We sat on wooden pews and was literally 14 rows back from the stage. It was almost like a praise and worship service, but with really amazing fact, Michael even gave a little devotional.

You could tell Michael and Steven are very good friends! They first came out together, Micahel left and Steven played...he was fairly low key, but touching nonetheless. Steven spoke about his family's tragedy of losing their daughter, which was so sad, but the absolute best part was watching him interact with his two sons -- they were both in the band. You could really see the love and respect they have for each other (the kind I hope Brent and I have with our boys). In fact, you could tell they became even better when playing all together as a group. It was really sweet and touching. Then, they played together again, then Michael began his part of the concert...he was definitely more dramatic. He is an amazing pianist...I loved watching him get so into playing that his head was literally inches above the keys.

So many of the songs had tremendous meaning to fact, I had forgetten how moving all the songs really are. I actually managed to get video of them singing "Friends are Friends Forever," which is the song that reminds me most of High School. They also sang songs from musicals my youth group performed. Steven also sang my favorite song of his -- I Will Be Here. But hands down, my favorite praise song was sung...Above All. This song brings me to tears everytime I hear it. In fact, the louder the better!!!!

Anyway, I've posted video and pictures for all to see. I promise, if I never go to another concert...I am fine with that. I can't imagine any concert being better! The only thing that would have made it any better would have been having Brent there to see why I had such a great time. In fact, I told Brent that I was ready to drive to Kentucky to see it again!

To sum it up, I am so thankful for my friend Hannah. We are colleagues, but more importantly, we have become friends. The more I get to know her, the more I find her amazing! I am also extraordinarily thankful for having an "AWESOME GOD" as my Father. All my blessings are from Him. How blessed am I? Beyond words and imagination!!!! And even though I never seem to live up to what I should be for Him, He continues to bless me...

What a night. Two amazing artists, one terrific friend and one husband that watched the boys while I enjoyed the best concert I have ever been to! WOW!

Truly Blessed to have experienced something so amazing on this Tuesday night,

PS...I got busted the first time I was recording, so forgive me if it seems the video is poorly aimed...I was having to hide the camera from the "recording device" patrol -- these little old people that walked around tapping people (ok, me) on the shoulder saying "no recording devices allowed."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boys will be Boys...

And that is exactly what I have...Boys!

So, as previously stated, we officially began our backyard landscaping project. First, rocks and more rocks. My car is beyond dirty from having so many rocks in it...yuck!

Anyway, Brent had a helper. Somehow, Peyton escaped to a friend's house, so Palmer was Brent's helper, although I'm not sure how much of a helper he was...maybe companion is a better word!

So besides thoroughly enjoying the rocks, he also enjoyed playing in the dirt (of which I got on camera). But the best part was watching him decide that he needed to go the yard! He tried to escape to the very back of the yard (where the neighbors and their guests could see him in plain view), but I stopped him before the streaming started happening. So, as you can see, he was happy just to go anywhere...Alas, my little boy, just being a boy! I would have to say that the quote below "Boys are 90% mischief and 10% dirt" is way too true!

Also pictured is the playgym that I sold on Craig's List...all by myself (sold it in 6 hours, with no pictures). No help from Brent. In fact, Brent wanted to throw it away...I was so proud of myself for selling something instead of throwing it away or giving it away! $75 to our landscaping fund...ROCK ON!

Stay tuned for more won't have to wait long around our house!

Truly Blessed on this's been a Monday!

PS...I'm still really sore! But pilates helped take care of some it. In fact, I even got complimented on my "ab work." Who knew??!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shutterfly Sunday for April 26, 2009...

April 20, 2003 -- This was Peyton's very first Easter Sunday. He was only two weeks old and I am quiet sure that we were all still sleep walking. What I remember about that Sunday was the excitement of being able to "show him off." It was his first appearance at my Grandparent's church...and the first great grandchild! Funny...I also remember going home and all of us taking a four hour nap (he woke up just in time to eat)! Oh, the memories!!!! I hope I never forget these little (but huge) details!

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!...

Yep, you heard that right!

Thanks to my new aerobics schedule, my entire body aches! Besides the normal places, such as abs, butt and inner thighs, even the little muscle that connects your chest to your arms...yep, even that hurts! It was a great class though.

