Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year in Facebook Statuses...

Facebook has been a great thing. Not only has it reconnected me with old high school friends and college friends and sorority sisters, but it has also given us a fun and unique way to recap the year through simple sentences or "statuses" as they've become known.

I don't update my status everyday, but I do make an effort to update it maybe 3-4 times per week, sometimes more. Anyway, I found a way to get all my statuses for the year. So, this is literally A Year in Facebook Statuses!

~is about to play Bakugan – not sure if I am smart enough to figure this game out…
~is about to put up all the Christmas decorations...ugh!
~is cleaning the house so Sunday can be a day filled with peace (ok, as much peace as one can have with two little boys and Brent)!
~is sad Christmas break is over! Already looking forward to Spring Break!
~is enjoying very guilty pleasures...90210 and Privileged! I should be ashamed!
~is blessed!
~is ABSOLUTELY BLESSED (in many, many ways)!
~is reading Death by Meeting...a really good book!
~is on the couch with my boys, a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket watching Christmas movies (the boys get to choose)!
~is signing Brent up for facebook...
~is trying to explain to Brent how to use Facebook...he says it's "alright." I don't think he'll be as addicted as I am!
~is scheming up a plan to get Brent on board with redecorating our bedroom! He! He!
is hoping for snow!
~loves having a winter season. Snow, if you're listening...please come visit us!
~says...thanks for coming to visit snow! Come back soon, how about Saturday...we'll be waiting for you!
~remembers having to deal with schools being out for hurricanes. Snow days are fun, but there are way too many of them...especially when parents work!
~says I can't believe it is still only 18 degrees outside. Jammies and hot chocolate here I come!
~is hubby is teasing me about being on facebook, again...when he just got off! Yep, he's addicted (and he swore he wouldn't be)!
~asks the question: How many times can one person watch High School Musical?
~says snow, snow snow if falling...well, not yet, but I'm patiently waiting!
~says snow, snow, snow is falling...well, not yet, but I am hoping it will!
~is cooking. Lasagna anyone?
~is trying to get the router working again!
~is hungry...going to eat now!
~is wondering why my best thoughts happen at 2 a.m. -- which ultimately means, I wasn't sleeping! ??!!
~just finished picking up the boys new bunk beds...and appropriately, nailed my head on the top bunk...ouch!
~says "SNOW" -- yahoo!
~is going to buy mattresses...will I negotiate and get the price I want...yes I will. The negotiating class I took will come in handy!
~is disappointed. 7 stores and none, NONE would negotiate...I left without mattresses!
~says Happy Birthday to the best MOM in the entire world!
~loves snow. Hates school snow days. It totally messes up the routine!
~is having commitment issues when it comest to choosing the boys' new bedding! I'm thinking Madras??
~is trying to get my family up and going this morning...Spring Baseball Signups are happening!
is threatening the boys... if they jump off the bunk beds they are back in baby beds! ! Bets Palmer tries it first!

~is absolutely, 110 percent exhausted! Spring cleaning in Feb. is not so much fun!
~is praying for will power!
~is 3 lbs lighter than two weeks ago. Making progress...
~is wondering if I did something wrong: 3 boys, 4 bathrooms and NONE can aim?!?!(*#$&*(@)
thinks it is absolutely ridiculous that cops pull people over (during 5 pm traffic) 4 driving in the ~HOV lane! 10 miles of traffic backed up for one person!
~is at cheesecake factory waiting for my food! YYYUUUMMM!
~is getting ready to go to the boys' great great grandmother's 100th Birthday Party!
~is going swimming (ok, the boys are goiing swimming and I'm watching) get in a swimsuit...ha! ha!
~is picking up the boys, so Brent can go do taxes...we ARE going to get money back...speaking the faith!
~is trying to pick up Peyton on time...traffic! UGH!
~is so sad for my friend Cozy and her children! May the Lord surround them with love and comfort!
~is praying for my friend Cozy and her children...
~is going to Peyton's Valentine's Day party...Sanity is so overrated!
~is enjoying family time...Happy Heart Day!
~is putting the boys to bed and about to watch "Fireproof" with my hubby!
~highly recommends the movie "fireproof" to all married couples! Now, off to church!
~is about to add "Fireproof" to my favorite movies....awesome movie. Way better than Nicholas Sparks' "The Wedding." I didn't think it could get any sweeter!
~can't decide what to make for dinner...does cereal count as "making" dinner?
~is hungry! That's what I get for not eating lunch!
~has two little boys climbing all over me!
~says "the HOV lane is for 2 or more people in one car". Why is this so hard for people to figure out?
~is headed southbound on 65...I'm going back to Tally, Tally, Tally... going back to Tally!
~had a great time seeing Bethany at her baby shower! She looks beautiful!
~is going to Sonny's for dinner...Sorry Babe, I'd bring some back, but I don't think it will make the 9 hour drive!
~is visiting with my best friend from high school and watching High School Musical 3:) It's great to stay young
~is ready for this long drive to be over...Nashville here I come!
~is almost home -- tired, but almost home to see my boys!
~is praying for my brother as he leaves for Afghanistan today...Stay safe Chris!
~is thinking about my brother -- ironically, he is spending his last few hours in the states in D.C. before serving his country...definitely a hero!
~is getting my oil changed at a dealership...sure glad I have a new car -- can't get attacked by the sales reps;)
~has procrastinated on kindergarten homework...what kind of slacker mom am I?
~is attending a meeting on social media -- kind of funny!
~is saying a thank you brother made it safely to Afghanistan! Praying for safety over the next few months!

~is creating a "chore" calendar for Brent and I -- trying to share the house cleaning. We'll see how it goes:)
~is looking forward to Spring Break in Destin -- on the countdown clock -- 11 days to go!
~is completely tongue tied from reading three Dr. Seuss books to Peyton's talking for me for the rest of the day!
~is listening to Brent stress about calling all of the parents for the boy's baseball team! It's a tough life being a coach!
~got ambushed this morning! Is it Friday yet?
~is thinking that although feminism is alive and well, we still live in a man's world!
~is trying to help Brent download a picture from work -- forgot the USB cord at work!
~is absolutely, 110% exhausted!
~now realizes why T-ball is for the 4 and 5 year olds -- 3 year old attention spans are really short!
~says 10, 5 year olds + Pizza Party + Baseball equals me being really tired later!
~has ESP...I foresee my Destiny...Destin! Only 3 more days to go!
~says Baseball practice in 40 degree weather...what happened to Spring training?
is going to Peyton's first school music program...hope I don't forget the video camera!
~says "Destin...I hear you calling and I am on my way. Make sure my spot on the beach is saved!"
~is Southbound on 65! Only 7 more hous to go...Ugh! Good thing Brent is driving!
~is very tired...three more hours to go until we're in T-town!
~is very tired, and now it is my turn to drive! Ugh...three more hours to go. What movie should - watch (while driving of course)
~says "Hello Sunshine State!"
~Tired. Really tired. Off to see grandparents, then the beach!
~is enjoying Sonny's BBQ -- don't have these in TN, so we have to get out "fix" while home!!!!
~is at the beach and headed to the grocery store! Nothing like grilling out at the beach!
~Fish, fish, fish and more fish...that's what for dinner. Oh, and shrimp!
~Raining...what's worse than being stuck inside your house with two little boys? Being stuck inside at the beach in a condo a 1/4 of the size of reg. house!
~Florida -- Lilly Pulitzer! LOVE IT!
~Boys down for a nap, by the pool/beach reading a book and getting sun...LOVE IT!
~is very happy that I managed not to get sunburned on the first day out in the sun! Pain free for tonight:)
~Just sent two of my boys off deep-sea fishing for the day. Down to my "favorite sweet baby" and I for the day. Headed down to the beach for some fun in the sun
~is loving this gorgeous blue sky...only wish the water wasn't freezing!
~is putting the boys down for a nap, then headed poolside/beachfront with my mom for some sun!
~Family pictures on the beach...disaster (but free)! Free babysitting by mom and dinner with hubby @ Ruth Chris...priceless!
~is going down to the beach... the waves are lapping in! Just one of the many reasons I love the Gulf...
~is watching dive-in movies by the pool with the boys! A great way to end a perfect vacation!
~is unbelievably sad to leave Florida, the beach, and most importantly, family!! On the road to Nashville!
~realized this week that God's Giggle Box turned over on the days he decided to give me Little Boys!
~is remembering last week's vacation...HUGE sigh! Nashville Is NOT Destin nor Florida!
~is really loving the POP2K channel on XM... can only take so much Radio Disney!
has committed a major mommy no no -- I lost Palmer's puppy and can't find it anywhere! In for a long night!
~I found Palmer's puppy (or actually, Brent did). We had a happy little boy this morning!
sometimes wishes I had a Nanny just so I could get a little sleep...does this make me a bad Mom?
~is thinking it is March 28th in Afghanistan -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU -- there's a Happy Birthday Video from us!
~thinks Sunday mornings are always better when it is sunny outside!
~has a terrible headache, therefore, I will NOT being going to the grocery store...PB and J will have to do:)
~is so proud of my kindergartener... all Es on his report card! So proud!
~thinks it's funny that Brent was EXTREMELY EXCITED about meeting UFC Champ Rampage Jackson!

