Wednesday, December 23, 2009


so, I'm trying to teach the boys the important things about Christmas.

First and foremost that Jesus is truly the reason for the season. That is the true meaning of Christmas. In fact, Peyton didn't even know who Santa was until he was 4...he'll tell you why we celebrate Christmas.

But I also want them to understand that giving is so much better than receiving. Of course, it's a little hard for them to understand, but it's up to me to help them understand that!!!!

So, this evening, we gathered up all of Palmer's brand new birthday toys that he forgot he had and we took them to Toys R Us to give to little boys and little girls that won't get anything for Christmas. We gave them to Toys for Tots!

We also bought and gave Toys for Tots a few games. My efforts in trying to teach the boys a lesson was, well, let's just say not as great as I had hoped, but hopefully, if we do this every year, they'll start to understand the true meaning of giving back, especially to little ones that don't have anything.

I think this might be another family tradition...I really love this one too!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to be able to help make a child that won't get anything a little more special,

PS...I like coming up with our own's kind of fun!