Tuesday, December 15, 2009


programs for kids are always so much fun...and Peyton's 1st grade music program was no exception.

For weeks he kept asking me to "send in a note" saying he could be in the program (for the record, it wasn't as if I was going to say "no," I just kept waiting to get something about it in his homework folder -- never did...poor communication on their part), so wouldn't you know it, on the night of the program as we were getting him ready he just kept saying he didn't want to do it...go figure! (I think it had something to do with the fact that his friend Cannon decided not to be in the program).

Anyway, after some bribing (and threatening), we finally got him in his "good" clothes, of which he said "but Mommy, you said we only had to dress up one time this year...and we did...at the wedding!" Oh good gracious...why must my words of bribery come back to haunt me (It must be noted that his "good" clothes are pretty much identical to his uniform, it's just that I refuse to let him wear his "polo" pants to school -- $45 pants compared to $12 pants from Children's place -- easy decision!)

And we arrived at school...this is him right before the program began:

Entertaining little brother is always fun...thank goodness for the games on the phone!

This is us entertaining ourselves while waiting for the program to begin...our self-portrait!

It was really a cute program...they sang Christmas songs and of course, it is always fun watching Peyton try to find us in the crowd and then continue to make eye contact with us. We wouldn't want him to be too thrilled about being up there -- you can see from the videos below that he was just SO EXCITED to be there.

For 2010, we ARE going to be find a church and my children will be in a CHRISTMAS play....now, whether or not they are chosen to be angels remains a question...I'm thinking the mule might suit them just fine:)

It was a cute night. Not soon to be forgotten. So proud of my favorite firstborn!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to be able to have a little boy up their singing,

PS...All I can say is Palmer is a handful!