~is a single parent tonight while my hubby goes to enjoy the UFC fight --did I really give him a UFC ticket for Valentine's Day?
~thinks it's funny that Brent snuck into a "box suite" at the UFC fight + the people didn't even know he wasn't supposed to be there. Original wedding crasher!
~really hates tornadoes and anything having to do with tornadoes (ii.e. sirens)
~bedtime...oh yeah, I hear you calling my name!
~is going to by birthday presents for Peyton...can't believe he is going to be 6 years old!
~the zoo and chuck e cheese both in one day with 4 boys (yes, that includes Brent)...Am I crazy?
~SWWWEEETTT...Mommy break while Daddy takes all the boys to the bathroom...My Mom said this day would come!
~Can't believe I was in labor, this time, 6 years ago...why does time fly by so fast when I'm having fun?
~is amazed that 6 years ago today I gave birth to a 9 lbs. 1 oz. baby boy -- Peyton Bailey -- HAPPY AWESOME BIRTHDAY to MY FAVORITE FIRSTBORN!
~Thanks everyone for wishing Peyton a Happy Birthday! Cupcakes at Peyton's school today, then were moving on from birthday celebrations. Next up...Brent's 40th Birthday:)
~is looking forward to a beautiful Easter weekend (nothing like having Good Friday off of work)!
~is so thankful for the sacrifice made by one man so long ago -- Jesus! Blessed on this Good Friday!
~Dying Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Hunts, Easter Family Pictures...I love Easter time!
~tornado warnings again today...UGH! Give me a hurricane over tornados anyday!
~LOVES Lilly Pulitzer! Anyone see the new line? I could easily buy all of them! So sad the little Jon Jons weren't around when the boys were little!!
~is so ready 4 Spring! A great excuse 2 break out my Lilly clothes. And yes, all my status updates r going to be about how cute Lilly's clothes r! Obsess much?
~Friday! Enough said!
~started my day with Mr. Palmer waking me up with blood gushing down his face...not a great way to start the morning! Can I have do over, please?
~created a blog for my family...still in construction phase, but check it out:
~is so done for the day...possibly even the weekend!
~Updated our new blog: ... again!! I'm obsessed. This is better than scrapbooking...dare I say that?? And, it's free! ROCK ON!
~is getting ready for pilates class...still sore from Just Weights. This should be painfullt fun
~is off to Pilates and then the Michael W. Smith/Steven Curtis Chapman concert--the first "real" concert I have been to since moving to Nashville!
~is if I never see another concert, I am ok with that. Steven Chapman and Michael W Smith at the Ryman -- AMAZING!!! No other concert will EVER top it! AMAZING!
~Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman "Friends are Friends Forever" Video and photos are on my blog:

~is going for H and H: Haircut and Highlights! How short can I go? Blond or Stay Dark? Decisions, Decisions...
~is enjoying grilling out and spending time with the family!
~is trying to figure out a good Mother's Day Present...hhhuuummm??!!??
~does it have to be Monday?
~does not feel like going to Pilates, but seeing as how my "Just Weights" instructor changed up ~Saturday's routine, I'm I have to go...UGH!
~is ready for cardio/sculpting class...bring it!
~is my blessings are many and my worries are few...
~is it just me or does today seem like the longest day ever??!!??!! Will it never end?!
~GREY'S Anatomy!
~went to Palmer's "Muffins with Mommy" breakfast this morning. He was so excited to have me there (way cute)! In fact, he ate his muffin and mine. Not sure if his excitement was about the muffin or me??!!
~keeps thinking about how I am going to have the energy to hang with the boys when they get older...I can barely keep up now and they are still young! I'm thinking of bottling their energy, so ~I can have some when they get older!
~is pretty sure I got my butt kicked in aerobics this morning! Man I'm tired!
~is unbelievably thankful for my best friend and inspiration -- MY MOM! God was so wonderful ~to give me my Mom! Happy Mother's Day...wishing I could be with you!
~is skipping Pilates tonight. Just don't have it in me!
~Somehow my little boy turned into a "seal." Working from home today...
feels like I am getting what Palmer has...UGH! When is there ever time for Moms to be sick? No rest for the weary!
~thinks Grey's Anatomy was sad, but awesome. Best I have to wait until next season...darn!
~has completely turned into an old person...going to bed at 8 p.m. on a Friday night!
~realized today that I have not bougt a new pair of shoes or purse in over a year! Told the hubby this and his only comment was "good"! That's all I got..."good." Obviously he doesn't realize how hard that was to do! Breaking the year long streak today....
~just introduced the boys to the "Beach Boys" Greatest Hits...complete with dance steps and all. they weren't thrilled...they don't know what they are missing!
~is a single parent for the week -- already missing the hubby! Have fun babe (or at least try -- remember to be have a job:)!
~My new name: Snickle Dippin Lips (according to the children's book, Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot Professor Poopypants)!
~ready for Dancing With the Stars...still can't decide on who I want to win!!!
~is DARN!
~takes back me "DARN." Glad Shawn and Mark won DWTS! Surprised, but happy!
~can't believe my little man is graduating from kindergarten today!
~is so ready for Brent to be home! We are all missing him!
~has my little man helping me at work today. Wondering if he'll help me on Branding Strategy?
~has a lunch date with my favorite firstborn! He's treating me to McDonald's!
~just realized I have "Twilight" on On Demand...Sweet! Just now realizing how cool On Demand is!
~pilates this morning and then off to the pool! I love SUMMER! Ok. I'd love it more if I looked better in a swim suit, but after two 9 lb. kids...the body is what it is!
~DNAH -- Date Night at Home with the Hubby. Boys in Bed. On Demand on. Bring on ~"Twilight"! A little late on the Twilight excitement, but addicted nonetheless...
~TGIH -- Thank goodness for Holidays!
~is laying by the pool (alone)...
~I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
~is obsessed with Twilight. Just bought ,ew .o
~is obsessed with Twilight. Just bought New Moon last night and I am already half way done!
has discovered at 10:30 p.m. that I clearly have issues. Swore I wouldn't buy "Eclipse"...I did. ~Mistake. Obsessed much?
~found a pair of shoes in my closet that I forgot I had...brand new and cute! How to me! (This status is dedicated to you Brent)
~is cleaning the house...Mother-in-Law is visiting this weekend!
~bought a pink iPod today! I know, I know...where have I been all these years?!
~is feeling the pain from this morning's workout! Ouch!
~is singing Happy 40th Birthday to my crazy, wonderful husband! A fun-filled day is ahead of us!
~is tired from a long day of partying -- husband celebrated 40th bday, but doesn't feel it...I'm not 40 and I feel it...hum??!!