On Saturdays, the classed is called JUST WEIGHTS...and it is just that. You literally choose about three different size weights and throughout the class you mix aerobics with weights. Sounds fun right?!?! It is, except that after the class, I am sure my legs were jelly for the rest of
the day!

Tomorrow is Pilates. We'll see what kind of a fool I can make out of myself in that class. No
cameras, please!

Well, we are off to the park with the boys and then we are going to officially begin our VERY LARGE backyard project! We've put this off for two's time! We drew out our plans for the backyard landscape project last night, so now we have our marching orders! Wish us luck. We're going to need it. Man, Tennessee dirt is hard and full of rocks...yikes! I've posted the "before" the time we get through (which might be sometime next year), it is all going to look different -- we hope!

Truly blessed on this bright and sunny Sunday morning,

PS If you haven't heard me say it before, I'll say it now, I LOVE BRIGHT AND SUNNY SUNDAY MORNINGS!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturdays in Springtime...

It's Baseball Season! YEAH!

Well, almost YEAH! I love baseball! After all, I was a batgirl at FSU, so I'm thinking that qualifies me as a baseball lover! The problem...

One little boy by the name of Palmer Bailey Phillips. He's 3 and according to my mom, "He's 3 and he's very good at it"!

Last year, Peyton played on the team, Brent was the coach and Palmer and I were cheerleaders -- you know those people that SIT in the STANDS and cheer on the team. The problem: I never actually sat down, since I was too busy chasing Palmer everywhere and trying desparately to keep him from sneaking around me to run on the field (while the game was going on).

Well, this year, I told Brent "Sign him up! I don't care that he is only 3 (and the age to play is 5 and above). I'll sign a waiver. I'll do whatever to not chase." Great idea in theory...not in practice!

You see, Palmer wants to be on the field playing, but his attention span is short! Very short! Which means, that after about, oh, 5 minutes, he's done and all he wants to do is run around, make sand angels and dig holes in the dirt. Not so great when the other kids want to play!

So, after battling through 2 VERY PAINFUL practices, I (yes, me) decided their would be no more baseball for Palmer and I...we are out for the season! I've tried, I've explained (Me: "Palmer what do we not do at practice." Palmer: "Cry." Me: "Well, there's no crying in baseball, but the correct answer is we do not run around. We listen to Daddy. If not, we will go home"). None of this stuck and all that happened was we left...I looked like a bad Mom, he was screaming. The whole seen was just too much.

So, while Brent and Peyton play baseball on Saturdays this beautiful Spring, Palmer and I will spend time taking naps, going to the know other fun Springtime activities. Baseball will always be around next year. For now, I'll just have to trust that Brent and Peyton are having a great time without us (and I'm not chasing)! I know I'll miss this one day, so I'm trying to remember it now!

So, enjoy this beautiful Spring! Get outside, play some baseball for me!

Truly Blessed on this Beautiful Saturday!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My New Favorite...

HOBBY is...updating this blog!!!

Yep, that's right...this is almost as fun as scrapbooking and the best thing, I don't make a mess!

Brent is always telling me to get a hobby, but what he doesn't understand is that I don't have the time, nor the energy, to do the things I love to do. I love to scrapbook, but when do I have the time (or the enormous amount of money) to do it?? I love to workout, but besides gaining weight, I haven't managed to find a "good time" to go to the gym (ok, I am trying to take care of this one). I love to read, but typically, that only happens when I actually get to take a hot bath (and then I usually fall asleep). So, this is my new hobby!!!! Yeah!!!

I have no one, but my friend Kim to thank for this. Quick story: Kim and I knew each other through Gayfer's Teenboard (if you don't know what that is, don't ask!!!!). She was this amazingly sweet and funny person that somehow, I managed to lose contact with over the years. Fortunately, Facebook brought us back together when she found me. And I am so thankful for this! She now lives across the country in California (so very jealous about this), of which, I am determined to visit as some point (I digress). She created a blog for her family and guess what, I totally stole her idea...not only was she not mad that I totally copied her idea, but she added our blog to her site. So THANK YOU Kim for inspiring me to find a new creative outlet!!!!! Maybe now, I'll stop coming up with new ways for Brent to be creative around our house (NOT!!!)

