Friday, December 11, 2009

4th Place...

I'll take it...

4th place in what?! Employee of the Year for 2009! Yep, 4th place. It's awesome. I'm so excited.

I know it sounds cheesy to be so excited about something so silly. But, at my company being Employee of the Year is HUGE...Huge to the tune of $1k and the respect of your peers and leadership.

You see, Employee of the Year is voted on by both peers and leadership. So being voted 4th out of 70 employees and after only a 1 1/2 is pretty dad gum cool -- or at least I think so.

Additional note. At our annual reviews, we are required to put down "measurable" goals for the next year. That's kind of hard to do -- how do you measure how good of a job you are doing? One of the goals I put down was to eventually be "Employee of the Year." One of my "big, huge future" goals. I never expected to be in the Top5 in the first year, much less #1...that is why I am so excited. I can't wait to go into my annual review this year...knowing I got really close to one of my "big, huge future" goals.

In addition, it's also very humbling knowing that my peers thought so highly of me. Kind of awesome. Ok, really awesome!

It was a great Christmas party. We had a blast. We didn't win a door prize, but I did get a $100 gift card for my 4th place finish and a bonus check that is always higher than I expect.

What a great night...I'll take it!

(Brent and I having a great time...he was so proud of me!)

(This is partner-in-crime, office mate, confidant --- love this woman!)

(Us Brand Managers...everyone thinks we have a "glamorous job" and most days it is cool, but we also get all the crap and none of the's quiet amazing how it all works out!)

Like I said in yesterday's post...going to a work Christmas party where you love to work is so much fun!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful for such a great place to work. If I have to work, this is an awesome place to do it,


PS...Brent was really proud...that made me proud!