~Mom-in-law just left, clients n town for 3 days (long days @ the office), 4 baseball games and dad and grandparents visiting this weekend...Calgon take me away
~is enjoying this beautiful Saturday morning with Brent, the boys and my grandparents!
~is off to the last baseball game of the season!
~A beautiful, peaceful Sunday morning -- my favorite:)
~is at the pool enjoying this beautiful Sunday!
~is done with Father's Day presents...not exactly last minute, but dang sure close...
~Country Music Festival downtown Nashville + me working downtown Nashville = traffic nightmare! Good thing I have a parking pass:)
~Updated Blog: 100 or so Things I Love!
~Friday evening by the pool -- pizza and strawberry margaritas:)
~Worked out this morning. Just put the boys down for a nap. Going to the pool to layout. Peace and Quiet...AHHHHH!
~has two very tired little boys! I think bed time will be EARLY tonight!
~Sun, Sun, please come out and play! I have two little boys with tons of energy awaiting your arrival! Push those clouds out of the way...
~it's Sunday night...UGH!
~just learned some very upsetting things about Peyton Manning! Good thing my Peyton was not named after him!
~Off to pilates, then back to work for a while...I heart conference calls:)
~CMA awards tonight --just drove past the long line of limos! Too bad I'm not a huge country music fan. Wonder who I drove past?!
~Getting ready 2 go 2 cardio/sculpt class. Then home to blog about Things I Don't like -- great follow up to Things I Love!
~ultimate circuit class ultimately kicked my butt!
~My brother is home from Afghanistan!!! YAY!!!
~Can today get any crappier? Really?? I'm placing my bets that it can't!
~Today is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!!!!
my brother is home safely, my client is happy, today was better than pizza by the pool...all is right with the world!
~woke up to a little one in our bed--not so bad except that he also wet our bed!! DAD GUMMIT! ~Just weights class this to pool, then date night with the hubby! A great Saturday!
~is planning to get the biggest piece of cheesecake that Cheesecake Factory has to offer --this way I can gain back all the weight I've worked so hard to lose!
~Happy Happy Daddy's Day to all Dads -- and especially to my amazing Dad to our two energetic little boys!
~working out in 100 degrees weather is NOT going to be fun! BUT, I am going to do it anyways b/c I'm dedicated like that!
~is a single mom tonight while Brent has dinner with Jeff Fisher, Head Coach of the Tennessee did this happen?
~so thanks to Michael Jackson, I had an awesome talk with Peyton about knowing Jesus and truly believing in Him...thanks Michael--you're bad and you know it!
~just realized -- my middle name should be "Don't make me Count to 3!"
~The boys and I are wishing Aunt JJJJOOOODDDDYYYY a very happy happy birthday!
Monday! Really?!
~just learned how to get more definition in my arms...sweet!
~Almost to my cardio/sculpt class then home to an early bed time! Two nights of sleeping with ~Palmer (aka Coughing Up a Lung Man) has taken its toll on the entire family!

~TGIW -- because today is my Friday!
~If the phone's for me, you call tell em I sailed away! And, I'm keeping it between the navigational beacons...MAYBE...TGIW!
~Has decided to take tomorrow off from work, blackberry, emails, facebook, etc...can I make it?
~Made it through yesterday with no work, blackberry, emails, facebook,, life is back to normal. Off to sculpt class then to the pool -- love, love, love holiday weekends!
~Happy Birthday America! Looking forward to your party today!!!!
~AHHH! Pilates! So refreshing!
~Got all sentimental over Peyton's first two-hours away bus ride trip to Kentucky! He's such a big kid now, and I, apparently, have some issues...
~Everyone make sure you check your clock at 12:34:56 on 7/8/09 (today) -- won't happen again till 2109...Cool, huh?!!!
~Went to "Just Weights" class even though I didn't feel like it -- so proud of myself. Then I came home and ate WAY TOO MANY Doritos...thinking I just missed the whole point of working out! I'm just thinking...
~Breakfast for dinner with GIGANTIC Pancakes...YUMMMMB
~IATIF -- It's About Time It's FRIDAY...pool and sun here I come!
~Locked out of my house -- thanks to the husband for forgetting to leave me the key! REALLY NOT HAPPY!
~Harry Potter weekend...yay!
~YMCA Spiritual Vitamin: The kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field.
~My boys are home safely, now for a morning by the pool and Thomas show this afternoon (Thanks Ryan!) times!
~is soooo tired of two little boys in my house fighting with each other...can you hear me screaming?!
~Being brave...Zumba and Pilates tonight! To my family: If I'm not home by 8:15, send out the search party b/c I've passed out from the work out!
~Gave up caffeine! I think I might float away from all the water I've been drinking... or die from the " no caffeine" headache...
~Hummm...Thinking about taking Palmer with me to see Harry Potter tonight...if I bribe him with popcorn and go to a late movie, will it work? Thinking...
~At the pool enjoying a beautiful 74 degree day with no clouds in the sky...could get used to this!
~Date Night with my favorite 3 year old : Chick-Fil-A, Movie and a kiss one cheek (and I didn't even ask him for it)! Does it get any better?
~Had the perfect date night last night with my favorite sweet we are at the pool! Great weekend!
~is trying to make dining reservations for Disney World --ugh...can only make them 90 days in advance...I'm at 103 days...figures!
~Skipped Cardio-Sculpt class so I could go to Logans and get Country Fried Steak, only to find out they don't offer it anymore...GREAT...wasted calories on food I didn't like! That's what I get for skipping class!
~just realized -- after my Just Weights and Zumba classes...I had officially burned more calories than I had eaten today...SWEET!
~Off to a pain-filled workout, then relaxation by the pool, then date night with my favorite's going to be a beautifully, sweet day!
~is committed to getting in the past two days I have not touched the Krispy Kreme ~Doughnuts or the gigantic Gigi Cupcakes that are sitting on my kitchen counter...I am dedicated...Hear me Roar!
~Prayers, Thoughts and Extra Big Hugs to my Sister-in-Law...she lost everything when her house was struck by lightening! We love you Jody...all will be ok!
~is at Tiffany's! Since Brent is out of town, I wonder if he would mind me indulging myself a little:)
~Resisted the urge to buy something at Tiffany's AND resisted the urge to order Cheesecake ~Factory for lunch...WILL POWER Baby!!!!!!
~Ultimate circuit class...ugh...
~is rushing...A Mom's day is never done...
~is on my way to Bowling Green, KY to visit a client's office -- first time in Bowling Green!
~God is great, beer is good, people are crazy --why does this song remind me so much of my husband?
~Just heard from the husband -- he lost his blackberry...ugh! Great way to start a Friday!

