Friday, June 26, 2009

My new middle name...

Should be "Don't make me count to 3." Chasity "Don't make me count to 3" Phillips. Sounds good...right?!

I feel like I have said this phrase in every possible way. In every language. I feel like I say this way too many times. When I think about it, I actually hate this saying.

I came to the conclusion that this should be my new middle name this afternoon, while sitting on the toilet (I know, TMI)... I had to go to the bathroom (I was picking up Palmer from school). So, Palmer and I went into the bathroom and while I was trying to go, Palmer decided to turn off the lights. It was dark. Very dark. That's when I said it, "Don't make me count to 3." At that point, that's when I realized my new middle name!

The next obvious question: "How many times have I actually counted to 3?" The answer: more times than I can actually count...literally. It usually takes me getting to the "Alright, that's it!" That's when I get their attention. So in essence, counting to 3 does nothing, except get me to count to 3.

As I am writing this, it's a quick reminder that I am discovering God's sense of humor...everyday! Me sitting on the toilet...realizing my new middle know HE was laughing!

I had to remember this feeling. All too soon, I know I'll be yelling something else...

TRULY BLESSED to have two beautiful children that make me "count to 3" on this Friday (and most of the time everyday),

PS...Palmer turned on the lights in the bathroom right about the time I hit 2 1/2.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


September 11, 2010
We were at Palmer's soccer game (the one he didn't really want to be at). For the two minutes that he actually played, he was running really fast and actually looked like he was having fun. It was right at that moment that Peyton yelled across the field, "Run Palmer. Run like the wind." Just a little quote from Toy Story 2 (when Woody yells to Bullseye, "Run Bullseye. Run like the wind Bullseye") to encourage his little brother to run really fast...

July 22, 2010
We've finally found a church. YAY. We love it and the boys love it. We've visited a lot of churches. The boys have gone to a lot of "pre-school classes," Sunday School classes and Children's Churches. The fact that they both of love this church is incredibily important and says a lot. Here's the conversation.
Palmer: "Mommy. I like church. When can we go back?"
Me: "This coming Sunday. I'm so glad you like it."

Later on in the week, we we're driving down the road...
Palmer: "Mommy. That's our Church."
Me: "Yes, baby. That's our Church."

We go a little farther down the road and we pass another Church (not our Church)...
Palmer: "Mommy. Not that Church. I don't want to go to that Church."

Moral of the story: At least he's honest!

June 3, 2010
Everyday, the boys grow up a little more and ask questions, of which, I don't have the answer to. They also like to "test" the see how much they can get away with attitude wise. This is the conversation:
Peyton: "You're not the boss of me."
Palmer: "You're not the boss of me."
Me: a simple of the Mom looks that we ocassionally give that says more than we could EVER say.
Palmer: "You're not the boss of me." AGAIN.
Me: "What, What did you say to me"? (in my teasing, but being serious voice)
Palmer: "I said, You're not the boss of me?!???" See the question marks...
Me: "Oh yes, I am. You have three bosses: God, Mommy and Daddy. In. that. order."
Palmer: "You're not the boss of me. Oh wait, yeah you are."

Moral of the story: God. Mommy. Daddy. That order. They know. They know!

January 7, 2010
A snow day was called at school. So, I loaded up the boys to take Palmer to school and Peyton to work with me. Along the way, it started snowing a little. This is the conversation:
Me: "Look guys, it's snowing a little." It was kind of hard to see, but snowing a little.
Peyton: "I see the snow."
Palmer: "I see the snow. Mommy, where's the snow?"
Me: I just laughed...

Moral of the Story: Like Big Brother, Like Little Brother

January 6, 2010
Palmer and I were on our way to work and school and this is the conversation:
Palmer: "Mommy, who cut the moon in half?"
Palmer: "Mommy, why is the moon following us?"
Me: "I don't know baby...maybe it likes us."
Palmer: "Maybe it's hungry."
Me: "If the moon is hungry, what does it want to eat?"
Palmer: "I don't know...a hot dog. And chicken nuggets. And a hambooger."

Moral of the story: No moral, just love these little conversations that we have!

December 29, 2009
Brent and Peyton were in Florida visiting the family during the break between Christmas and New Year's. Chris and Jody and Brent and Peyton were playing board games with Peyton -- who was unbelieveably lucky everytime he played. So Chris asked Peyton to pick the "winning" lottery numbers. Peyton told Chris that if he won, he wanted $148. So Chris told Peyton that if they won, he would get his $148, plus college tuition. So that night, Peyton said, "B.B. when will we know if we won." B.B. told him that it would be around 11 p.m. at night. Of course, Peyton wanted to stay up, but B.B. said, no, we're going to bed. But B.B. assured him that if they won, he'd know it...they'd be screaming and yelling. So, the next morning, when the woke up, the first thing Peyton said to B.B. was "Did we win?" B.B. said "No." Peyton was sad and then asked, "well, if they do win, will they give me $148 and college tuition?"