Anyway, I've changed backgrounds...and will probably do this everytime I feel the need to be creative! As you can see, I originally said I would only update this on Wednesday's and it's only Friday night, so my new hobby is totally taking over!

Creative outlet here I am, but sorry to say, we are still redoing our bedroom, totally landscaping the backyard and the list goes on...

And oh, as for that working out thing, under to go to bed, so I can go to my first aerobics class in the morning -- JUST WEIGHTS. I am so excited...goodbye extra pounds!

Truly Blessed on this Friday evening!

PS The picture above is my other favorite cards for holidays

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here We Go...

It's Official...

I'm a blogger!

So, for whatever reason, I decided to create a blogsite where I can keep everyone up to date on the happenings of our family! It's a little scary for me to do this, as it seems to remind me a lot of a diary -- which I was never good at keeping up with when I was younger, so I am not sure if the days of my youth will transpire or not...

First things first, I had to pick a template for the blog. After going through about a million templates (it's kind of like choosing scrapbook paper), I decided orange is a good color -- it's bright, happy, somewhat Springy and definitely, Summery (I'm quite sure those are not words). So, Ta-Da, the template. Now I can move on to bigger and better writing.

I've decided that to ease myself into this, I am only going to update it on one day of the week -- I'm thinking Wednesdays (simply b/c it's the middle of the week, and we all need to laugh in the middle of the week). On Friday's (I am totally stealing an idea from a friend of mine), I'll post Flashback Fridays -- this should be fun remembering those things that seem so long ago! I am also going to post "Quotables" from the boys...I'm thinking this will be fun!

In the meantime, bear with me as I get started on this adventure. Let's hope all things work together for good:)

Truly Blessed on this Wednesday,

PS...The music you are listening to are some of my favorite songs (and some of the boys favorite songs)...ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Home...

This is our home in Nashville. We saw it one time before we bought it. My advice...don't ever do that. We love our home and our neighborhood, but not remembering what our house looked like before we moved in kind of sucked!

But, after a tramatic move, we made it up here...Brent had to video tape the house for me to remember what it looked like.

After a few months of painting every room in the it is in partial form...more pictures to come.

Enjoy the tour...
The front of our house. The tree on the left side of the windows is now HUGE!

Our Welcome's from a really cute store called "Hot Pink."

Yep, those flowers have been long gone. I killed them within, oh, about a week...maybe two!

Such a clean front porch!

House Rule: Clean the House and You RULE!

The piano that only gets dusted and banged on. The wedding pictures...I was 10 lbs. lighter!

Our last portrait taken in Tallahassee at Goodwood Plantation...right before we moved.

This is my baby shrine room...or so Brent calls it.

A little bit of a picture freak...

The antique cabinet my Mother-in-law gave us as a housewarming present.

More pictures...

A different view of the room...this is really supposed to be a dining room, but we're just not that formal!

Our Eat-in Kitchen...yes, the highchair is long gone, but great memories!

Our living room...when it's nice and neat. Disney is still on the TV most of the time.

I wasn't kidding about the whole picture freak thing...

See, still not kidding about the pictures!

Palmer's room...we really need to update with the bunk beds, but Brent really did make those surboards. Hand made, Hand painted by my very own talented hubby...

Peyton's themed.

My sweet, innocent, angelic babies...this is their Christening portraits.

Guest 1/2 bathroom...

Looking down on the living room from the upstairs.

There are more pictures to come. We've finally almost finished the backyard. The guest bedroom and bathroom are done, along with the boys' bathroom. Oh, and the upstairs play area/entertainment room and office are also done. Now, I just need to clean them, so I can take some pictures:)

We love our home in Nashville. It's different that our Florida home, but that's part of what makes our world up here so different and special!

We are truly blessed to have our beautiful home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

About Us...

We're the Phillips Family (otherwise known as "The Storm" to our families). No we are not perfect, but everyday, we are discovering God's Perfect Plan for our family.

13 years...Brent and I have been married for 13 years. WOW. More than a decade! It has been an amazing 13 years. Each year we discover more and more about each other. Some of the things we have been through have challenged us as a couple and as parents, but we've only been made individuals, as a couple and as parents.