~is wishing the sun would come out and play today!
~Yay! The sun listened to my request and came out to the pool relaxing:)
~Zumba and Pilates classes and I didn't die...instead I burned 650 calories! Rock On!
~Little one joining me at work tomorrow...oh goodness!!!
~The little one is at work with me today--patience...I need patience!
~Amazingly enough, my little Palmer is being great at work -- better than I ever imagined! I'm thinking maybe the McDonald's bribe worked:)
~Back to school shopping on a 6riday night...what in the world happened to me?Sad. Very sad!
~Family day at the Tomato 5K -- the boys are running in the 1K race: Peyton says he' going to WIN!
~Nemo with the boys...NICE!
~Up early on the gorgeous Sunday morning --peace and quiet! Spending a few minutes watching the sunrise and thanking our AWESOME God for my beautiful, wonderful, crazy family and life! - Everything I am and have is because of Him!
~Can't believe my favorite sweet baby, Palmer, started 4K today...can't believe it!
~Tuesday is feeling more like Monday...
~Just got treated to lunch by my favorite firstborn -- Mickey D's -- my choice:)
~Is so very excited about Peyton's new teacher...Living in Nashville and he got the one teacher that is from Florida and went to Florida State!!!!
~Birthday party for Palmer on Saturday! Lots to do, Lots to do!!!
~Just took my favorite firstborn, Peyton, to his first day of 1st grade! It's going to be a great year...
~Pool Party for my little Palmer -- Happy 4th Birthday to my favorite sweet baby!
~Enjoying an evening by the pool. Not too hot, not to cold!
~School to get used to saying that again! It makes me sad!!!
~Why are Mondays always Mondays? Why can't they be more like Fridays? I'm just thinkin...
~Just watched as my little Palmer tried to pour the bottle of syrup directly into his mouth (after eating pancakes with a whole bottle of syrup!) Thank goodness we gave him milk to drink!
~Don't feel like working out, but after the day I had, I think I need to!
~Massive, Huge, OMG-kind of headache going on right now!
figured out that peanut butter protein bars give me massive headaches...strange, but true!
~Taking my dog to work today for "Dog Days Of Summer"...what in the world am I thinking?
~Is it October? It sure feels like it -- 80 degrees makes for a perfect day to build an outdoor play gym!
~Up early on this beautiful Sunday morning. Lots to do. Play Gym: Day 2!
~Trying to sell 4 Britax car seats on Craigs List. Know anyone that needs really safe, very expensive car seats for cheap? I've got them!
~Sold my car seats! Yay!
~It's official! I am officially exhausted and I haven't even gotten home!
~Was kidnapped by a friend and taken to Cantina Laredo for lunch... It was so good! Paying for it now... I'm at the gym for the next 2 hours!
~Just saw the weather forecast for Destin/Labor Day weekend --praying the rain will either speed up or hold off!!! It's no fun being at the beach when it's raining!
~My husband left today to go Alligator Hunting for 4 days...Did I really just say that outloud?
~My warning to my husband who is alligator hunting: Lose your hands equals no help from me!
~One week from today I'll be sitting on the beach next to my best friend, my Mom...haven't seen her since March! Tears of joy just thinking about it:)

~Alligators, Rashes, Palmer Trees and Mommys...what do the have in common?
~My hubby is on his way home from alligator hunting...with all hands, feet, fingers and toes! Lucky man he is!!!
~Realizing I have a few issues...thinking about Christmas card pictures in September. Seriously... ~Recognized by my boss for good work -- pulled an envelope with 100 dollars inside. Sold 2 car seats on Craigs List -- 150 dollars. Went to the mall to buy sunglasses. Didn't buy them, but did get a really cute, cute Lilly dress! Money gone! This is why I am not allowed to go to the mall!
~19 hours, 14 min. and 33 sec. till we leave for the beach! YAY!!!! (I've been counting)
~Has a major case of vacationitis, beachitis...whatever you want to call it...that's what I've got!
~Palm trees, pools, sand, water, sun (and sunburns), floats, lazy rivers, boats, that is what I call a great weekend. Leaving in 8 hours to enjoy it all...YAHOO!
~Never been so happy to be in Alabama!! Did I just say that?! What is the world coming too? ~Apparently desperation makes me say crazy things...
~Floating on the lazy river! AHHHH. Get to see my Mom in 4 hours...Even bigger AHHHH!
~Dive-in movies...about to see the feature show with two very tired little boys...finally!
Lazy River Part 2 :)
~OMG...traffic to Nashville is HORRIBLE! 5 hours to get from Destin to Dothan!
~F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E... Florida State Florida State Florida State WOO!
~Bar B Cutie (similar to Sonny's for those in Florida) for dinner -- last non-workout / eat-whatever-I-want day for a while...
~To tired to think of a clever status update...
~MARGARITAS! Enough said!
~Just randomly got told (by my 4 year old) That he wiped his butt good...just had to share!
~So blessed to have a great job/company...even in the most stressful of times, I still love going to work!
~Enjoying a Saturday completely free of obligations!
~Last day the pool is open...taking full advantage:)
~It's Sunday evening and I'm already praying for Friday afternoon to be here...not a good sign. ~Not a good sign at all...
~The Lord will fight for need only be still...what an awesome thought!
~A MUST READ blog: http// It's about a 20 yo missionary living in Uganda, raising an "adopted" family of 13 girls. She started out in "Young Life," and from there God called her to be a missionary. It is amazing. Uplifting. Truthful. Beautiful. ~Inspirational...if we could all give of ourselves like this young lady, I can only imagine what the world be like. Prayers for her and her family!
~My six year old, Peyton, just told me he is too old to give me a hug and kiss! So what did I do? after a moment of heartbreak, I gave him a "love attack" -- lots and lots of hugs and kisses:)
~My Peyton got a love note as school yesterday, but not from his "girlfriend" Ella -- that's for you, Susan (Did you know this?) And to my sweet friend Sara, Peyton says he's cheating on Emma...I think we are going to have our hands full sooner than we expected!!!! Oh my!!!!
~What's your favorite thing about Fall? utumn-indian-summer.html
~So thankful for my I-can-fix-anything hubby...he fixed our front loading washing machine all by himself (with a little help from the internet). Of course, not before I had a heart attack. But, it's fixed! YAY...thank you babe! You the man!
~Has a wonderful husband!
~is doing my non-rain dance...need Thursday and Friday to not be raining!
~Rain + Grumpy children is not a good combination!
~Has all my clothes ironed for our conference this week. Now, to get everything else done for the conference...Priorities. Priorities...
~cj Conference 2009 begins today...BRING IT!
~cj Conference Day 2...wearing better shoes today:)
~Room parent meeting then dinner with my favorite firstborn...great way to end this Monday!
~The pumpkins are coming! The pumpkins are coming...
~Hates when I'm not mentally prepared for busy day!

~Found Glee on pull an all nighter watching all of the episodes. I LOVE THIS SHOW!
~Afternoon spent painting with 20 first graders, bowling and arcade with 3 little boys and now McDonalds...sanity is officially gone!
~Love Twilight, but it must be said that the characters on Vampire Diairies are WWAAYYY more cute!
~Zumba almost killed me...really?! I only took 2 weeks off...UGH!
~Bobby Bowden created the FSU football dynasty...let us not forget that fact! Grass isn't always greener on the other side...
~My Friday feels like a Monday. Still trying to figure out what happened...
~My favorite sweet baby let me hold him while he fell asleep...perfect ending to my day!
~Date night with the hubby -- going out to watch the FSU game!
~My husband called me "high maintenance" for asking for silverware at a restaurant...REALLY?!
~My Friday was like a Monday, so I'm wishing, hoping, praying my Monday is like a awesome would that be?!
~Had Five Guys Burger and Fries for the first time today...OMG...anyone from Tally remember Maxi's? Just like Maxi's...AWESOME!
~Busy, Busy day ahead! Lots to get accomplished...but all I want to do is sleep for another 5 hours...ugh!
~It's "officially" Fall...first frost of the season this morning! I'm thinking I shouldn't have worn sandals today:)
~Picking up a client and taking him to get hair and makeup done before his production shoot...I think I am on the wrong end of this! Just sayin...
~My workplace, cj Advertising, was just named one of the Best Places to Work in Nashville...WAY to go all cjers! Blessed to work at an amazing agency!
~Double date to Outback with great friends...looking forward to a great child-free evening:)
~Trunk or Treating tonight:)
~Loves, loves, loves spin class! Music rocked and 550 calories were burned...again, love spin class!
~Spin...and then karate for Peyton!
~Halloween Party at Peyton's school today, Pancake Breakfast at Palmer's school tomorrow, then Halloween Party at Palmer's school tomorrow afternoon...THEN we can leave for our week of touring Florida -- Tallahassee, Orlando and West Palm...YAY!!!!!! Family, Friends, Florida -- it's gonna be an awesome trip!
~Packing, Packing and more Packing! Hoping I get done at a decent hour. 3 a.m. is going to be here very soon...FLORIDA here we come! this is what a really rainy 3 a.m. looks like! Yuck! Praying for a safe drive!
~Happy Trick or Treat to all my friends...especially Tallahassee friends! Can't wait to see you guys:)
~Hello's been a while! Forgot how humid you are, but love the Seminole air!

