Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here We Go...

It's Official...

I'm a blogger!

So, for whatever reason, I decided to create a blogsite where I can keep everyone up to date on the happenings of our family! It's a little scary for me to do this, as it seems to remind me a lot of a diary -- which I was never good at keeping up with when I was younger, so I am not sure if the days of my youth will transpire or not...

First things first, I had to pick a template for the blog. After going through about a million templates (it's kind of like choosing scrapbook paper), I decided orange is a good color -- it's bright, happy, somewhat Springy and definitely, Summery (I'm quite sure those are not words). So, Ta-Da, the template. Now I can move on to bigger and better writing.

I've decided that to ease myself into this, I am only going to update it on one day of the week -- I'm thinking Wednesdays (simply b/c it's the middle of the week, and we all need to laugh in the middle of the week). On Friday's (I am totally stealing an idea from a friend of mine), I'll post Flashback Fridays -- this should be fun remembering those things that seem so long ago! I am also going to post "Quotables" from the boys...I'm thinking this will be fun!

In the meantime, bear with me as I get started on this adventure. Let's hope all things work together for good:)

Truly Blessed on this Wednesday,

PS...The music you are listening to are some of my favorite songs (and some of the boys favorite songs)...ENJOY!