Everyday, we discover God's Amazing Sense of Humor...God gave us two little boys, 28 months apart! Life is crazy, fun and challenging with two very energetic little boys. But, we wouldn't have it any other way! We laugh about things that we never dreamed of laughing about. We are in constant amazement of the things little boys can and will do!

Our families are beautiful and healthy. We are blessed beyond imagination!

Meet Me:
Where oh where to begin?! Well, I'm Chasity, formerly known as Chasity Bailey. I'm a girly girl living with three boys, so life is always interesting. I'm a Type-A, extremely organized person, but with three boys, well, I've all but given up on that. It's funny how life changes you. I say I've relaxed. A LOT. I think my Type-B husband would say differently.
We live in Nashville, TN with no help! While in Florida, we severly underappreciated having family around to help us. We miss Florida and look forward to the day when we move back. Until God reveals his perfect plan on that subject, we're just thankful to have great jobs, healthy children and each other. My job is amazing. I'm a Marketing Manager for Malham Leverage Group, rated one of "Nashville's Best Places to Work." There is not a day goes by that I am not extraordinarily blessed to work for this company. I've been here for more than 5 Outliars language, this means I have more than 10,000 hours of experience working with PI attorneys and marketing!

At the end of the day, I am nothing without my family. Yes, there are days where they drive me crazy, but I absolutely can't imagine life without them. All my boys are my heart and life would cease to exist without them. I pray everyday that the Lord will keep them safe from harm. That they will always be mine to love and hold!

  • Random things about me:I was voted "Most Friendliest" in High School. Still friendly, unless you mess with me or my family. Then, I will most definitely NOT be friendly.
    I am a proud alumnae of Florida State University and Delta Zeta Sorority.
    I love Palm Trees, Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade.
    My love language is "Words of Affirmation."
    My Happy Place #1 is singing with my church choir. Happy Place #2 is my bed.
    My Mom and Husband are my Best Friends...and yes, they actually get along really well.
    I would love, love, love to have three little boys.
    Cheese is my favorite food. Anything with cheese is a favorite of mine.
    I have three major pet peeves: people that chew and pop their gum; wrinkled, twisted up bed sheets/covers; Stupid people that make not smart decisions.
Meet Brent:

Mr. Life of the party. Mr. Everyone loves Brent. Mr. I-can-fix-anything. Daddy of the year. Husband extraordinaire. His only flaw: chaos. He doesn't like chaos. But, that's ok, because everything else outweighs this one tiny little flaw:)

Brent and I met at a wedding. I have a Daisy tattoo on my left shoulder. He has a Seminole tattoo on his upper right thigh. He dropped his pants to show me his tattoo and the rest is history. He knew. I knew. We were meant to be only took him two months to ask me out. But, at least he asked. In seperable from that point on.

He's a straight up competitor. And he's rubbing off on the boys. You name it. Work. Sports, fishing, hunting, putt-putt golf, checkers, climbing the stairs. No matter what it is, he'll make it into a competition of some kind. I guess that's why he's in sales. 

He's also a redneck...I call him a high-class redneck. Being outdoors is his thing. He bought a farm (ok, he bought part of my family's farm), but it's our nonetheless. Then he bought a tractor...all without telling me! Then, I got an anniversary ring. See, it all works out:) He's the hot and spicy to my sweet and salty. He's the laidback to my uptightedness. He's the unorganized to my organized. He can make me laugh and cry all in one sentence. He's my sweet hubby and I love him on most days...I only want to give him away every now and again.