~Is really confused with the time..started out in CT, then went to ET, then the time changed, so now I'm back on CT time, but really on ET time...I'm not sure what time it is! HELP! If I'm supposed to be somewhere and I'm late (or early), please forgive me!
~Having lunch with a dear sweet friend in between shopping with my Mom at super cute stores!
~On the way to Disney:) Giving my Mom a 48 hour break from the chaos we cause!
~Sitting in an ice cave eating dinner with T-Rex and a few of his friends...
~Seaworld...Shampu (as called by Palmer) here we come...
~Just had breakfast with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and it's wedding time!
~Forgot how windy South Florida is...anyone have a ponytail holder?
~Never thought I would use the term "groomzilla," but today is the day! Trapped in the car with "groomzilla"! TAXI!
~Bridal luncheon, Rehearsal, Rehearsal's gonna be a busy day! Breaking out the Lilly dresses for today:)
~Going to the Chapel and I'm going to watch Jody and Chris get's WEDDING DAY!!!!!
~14 hours of driving today...ugh! Jody and Chris -- we'd drive 14 hours for you anyday!! CONGRATULATIONS Newlyweds!
~Somehow survived the first day back at work after being on vacation all of last week! Besides the fact that Brent is in Dallas and one of our puppies had to go to the vet's office, I, it's bed time!
~Watching the volleyball scene in Top Gun...still an awesome scene even after all these years:)
~CMA awards tonight...downtown Nashville...traffic is already terrible! Ugh!
~Dear CMA Awards: If you are going to cause me to sit in a traffic jam, the least you can do is give me a tickets to tonight's show! Greatly appreciated, Chasity
~Actually shed a few tears for Taylor Swift when she won Entertainer of the Year...I'm becoming a softie in my old age...but happy for her:)
~is being VERY lazy today...I should do this more often!
~Found the cutest Christmas I've got to figure out how to get a picture of us to match...I have issues!!!!
~helping Peyton work on his animal project that we forgot about. I'm a slacker Mom...missed the project deadline:(
~Heard Palmer in the backseat saying "I Love her!" So I asked, "who do you love?" and he gives me the DVD player and shows me Cindy Lou Who (from the Grinch movie)...Way too cute!
is today over yet?!
~Thought I was having dinner with my family, instead I get to spend an evening with my favorite sweet baby! It's amazing how well behaved he is when Peyton isn't around! AAAAMAZING!
~Just sent my favorite firstborn off on his field trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium! Praying for a safe trip...
~Bought myself an early 35th birthday present today...a cupcake...a Pandora cupcake:) So excited!
~So yesterday, I ran into an old friend at Pottery Barn Kids and she gave me the sweetest and best compliment: "When I'm a Mommy, I want to be a Mommy just like you!" Love you Mary made my day!
~Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...
~I love watching cheesy Christmas's the best thing to put you in the Holiday spirit! Jenny McCarthy as Santa's daughter ~ Classic:)
~has the best friends in the entire world. Thanks for all the birthday wishes...the boys picked -- Chuck E Cheese is the place for the birthday celebration tonight! That's what I get for letting them choose:)
~My work bought everyone Cracker Barrel breakfast this morning...I really do work for an amazing company!!!
~Just took a bunch of food to the rescue mission...feels good to give back!
~Kiddies at work with me's gonna be a long day! I love them, but man, it's hard to work and play Mommy at the same time!
~Sour Cream Pound Cake about to be made...yum! What tastes sweet on my lips goes straight to my hips -- I'm really ok with that!
~Faith, Family and Friends...Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful! Happy Thanksgiving to All!
~My house smells like my Grandmother's house used to smell after Thanksgiving dinner...must have done something right with my cooking to get that smell:)
~Happy 10 Year Anniversary to the man I married for his heart! I love you Babe!
~Watching our wedding video...too funny! Seeing tons of facebook friends line dancing at the reception...I won't name names:) Boys are laughing at us...we look so young!
~FSU Football and then the Grand Ole Opry to see Brad's gonna be a great day -- well, at least the Grand Ole Opry part. Not sure about the FSU Football part!
~Anniversary Dinner with hubby at Flemings then the Grand Ole Opry with Brad Paisley (and hubby)!
~Just saw Brad Paisley...he was awesome, even forgot the 2nd verse to one of his songs...too funny!
~Trying to get in the Christmas spirit, but I'm not having much luck!
~Am I the only person in the world that HATES putting up the Christmas tree? I love to enjoy it once it's all nice and pretty, but hate the getting it up part...does this make me a Scrooge?
~So sad for Bobby Bowden:( A great man still loved by lots of people...including our family!

~Praising the Lord today and everyday!
~Busy, Bust, B-U-S-Y three days ahead... and have I mentioned I haven't bought ANY presents or decorated! Tis the Season of merry chaos:)
~Enjoying Music City Roots at the Loveless Cafe Barn...true Nashville night!
is unbelieveably thankful to work for a great company and have wonderful clients -- even on crazy, busy days like today!
~Dear Friday -- You are a beautiful thing! I love spending time with you, but could you do me a favor and move this day along...quickly?
~Dear Snow -- Please come down and play! I have two little boys wanting to play with you. They promise to not hit me with snowballs:) Hope to see you soon! Chasity
~Ready for snow!!! Bought the boys sleds tonight...come on with me:)
~bummed there's no snow, but the cold weather does make Christmas decorating a little more fun...decorating then taking the boys to see A Christmas Carol in 3D (giving Brent a little peace and quiet to watch the game with friends)!
~Baking cookies, decorating the Christmas trees, enjoying the cold weather -- it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
~Quoting my little Palmer -- It's cold! BRRRRRRR, I wish I had fur. I wish I was a bear with furry, furry hair...
~Struggling today...ugh!
~a cold, rainy night = fire and pizza party/movie night with the family (and a little Christmas tree decorating). Yep, still decorating the trees!!!
~Quote from my Peyton: "No wonder Daddy married you!" Then I got a kiss and a hug and I didn't even ask for it!
~Glee finale was THE MOST AWESOME season finale EVER!!! E-V-E-R!
~Dear 19 degrees, I'm a Florida girl at heart -- you know, summertime, flip flops kind of girl -- can you help a girl out and disappear? Seriously, hate to be mean, but...
~Old Age Wisdom: Attending the Christmas Party of a company you LOVE working for is SO MUCH BETTER than attending the Christmas Party of a company you HATE working for! Can't wait for our party tonight...cj Rocks!
~Shopping, shopping and more shopping...
~Just realized this is the FIRST Christmas in 7 years that I won't be giving ANYTHING Thomas the Tank Engine for Christmas...kind of makes me a little sad!
~Licking envelopes...yuck!
~Finally figured out that my Mom is my Christmas Angel!!! I really need my Christmas Angel to be here with me...only four more days till she arrives:)
~United States Postal Service -- you provided me with a great life (thanks Mom and Dad), but could you help me out and not make me wait in line so long?
on our way to Peyton's Christmas is ready:)
~It's Friday and my Christmas Angel arrives tomorrow....Halleujah! Amen! Praise the Lord!
~Chuck E Cheese at 10:00 am for a birthday party...It's a little too early (in my mind) to be doing this!
~so excited...we got a dusting of snow. Not much...but maybe, just maybe, we'll have a White Christmas!
~Santa's coming to our house tonight...sure hope the boys are good for him:)
~Morning are so much easier when I don't have to get two little boys dressed and out the door (along with myself). Thank Heaven for my Mom (wish she was with me ALL the time)!
~My Christmas wish: To have my Mom win the Lottery so she can be here with us all the time. ~That's the only thing I'm wishing for...
~Just realized that my husband reminds me of Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation...kind of thinking I shouldn't admit that little fact!
~off to the dr. with little Palmer... so much for not getting out of my jammies today!
~Sour Cream Poundcake, Pumpkin Roll and Williams-Sonoma Sugar Cookies -- all baked this morning...MMMMMM...can't wait to dig into it (my hips can wait, but I can't)!
~Oh come let us adore Him...Christ the Lord! Merry CHRISTmas everyone...from all us at the Phillips House!
~Snow, Snow, Snow is falling. Snow, Snow catch it on my tongue! We're having a White Christmas...yeah!!!
~is shopping with my Mom...whew it's early!
~is so very sad that my Mom is leaving today...Oh, I need to check our Lottery tickets...maybe my wish came true and she gets to stay!
~Brent and Peyton are on their way to Florida, Mom just it's only me and my favorite sweet baby...Just the two of us. I see a nap (and peace and quiet) in our future!
~Watching the Sound of Music with my Palmer...he loves it! He is my child!!!!
~Finally catching up on my blog...whew!
~Wishing I was at my Mom's house spending time with her, my brother and sis-in-law and Brent and Peyton (missing them!)...have fun guys! Palmer and I miss you!
~For all my cj friends...I'm bringing in my chili/cream cheese dip tomorrow -- us dedicated folks deserve a little something special tomorrow:)
~Worked hard on the last day of 2009...ended the year strong! Bring on 2010! Praying for a very blessed (peaceful) New Year! Spending a peaceful night with my favorite 4 year old! Happy New Year Everyone!

