Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mrs. Claus...

Christmas Eve is always such a fun time out our house! And this Christmas Eve was no different…thank goodness.

Other than starting the day by taking Palmer to the Dr., the day was wonderful. I made a Sour Cream Poundcake that fell…yep, not sure what happened…we think it was the weather (low barometric pressure because of a big storm coming in). I made a pumpkin roll (yum) and we decorated and baked sugar cookies for Santa.

(The whole family in on the action...)

(Daddy and Palmer having a great time.)

(Palmer decorating his cookies.)

(Peyton's cookies)

(Peyton having a great time with his creations.)

(Palmer's cookies)
We threw out reindeer glitter and then let the boys open their presents from each other and us.
(The boys getting ready to open their presents. Bathtime done. Christmas jammies are on. Ready to open!!!!)

(So glad B.B. is here with us!)

(Here we go..opening the first present!)

(Peyton's present from Palmer.)

(Palmer's present from Peyton)

(Sheer excitement and joy...priceless!)
The funniest quote of the day was when Palmer opened his present from Peyton, he said “Oh Peyton, thank you.” And Peyton replied, “Your welcome. I knew you would like it.” What makes the quote so funny is that neither of the boys knew what they had given each other since I was the one that bought it and wrapped it. I think next year, I might take the boys and let them pick out something for each other…maybe, just maybe, they’ll be out of the phase where they pick something out that they want!

(Us on Christmas Eve 2009!)
I do have to brag for a moment…Brent was so sweet. He insisted upon giving my Mom and I our present on Christmas Eve. I put up a fight…I wanted to wait, but he insisted. So…what did he surprise us with? He and the boys gave my Mom and I an hour long massage, already scheduled for Saturday (the day after Christmas) when he knew we would be out shopping. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift! And to think, I only got him shirts, ties and shoes…

(Mom and I with massage certificates in hand!)
Of course, the boys were on their best behavior knowing Santa was on his way. Magic was sure to tell Santa they were good. A note to Santa can't hurt either... leaving Santa cookies and some carrots and apples for the reindeer is a must. For the 2nd year in a row, Mom had to sleep with the boys to make sure they actually stayed in bed until Santa rang the bells…poor thing, the boys scooted her off the bed, so she had to sleep at the end of the bed – just like her to sacrifice for all of us!
(Peyton writing the note for Santa.)

(Two little Angels...yeah. right.)

(Please bring us something good Santa!)
Once the boys were in bed, Mrs. Claus had work to do. Why I wait until the very last minute to wrap all the presents is absolutely beyond me, but inevitably, I do. So after gathering all the toys from their hiding location (the boat in the garage), Mrs. Claus got to work. All was done and wrapped by 11 p.m. Whew! Of course, after last year’s “Santa got busted,” presents go out in the early morning vs. late at night…so everything was in our room (door locked) waiting to be put out.

I wish I could sleep in until the boys got up, but knowing pictures are going to be taken, I’m usually up at 4 a.m. taking a shower, getting ready for Christmas morning! And this year was no different. I did get to lay back down for a few minutes before ringing the bells for the boys…let the present-opening madness begin…

(View from the 2nd floor)
I think and hope everyone was thrilled with their presents…I hope. Brent, bless his heart, with his shirts, ties and shoes. Mom with her Pandora bracelet and charms, wedding video and the annual “Book of Memories.” The boys with all their presents – Peyton with his Nintendo DS and games, Palmer with his camera, TV and Easy Bake Oven. What a morning full of great presents.

(Brent with his present from Mom!)

(Mom with her new Pandora Bracelet from Jody and Chris.)

(Mom and her wedding DVD -- an unexpected gift.)

(Peyton with his new Nintendo DS -- according to him, his best Christmas EVER!)

(Thanks Uncle Chris for the NERF Gun...paybacks are H___!)

(Palmer unloading his Santa bag...a big box for a little boy. His new TV!)

(Thanks for the new favorite Leapster game Uncle Chris and Aunt Jody!)
A few years ago, I introduced Brent to a little store called Tiffany & Co. This is his magic “go-to” store. He knows he can never go wrong with a gift from Tiffany’s and this year was no different. All on his own (I know, because I asked my Mom), he remembered the Palm Tree Necklace I had been wanting from Tiffany’s. So he bought it and that was his present to me…the Palm Tree Necklace from Tiffany & Co…I LOVE IT – reminds me of Florida each and every day!!!!

(I had a little help opening my little blue box!)

(Palmer opened it and said...there's nothing in here and threw it down. Oh, but there was something in there!!!!)
There’s nothing like giving presents. I love watching everyone open their present. It is worth it all to see their faces and expressions when they open their gift. I love it. I love giving. I wish I had a ton of money…I think I’d give to people all the time. Getting is fun. But Giving is SO MUCH BETTER!
(Mom with her "Book of Memories" that I told her I didn't have time to make. This year's album was 50 pages...WOW!)
Stay tuned for more on Christmas…Christmas Day has just begun!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to be able to spend time with my family – tons of blessings and few worries…I’d be crazy not to be thankful,

PS…Magic the Elf went back to Santa’s workshop for another year! It was fun while it lasted, but dang…I’m so happy that I don’t have to remember to move the little booger every night!