  • Random things about Brent:
    • He had a permed mullet in high school (kind of glad I didn't know him back them).
    • He would ride on a tractor everyday if he could.
    • He gets so excited before hunting and fishing trips that he doesn't sleep. At All.
    • He played college Tennis. I've NEVER seen him play (or even pick up a racket).
    • His love language is "physical touch."
    • He never shops. NEVER.
    • He says he loves watching the sunrise, but I've never actually seen him do it.
    • He loves UFC wrestling, FSU Football and any hunting show on TV.
    • His best friend from high school is nick-named Floppy!
Meet Peyton Bailey:
He's my favorite first-born. My Spring baby and my funky monkey all in one. It took 14 hours to have him, but when he decided to make his appearance, he did it with all 9 lbs. 1 oz. of himself. He never cried. Slept through the night at 6 weeks old, and was the easiest baby imaginable. Except for the fact that he would only sleep on his tummy...I'm surprised I didn't have a heart attack at some point. God gave him to me so that I would want another child (which I had said would not happen).
He's my little pastor. He asks before doing anything and then does it very cautiously. He knows right from wrong and when he's not telling the truth, he smiles...a dead give away. He's little Brent. If Daddy's doing it, he wants to do it. If not, forget it.
He's an all E student and DOES NOT get my math ability...thankfully. This little guy can rock out some addition and subtraction. It's quiet amazing for a 1st grader. He gets that from his Daddy. Not me. He's a negotiator like none other. He's just wears you down until you give in. He's a little booger and he knows it!
  • Random things about Peyton Bailey:
    • His love language is "gifts." Bribery works great with him.
    • His best friend is Cannon and he currently has two girlfriends: Ella and Emma.
    • He loves playing Wii, Baseball and aggravating his brother.
    • His favorite food is "cereal" and he LOVES "orange juice."
    • He's got a cow-lick on the right side of his bangs...same place as mine.
    • He's got his Daddy's personality...oh boy!
    • He's also got his Daddy's natural athletic talent and his Mommy's good looks:)
    • He's the biggest FSU fan there is. He literally cries when they lose:(

(Best friends and they don't even realize it!)
Meet Palmer Bailey:
Mr. Palmer, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Palmer (to the tune of You Can Do It from Cinderella). This is the song we sang to Mr. Palmer when he was little. We called him Mr. Palmer.
He's my favorite sweet baby. My Summer baby and chunky monkey all in one. I sported my big ole belly in a two-piece swimsuit...if I was going to have an August baby, I was doing it with a tan...that was my motto. Born smack dab in the middle of August, we used to say, "If he's not sweating when he's sleeping, he's not happy." Weighing in at 8 lbs. 12 ozs., they took him 5 days early. Of course, he was born into a room full of people in the middle of the day...I tend to think that is why he is loud and my drama prince and my future "broadway star."
He's a different child than Peyton. He slept in a swing for the first 6 months of his life and would NEVER take a nap...about drove us crazy. With no calming reflex, he was an intense little man. God gave him to me so that I would wait to have more children.
Don't get me wrong. He is my sweet baby! We are just alike, so it kind of makes it hard for me to not be patient with him. He does everything at 100%...laughs, cries, gets mad...all at 100%. Nothing is half way with my little Palmer.
His cheeks are amazingly kissable. His neck is extremely ticklish and his laugh is absolutely infectious. His philospophy: Don't ask...just do it and suffer the consequences later. OH BOY!
  • Random things about Palmer Bailey:
    • He loves anything his brother loves. He's a follower (hence the next entry).
    • He follows Peyton everywhere.
    • His love language is "Words of Affirmation." Just like mine.
    • He gives amazing hugs and kisses.
    • He has exzema, seasonal allergies and a touch of asthma. Poor thing.
    • He can ride in the car with me and not say a word. We are one in the same.
    • His favorite toys...whatever Peyton is playing with.
    • He looks like Ralphie from A Christmas Story (just put on some glasses and call him a twin.)

This is Brooke Somersby. She's the other girl in the house. Up until July 2012, we had her Mom and Dad...they were a little family all to themselves. But then, we lost Bama and Bay. So, she's become an only child, and loving EVERY minute of it. She's spoiled rotten, and rules the house. Her fur is the softest fur you will ever feel. Her demeanor is grace. She's loyal to the bone...and now, she's old (12) so she doesn't even try to run away.
  •  Random things about Brooke: 
    • She's a terrible guard dog. 
    • She loves to steal bread off the counter (and anything else she can reach). 
    • She won't sit on the couch when Brent is on it, but everyone else is ok. 
    • She KNOWS the words "Bye Bye" and "Night Night." 
    • She will roll over on her back when she wants to be petted.
    •  She loves sweet tea.

That's our family. We love each other. A LOT. I pray this will continue the rest of our lives!