What a great year! Amazing. I know 2010 is going to be a great year!

My Date...

for New Year's my precious, adorable 4 year old favorite sweet baby!

After a looonnnggg day at work (Mr. Palmer joined me for the day), a day without a nap for Mr. Palmer and a rush to get my house picked up so I don't have to do any housework on New Year's Day, we decided Pizza, coke, ice cream, and an early bedtime were how we were going to ring in the New Year...

But, before we said our prayers for the last time in 2009, we took some pictures of us celebrating.

Besides my hubby (and Peyton), I can't imagine anyone better to spend my New Year's Eve with...

Tomorrow...The Princess and the Frog and Cracker Barrel for lunch (I'm gonna eat a ton of turnips this year. It's gonna be gross, but I like money, so I should eat as many as possible).

Happy New Year...I'm going to bed now (little man beat me, but not by much)...when we wake up, it'll be 2010. WOW!

Looking forward to 2010:)

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful for a wonderful 2009,



We are blessed. I say this all the time, but before the year is out (which takes place in exactly 3 hours), I feel as though I should list a few (just a few of the things) of the reasons why we are blessed:

We have a God that LOVES us! More than we know. Although I grew up with the "hell-fire and damnation" sermons, I choose to believe that the Lord wants nothing but really great things for us. Everything we have is because of Him. Everything we are is because of Him. Everything good in our lives is because of Him. Everything bad that has happened to us is just a way of testing our Faith. I choose to believe. I choose to believe that the blessings we have and have experienced are just the tip of the iceberg of the wonderful things he has planned. I can't wait to see all the things he has planned, and as much as it scares me to know that there will be trials, I know those trials are just part of the path that we must take to get to all He has planned for us! Whew.

~Each other...we are best friends, lovers, fighters, parents and children. We (ok, I) struggle with letting go/getting past the stupid stuff, but at the end of the day, we love each other. We work together to get things accomplished. We are each other's strength when we need it. We love. each. other. and will for another however many years we have together (see below for my husband's thoughts on that subject:) He is my better half. He makes me a better person everyday.
~Health...even with a hypochondriac husband who seems the think he is dying on a daily basis...we are healthy!
~Our children...they are healthy, smart, beautiful and good children. They challenge us, but they are children. That's their jobs! I love them more than I could possibly say!
~Our family...they're dysfunctional to the core, but they're our family. And, they love us...what more could you ask for?
~Our jobs...we have two great jobs. Do I wish we made more money...of course, but do we like where we work and what we do...Yes! Yes! and Yes! I'd rather have a great job that I love paying little, than a job that I hate paying lots. That's just me!
~Our it my dream home? No. Do I constantly want to change things, etc...? Yes. But, at the end of the day, we have a home. A beautiful home that a lot of people would give anything to have. So, dream or no dream, pretty or ugly, we're blessed!
~Nashville...ok, so it's not perfect and we miss Florida every moment of everyday, but we are here for a reason. This is where we are meant to be for now. So, we might as well enjoy it. We've got great friends and we are finally getting to know our way around. When God is ready for us to be back in Florida, he'll make that happen. I KNOW!

We don't always get to do the things we want to do, buy the things we want to buy, be where we want to be, the end of the day, we have what matters the most -- God and family. Without these two beautiful things, we are nothing. NOTHING!

So, to end 2009, a year of scariness for a lot of Americans, we are blessed. beyond. belief.

We are beautifully blessed and for all of this, we are truly thankful!

2009 A to Z...

of 2009!

This was a wonderful, beautiful year for our family. 2009 was filled with many exciting times and blessings. So, it seems only right that I would recap our year with the "A to Z of 2009."

We began our year by ringing in the New Year "Phillips Style!"

A beautifully blessed year
Brent's 40th birthday
Cheekwood Botanical Gardens for Easter
Disney World and SeaWorld excursions
Engagement of Chris and Jody -- we were all there to see it
First grade for Peyton (also baseball, karate and swimming)
Great, big, record-setting deer for Brent
Honorable mention (Employee of the Year) for Chasity
Incredible families that come to visit us
Jody and Chris' Wedding in Stuart, FL
Kentucky field trips for Peyton (and Chasity, if work counts as a field trip)
Landscaping our backyard and building a Fort for the boys
Minor (ok, major) obsession with capturing EVERYTHING on camera
Neighborly get-togethers -- Friday night pizza by the pool nights
Opry...Grand Ole Opry with Brad Paisley
Pre-k for Palmer (we tried baseball and karate...maybe 2010?!)
Quiet naptimes EVERY weekend
Rookie of the Year (for Brent...we hope!)
Snowball fights and Snowman building
Ten years of Marriage
Unbelievable amounts of Energy from two little boys
Vacations to Florida
Working out for Chasity -- a big part of this year
eXcitement over new Bunk Beds
Year full of Hugs and Kisses
Zoo outings at the Nashville Zoo

We're waving goodbye to 2009 and saying hello to 2010!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful for an amazing year...wishing, hoping, praying next year is even better,

PS...So happy to have started this blog. I can't wait to one day give this to the boys for them to read!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So, this super cute site, Widdlytinks, is really awesome!

Their photo templates are adorable and it's easy...


Photo Albums at
Scrapbooking Ideas Photo Tinks by

So excited to post this's one of my favorites from this Christmas!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Brent and Peyton are currently touring three states while bumming off of family all along the way...ok, not really, but dang sure close...

Saturday, Dec. 26, 2009 ~ Nashville, TN to Florence, AL
They started our on Saturday afternoon by leaving Nashville and going to Florence, AL. In Florence, they stayed with our cousins the McGee Family. Brent couldn't wait to show them the huge deer he got. They are such a sweet family. Brent enjoys spending time with them and so the boys! They live in a hunter's "dream" world...4 wheelers, lots of land, guy toys galore! They were so excited for Brent that they offered to mount his deer for him. How awesome is that??!!

Sunday, Dec. 27 ~ Florence, AL to Mobile, AL
Anyway, on Sunday afternoon, they left Florence, AL and headed south to Mobile, AL where they stayed with Memaw and Lynn for the night. Gypsies I say!

