Monday, April 22, 2013

One Sentence...April 14 - April 20, 2013

Sunday, 4/14/13 -- T.I.R.E.D. Four 10 year olds and one 7 year old invaded our house and stayed up till 2:30. Is it bedtime yet? Busy long week ahead. Done parenting for now (party was a success)!

Monday, 4/15/13 -- Tax Day. Thank goodness for refunds. Brent left for Denver until Thursday, so the boys and I are on our own. Yay. Yes, we skipped the make-up baseball game (as Palmer's allergies are so bad). Instead, we had milkshakes for dinner. No apologies...just nominating myself for Mom of the Year.

Tuesday, 4/16/13 -- So much for Brent's trip to Denver. He's now in Arizona. Today, I'm a taxi driver. Peyton practice. Palmer Cub Scouts. Both at the same time. Climbed the same darn hill at the baseball fields three times. Who needs a workout when climbing that hill?! Poor B.B. She has the stomach flu...not sure we'll be going to Florida:(

Wednesday, 4/17/13 -- Baseball. Again. We won. Yahoo. Leaving to go out of town tomorrow if B.B. is feeling better. Who needs to pack? Think we'll just wait until the last possible minute.

Thursday, 4/18/13 -- Going to see my Mom. Boys staying home as to not get the stomach bug, but I'm going to represent. Wish I had slept better...going to be a LONG drive.

Friday, 4/19/13 -- Coton Colors, Pink Narcissus, Garnet & Gold, Hopkins Eatery -- all with my sweet Mom...perfect Friday. Barnaby's tonight. Visit with sweet friend Dode', and then getting crafty for Emory's 1st Birthday Party.

Saturday, 4/20/13 -- Partied O.U.T. Emory Kate's 1st Birthday Party this morning/afternoon. Josie's Wedding this evening. (in the middle of nowhere. When I say no cell phone service...I mean, it said "No Service" on my phone). Hard watching my Mom miss her sister:( Thankful she was honored so sweetly. Good. Night. Long trip back home tomorrow:(

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to have been able to spend time with my family in Florida,

Friday, April 12, 2013

One Sentence...April 7-13, 2013

So...I saw a devotional/journal book called One Sentence.
It's where you document you days in one sentence.
I think I can do it. Possibly.
We're going to give it a try.

Here's my week via one sentence for each day (some might possibly be stolen from my FB page)...

Sunday, 4/7/13 -- Sittin' on the deck (with shorts on) soakin' up the sun's rays while sippin' on a real coke and pettin' my old dog. Thankin' God for this amazin' Spring day! #lifeinthesouth

Monday, 4/8/13 --  Ending a long day with some BASEBALL... Peyton's baseball game (playing 10 year olds...). Go Ripsters! Extremely proud of Palmer for getting up early to go turkey hunting with Daddy, and not complaining of tiredness later on...

Tuesday, 4/9/13 -- Brent's leaving for East Tennessee for 3 days. Peyton practice and Palmer Cub Scouts. Fun times being a "single Mom." Welcome to taxi land. And...the tiredness caught up with Palmer -- full on break down over a crinkled paper. Yep.

Wednesday, 4/10/13 -- Love me some Wednesdays. Bring on Happy Place #1 -- Choir Room for choir practice (P.S. Happy Place #2 is my bed).

Thursday, 4/11/13 -- Ugh...3 hours of sleep. Palmer's eyes and pollen Do.Not.Mix. Thunderstorms and sleepiness Do.Not.Mix. Bring on Happy Place #2 -- my bed.

Friday, 4/12/13 -- 11 hours of sleep does a girl good...needed that beauty sleep. Long day -- big work meeting, a trip to Costco (yippee written with sarcasm), favorite sweet baby baseball practice at the same time as favorite firstborn's baseball game. Go Ripsters (a repeat of Peyton's Grand Slam and triple from last Friday night would be extra nice). Oh...we now have baby birds in our front door wreath. Mama Bird is getting way more aggressive.

Saturday, 4/13/13 -- Today's the day Peyton's been waiting for -- 10 year old Shark Attack Party. Up and At 'Em early -- baseball practice. Palmer game. Pick up cookie cake. Pick up pizza. Shark Attack Party at 5:30 w/ 20 of his good friends -- baseball friends, school friends, church friends and even some neighborhood girl friends:) Spend the night with 3 of his friends. Please let this be the last of the week-long Double Digits birthday celebration.

Truly Thankful and Beautifully Blessed to spend the these crazy hectic days with two very healthy little my favorite firstborn really 10?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Arise, My Love...

Arise, My Love...the grave no longer has a hold on you. No more death's sting. No more suffering. Arise! Arise! Arise!

I should be ashamed...very ashamed for not having posted a blog for almost a year. WOW!
All I can say is that I'm busy...and beautifully blessed to be busy. Living Life. With my precious family!

Happy "Late" Easter 2013! This is our family standing on the stairs of our AMAZING church. There really is not a day that goes by that we do not fall more in love with our church, the members, the ministers and most importantly, the message! We are always learning something new. We are so truly thankful that God led us to this church...4 years ago this Easter!

This past Saturday, while rehearsing with the choir -- yes, I joined the choir (And yes, I'm just a filler. While I believe my voice to be that of an Angel, I know the ultimate truth...I'm a filler:) -- I was given the opportunity to share our story of how we found Brentwood Baptist Church. What an amazing experience...speaking in front of 300 people sharing a story only God could create! And while I tried to get out of speaking, God (and Dennis...our music minister) had other plans. So very thankful God gave me the words to say to help inspire a beautiful, worship-filled choir. Singing with the choir on Easter Sunday definitely goes in my book as one of the most amazing worship experiences. EVER!

If you didn't know it...I love Easter. It's my FAVORITE holiday. I have a Spring baby (Peyton). I have a child named Palmer (Palm Sunday). I've usually given up something for Lent (this year, it was flour and fried foods, which proved to be one of the hardest things I've ever done...did I mention the loss of 6 lbs;) which means I've met a goal I probably complained about not believing I would make. And most importantly, He is Risen!!!!! From something so awful to something so wonderful -- Three Days. HE IS RISEN!

This Easter, we missed the beautiful sun and warmth Florida typically provides, but thankful we didn't miss the worship. We watched the Passion of the Christ with the boys on Good Friday (seemed only appropriate), discussed in detail all that Jesus gave up for us and watched as our Peyton really, really understood what Jesus did for much so that he put aside his shyness to actually have a conversation with the Children's Minister (Mr. Matthew, who by the way is a Gator fan, but the one Peyton has chosen to talk to) about his accepting Christ into his heart (we've struggled with this for two years, as he's shy and is scared to be baptized).

All in all, it was an beautiful Easter. One for the memory books. One for the blog. 

Already looking forward to next Easter!!!

Truly Thankful and Beautifully Blessed for what God gave us...his Son.