Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Date...

for New Year's my precious, adorable 4 year old favorite sweet baby!

After a looonnnggg day at work (Mr. Palmer joined me for the day), a day without a nap for Mr. Palmer and a rush to get my house picked up so I don't have to do any housework on New Year's Day, we decided Pizza, coke, ice cream, and an early bedtime were how we were going to ring in the New Year...

But, before we said our prayers for the last time in 2009, we took some pictures of us celebrating.

Besides my hubby (and Peyton), I can't imagine anyone better to spend my New Year's Eve with...

Tomorrow...The Princess and the Frog and Cracker Barrel for lunch (I'm gonna eat a ton of turnips this year. It's gonna be gross, but I like money, so I should eat as many as possible).

Happy New Year...I'm going to bed now (little man beat me, but not by much)...when we wake up, it'll be 2010. WOW!

Looking forward to 2010:)

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful for a wonderful 2009,