Monday, Dec. 28 ~ Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL and Destin, FL
After an evening with Memaw, on Monday morning they headed east to Pensacola where they stopped off to visit Gran the Man, Mike and Karla and Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Linda. After a quick visit fulls of hugs, they headed East, again, to Brent's Mom's house. They ate oysters and drank beer and enjoyed an exciting evening at his brother's house with sis-in-law, niece, Kira and nephew, Dylan. Dylan and Peyton had a sleep over at Meme's house (stayed up to almost midnight) and then slept till 9:45 (I know for a fact Peyton has never done that before)!

Tuesday, Dec. 29 ~ Destin, FL to Lamont, FL
Today, they departed Destin and headed East, again, to Grandma and Granddaddy's house where they are going to spend the night. Peyton will get to see Grampy B. and Brent will get to see our beloved Farm...When I last talked to them, Peyton was opening Christmas presents and Brent was happily sitting in his deer stand.

Wednesday, Dec. 29 - Saturday, Jan. 2 ~ Lamont, FL to Tallahassee, FL to Nashville, TN
After an evening with the Grans, Brent and Peyton plan to go hunting together, then west to Mom's house...where they'll stay until Saturday -- they'll come and go, back and forth to the Farm and Grans house, but WOW! what a great trip.

In the meantime, little Palmer and I are stuck here in Nashville working and going to school. Dang! someone has to earn a living in this house:) If only work was a little slow this's been crazy this week. As I said before, Christmas seems to be just a bump in the road this year!

I've banned any cooking this week, so Palmer and I have a "kids eat free" plan -- each night we'll eat at a different location offering "kids eat free." Yep, that's our plan. And on Friday, New Year's Day, Palmer and I are going to see The Princess and the Frog. And, since we've (I mean I've) banned all cooking, Cracker Barrel is going to be serving our New Year's Day meal. I'm not above having someone else cook the New Year's Day meal. If I can't eat Mom's meal and I can't (won't) eat mine, then Cracker Barrel will have to do!

What a week. Half of us touring several states and the other half working hard. What's wrong with this picture?

Truthfully, I'm happy for Brent that he gets to spend time in Florida and happy that Peyton got to go with him. Palmer asked me tonight when he gets to go with them...I said maybe next year, when you are 5. Let's hope:)

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to be spending a week alone with my favorite sweet baby,

PS...Beggars can't be choosers. I'm begging Mom to send me back Barnarby's Pizza! And, I have to note, why are children totally different children when the siblings are gone?

Monday, December 28, 2009

So long...

Farewell. auf Wiedersehen. Goodbye. Adieu. Adieu. To you and you and you. ~ The Sound of Music...

Palmer and I said goodbye to everyone in our house.

Brent and Peyton went to Florida for the week and Mom went home.

It's so quiet. It's kind of sad (hearing little Palmer ask where Daddy is and when B.B.'s coming back). Oh, I feel so bad for him being left behind. And to think, we don't even get to do anything fun...just go back to work and school. YUCK!

So, before Mom left, she gave him a cute little bag full of stuff (like he needed more stuff)...but it did take his mind off of her leaving for a few minutes...then he started asking for her again.

So, we decided to have a Palmer and Mommy day:

We were lazy. We watched UP!, Bedtime Stories, Miracle and my personal favorite, The Sound of Music (he really liked it). I updated my blog -- two months worth of postings...yikes and he sat on the couch next to me and played. We made an airplane with TRIO blocks. We drew rocket ships on his new Glodoodle. We took a three hour nap and stayed in our jammies all day. It was the perfect Mommy and Palmer day.

And at the end of the day while we were laying in 10 p.m. when the Sound of Music went off...he fell asleep on top of me while I was rubbing his back.

The Sun has gone to bed and so must I...


Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful for my little Palmer!

PS...I forget how easy one is vs. two...WOW!


There were deals to be had on the day after Christmas and yes, we were one of the crazy people out at the stores at 6:00 a.m. I know. 6 a.m.

So, me and my partner-in-crime (aka Mom) got up, got dressed and were on a mission for three things (everything else purchased was simply a bonus)!

(Our 7 a.m. picture that we took of ourselves as we were waiting for Steinmart to open!)

1) JC Penney -- I finally found bedding for our bed -- and the best part -- it wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg, so long as we got to the store when it opened-- only 2 were left in the store...
2) Target -- Half-price wrapping paper. Seriously, $4 for a roll is too much. But, $2, well now that's a deal.
3) Dillards -- Waterford 12 Days of Christmas Champagne Flutes. Mom buys these for us every year and last year, they went on sale BEFORE Christmas, so they were all out. This year, we needed to find four -- 7,8,9 and 10!

Well, we got the bedding, the wrapping paper, AND we got the Waterford Flutes -- and surprisingly, the Waterford was 50% off...I know.

It was packed. We pushed. We shoved. We won. We bought. We left. Isn't that how men roll?

We went and got a massage afterwards. This shopping for deals is a killer!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to not have gotten hurt while I was pushing and shoving :):):)!!!!

PS...for the record, I only bit one person!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Do you...

Do you…
Hear what I hear?

Nothing. No screaming. No crying. No fighting. No aggravation.

It’s amazing and wonderful. Two little boys not screaming/crying/fighting/aggravating for an entire day. WOW!!!

So that’s what Christmas is about?! I’m just kidding, but seriously…I haven’t heard a peep from them all day. WOW! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

(Peyton playing his new Nintendo DS.)

(Palmer playing his new Cars Leapster Game.)

If this is what we get on Christmas, I need Christmas to be everyday. Seriously. WOW!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful for a peaceful day without screaming/crying/fighting/aggravating,

PS…ok, so now that I think about it…no screaming/crying/fighting for a day costed me lots of pretty pennies! I might have to rethink that Christmas everyday thing…

Christmas Morning...

is made even brighter by a little company called Williams-Sonoma. Two years ago, I started the tradition of making Santa pancakes on Christmas morning…thanks to William-Sonoma for creating the molds for these pancakes!

I love making these pancakes for a few reasons, the two most important being 1) that it keeps the boys excited for a little while longer and it’s fun seeing them pick which one they are going to eat and 2) it buys me time to make lunch/dinner…whenever we decide to eat our big Christmas meal. Trying to get everything cooked and ready to go by lunch time is just TOO MUCH. So, we’ve now started another tradition…we stay in our jammies all day long and eat late afternoon or early dinner. This gives me most of the day to get everything cooked (and to sit back and enjoy the day)!

(Me, making pancakes...what a mess on my counter -- I'm a little OCD about keeping my counters clean!)

This year, I think I was extremely tired from the last month in general. So, we made the pancakes, made the cornbread for the cornbread dressing then laid on the couch and watched/fell asleep The Christmas Story – I’m pretty sure we watched it a good 5-6 times…it stayed on the whole day. Then I got up, fed the boys a little lunch...and low and behond -- SNOW! We had snow on Christmas. It didn't stick, but it sure was pretty and gave the boys a reason to run around for a few more minutes...then we took a nap. Then we cooked! It was great. Rock On! I love being lazy and productive at the same time!

(Peyton trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.)

(Palmer -- with his bare feet -- trying to catch the snowflakes! They're there...I promise!)

(Us, right before dinner...Palmer didn't want to eat!)
Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to be able to stay in one place for Christmas,

PS…staying in our jammies the entire day requires us to buy really cute Christmas jammies…this year, for whatever reason, no one had cute jammies. I know. I’d been looking since October. Maybe next year will be a better year for Christmas jammies!

Mrs. Claus...

Christmas Eve is always such a fun time out our house! And this Christmas Eve was no different…thank goodness.

Other than starting the day by taking Palmer to the Dr., the day was wonderful. I made a Sour Cream Poundcake that fell…yep, not sure what happened…we think it was the weather (low barometric pressure because of a big storm coming in). I made a pumpkin roll (yum) and we decorated and baked sugar cookies for Santa.

(The whole family in on the action...)

(Daddy and Palmer having a great time.)

(Palmer decorating his cookies.)

(Peyton's cookies)

(Peyton having a great time with his creations.)

(Palmer's cookies)
We threw out reindeer glitter and then let the boys open their presents from each other and us.
(The boys getting ready to open their presents. Bathtime done. Christmas jammies are on. Ready to open!!!!)

(So glad B.B. is here with us!)

(Here we go..opening the first present!)

(Peyton's present from Palmer.)

(Palmer's present from Peyton)

(Sheer excitement and joy...priceless!)
The funniest quote of the day was when Palmer opened his present from Peyton, he said “Oh Peyton, thank you.” And Peyton replied, “Your welcome. I knew you would like it.” What makes the quote so funny is that neither of the boys knew what they had given each other since I was the one that bought it and wrapped it. I think next year, I might take the boys and let them pick out something for each other…maybe, just maybe, they’ll be out of the phase where they pick something out that they want!

(Us on Christmas Eve 2009!)
I do have to brag for a moment…Brent was so sweet. He insisted upon giving my Mom and I our present on Christmas Eve. I put up a fight…I wanted to wait, but he insisted. So…what did he surprise us with? He and the boys gave my Mom and I an hour long massage, already scheduled for Saturday (the day after Christmas) when he knew we would be out shopping. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift! And to think, I only got him shirts, ties and shoes…

(Mom and I with massage certificates in hand!)
Of course, the boys were on their best behavior knowing Santa was on his way. Magic was sure to tell Santa they were good. A note to Santa can't hurt either... leaving Santa cookies and some carrots and apples for the reindeer is a must. For the 2nd year in a row, Mom had to sleep with the boys to make sure they actually stayed in bed until Santa rang the bells…poor thing, the boys scooted her off the bed, so she had to sleep at the end of the bed – just like her to sacrifice for all of us!
(Peyton writing the note for Santa.)

(Two little Angels...yeah. right.)

(Please bring us something good Santa!)
Once the boys were in bed, Mrs. Claus had work to do. Why I wait until the very last minute to wrap all the presents is absolutely beyond me, but inevitably, I do. So after gathering all the toys from their hiding location (the boat in the garage), Mrs. Claus got to work. All was done and wrapped by 11 p.m. Whew! Of course, after last year’s “Santa got busted,” presents go out in the early morning vs. late at night…so everything was in our room (door locked) waiting to be put out.

I wish I could sleep in until the boys got up, but knowing pictures are going to be taken, I’m usually up at 4 a.m. taking a shower, getting ready for Christmas morning! And this year was no different. I did get to lay back down for a few minutes before ringing the bells for the boys…let the present-opening madness begin…

(View from the 2nd floor)
I think and hope everyone was thrilled with their presents…I hope. Brent, bless his heart, with his shirts, ties and shoes. Mom with her Pandora bracelet and charms, wedding video and the annual “Book of Memories.” The boys with all their presents – Peyton with his Nintendo DS and games, Palmer with his camera, TV and Easy Bake Oven. What a morning full of great presents.

(Brent with his present from Mom!)

(Mom with her new Pandora Bracelet from Jody and Chris.)

(Mom and her wedding DVD -- an unexpected gift.)

(Peyton with his new Nintendo DS -- according to him, his best Christmas EVER!)

(Thanks Uncle Chris for the NERF Gun...paybacks are H___!)

(Palmer unloading his Santa bag...a big box for a little boy. His new TV!)

(Thanks for the new favorite Leapster game Uncle Chris and Aunt Jody!)
A few years ago, I introduced Brent to a little store called Tiffany & Co. This is his magic “go-to” store. He knows he can never go wrong with a gift from Tiffany’s and this year was no different. All on his own (I know, because I asked my Mom), he remembered the Palm Tree Necklace I had been wanting from Tiffany’s. So he bought it and that was his present to me…the Palm Tree Necklace from Tiffany & Co…I LOVE IT – reminds me of Florida each and every day!!!!

(I had a little help opening my little blue box!)

(Palmer opened it and said...there's nothing in here and threw it down. Oh, but there was something in there!!!!)
There’s nothing like giving presents. I love watching everyone open their present. It is worth it all to see their faces and expressions when they open their gift. I love it. I love giving. I wish I had a ton of money…I think I’d give to people all the time. Getting is fun. But Giving is SO MUCH BETTER!
(Mom with her "Book of Memories" that I told her I didn't have time to make. This year's album was 50 pages...WOW!)
Stay tuned for more on Christmas…Christmas Day has just begun!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to be able to spend time with my family – tons of blessings and few worries…I’d be crazy not to be thankful,

PS…Magic the Elf went back to Santa’s workshop for another year! It was fun while it lasted, but dang…I’m so happy that I don’t have to remember to move the little booger every night!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


are fun. Especially when you get to create your own!

Each year, it seems like we create new traditions.

The first year we were here in Nashville we started the tradition of baking cookies, throwing out reindeer food and letting the boys open their presents from us and each other on Christmas Eve. Watching the 24-hour marathon of Christmas Story all day on Christmas Day

The second year we were here in Nashville we started the tradition of having Santa come to our house on the Sunday before Christmas, Santa shaped pancakes for breakfast, staying in our jammies all day on Christmas day and shopping the day after Christmas (getting 50% wrapping paper at Target is a huge part of that).

This year, we'll we kept most things the same (we added the Toys for Tots giving evening)...pretty much everything from before. Except, now it appears we added...making a trip to the doctor's office. Yep, Christmas Eve and Palmer and I were at the Dr. Palmer had a sinus infection that we hope is now getting cleared up. In all seriousness, I hope we don't start that as a tradition, but I will say that it seems like he gets a little cold at this same time...must be something in the air.

Anyway, tonight, we'll have fun. I hope next year that we'll find a church home and we can actually go to Christmas Eve services...I want the boys to be in a Christmas play and continue to understand the importance of Christmas. That is our Big Hairy Audacious Goal for find a church home. No more excuses...too many churces in this town for that. We're going to find a church!

Bring on the fun of Christmas Eve!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to have a family to help make wonderful Christmas traditions with,

PS...Mom is so wonderful to give up her traditions and take on ours!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Biggest Deer...

that's what Brent got this morning. The biggest deer of his life!

Since Mom has been in town, Brent has been going hunting every morning. Now, I'll tell you...I love that he has a hobby, but hearing about it ALL THE TIME gets kind of old. I used to enjoy hearing the stories, but now, I just feel bad for the deer!

Well, this morning, I got a call from Brent. I thought something was wrong. He was breathing heavy and I could automatically hear something was wrong. Instead what I got was a 40 year old man calling to say, "I had to call you. I'm shaking like a leaf. I think I just killed the biggest deer of my life." Relax. He's ok -- this is what I was telling myself. So, I gathered myself and said, "How big." Brent replied, "I don't know. I'm still up in the tree stand. I haven't even gotten down. But it's huge. OMG...he's huge."

Well, he finally got down and called me to say he's never gotten one so big. WOW...he was super excited.

So, he finally made it to work after trying to find a place to put this deer head that he thinks he is going to mount (really I ask?!). The man is still on Cloud 10! So, he finally got home and he showed me a picture...

(Brent's deer...this is his friend Jody in the picture)

The thing is huge. Come to find out, this might be one of the Top 5 deers ever killed with a bow in Tennessee. WOW...this is the best Christmas present Brent could have gotten!

He's taking it to his cousin's house in AL, where it will be officially scored and then entered into the record books! WOW...again! His cousins even offered to mount it for awesome is that!!!

Anyway, I am truly happy for him. The poor deer on the other hand, well...he was just in the right place at the wrong time. Poor thing. But, it made for a VERY HAPPY HUSBAND (and that is worth every story I've been told)!

Congratulations to my hubby. I'm so happy for him!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to have a very happy husband,

PS...Poor Peyton had to ride all the way to Florence, AL in the backseat of the car next to this deer head...gross!