Moral of the Story: He's my gifts child (and knows his money)!

October 28, 2009
Brent picked both of the boys up from school since I had to work late. Brent had just picked up Peyton from school and this is the conversation that happened:
Palmer: "Daddy, Elise is going to come to our house this weekend.
Brent: "Palmer, is Elise your girlfriend. Are you going to kiss her?"
Palmer: "Um, yes. I'm gonna kiss her, then I'm gonna give her a Wedgie."
Peyton: "Palmer, your so little. Don't you know that girls already have wedgies."

OMG...we died laughing about this! In fact, we are still laughing...I'm pretty sure I fell asleep that night laughing!

Moral of the Story: I think I need to start wearing a robe:) I'm thinking our family doesn't suffer from "modesty."

July 7, 2009
Peyton went to a little place called "Kentucky Down Under" on a camp field trip. It was two hours away (on a bus in the TN heat). He was excited about riding a bus...When he arrived at the school, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was and this is the conversation that transpired:
Me: "Peyton, what was your absolute favorite part of the day today?"
Peyton: "The Gift Shop. They had so much cool stuff."

Moral of the Story: Peyton's love language is "gifts." I know this. So, it came as no surprise when he said this...I ended up with a big "spear" for my house...yay!

July 2, 2009
This particular morning, Brent noticed Palmer was missing...he was in the garage with all three of our beautiful Golden Retrievers (he loves playing with them). When Brent found him, this is the conversation that transpired:
Brent: "Palmer, what are you doing?"
Palmer: "Daddy, I'm having breakfast with the puppies!"
Brent: "Oh really...what did you have?"
Palmer: "Dog Food. And it was good!"

Moral of the Story: Children have to experiment, see how other's live, eat, etc...Now, if only we can get him to stop eating dog food.

June 21, 2009
Peyton has been at Summer Camp. Each week of camp has three different "enrichment" areas -- we choose 1 out of 3: Soccer or Pottery or Manners & Etiquette, etc.... For one week, I chose to have Peyton focus on "Manners" (I know, RIGHT)! On Sunday evening while getting ready to sit down for dinner, Brent mentioned Peyton needed to "dress-up" on Monday, as they were going to have a nice lunch, since they had been learning manners. This is the conversation that transpired:
Me: "Peyton, are there other little boys in the class?"
Peyton: "Yes."
Me: "A few, a lot, how many?"
Peyton: "A lot."
Me: "Are there any little girls?"
Peyton: "Not a lot, mostly boys."
Me to Brent (laughing hysterically): "Every mother with a little boy decided to sign their little boy up for this manners class. I'm not the only one."
Moral of the Story: Little boys need manners classes, whereas, little girls don't. Why is this? I do, however, find it funny that I am not the only Mother struggling with teaching my little boys manners -- I mean if "Cheeks on the Seat" came naturally to little boys, then I wouldn't have to say (a million times every night at breakfast, lunch and dinner), "I need 'Cheeks on the Seat.'"

May 31, 2009
It was Brent's 40th Birthday and my Mom sent Brent $100.00 as a gift. Peyton had never seen a $100 bill before so he thought it was really cool. For Peyton's graduation from Kindergarten, my Mom sent him $20.00 as a gift. When Peyton saw that Brent got $100.00 as a gift, he looked at me and then whispered to me, "Mommy, I know what I am going to give Daddy for his birthday." I replied, "What sweet baby?" He said, "I'm going to give him my $20." Is that not so sweet?!

April 30, 2009
I can't believe it! Peyton is in Kindergarten and he is already learning things I swear I learned in at least First grade. So last night we were in the car and Peyton told us that "Ella" invited him over to play at her house (WOW)! Ella is the only girl that I have not heard Peyton say "gross" to. In fact, he really wants to play with her (HHHUUUMMM...maybe I should be worried). So, after some brief teasing on our part, this is the conversation that took place:
Peyton: "Mommy and Daddy sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g (Brent kissed me)! First came love, then came marriage, then came Mommy and Daddy pushing the baby carriage..."
Us: "Peyton and Ella sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! First comes love, then comes marriage (Peyton: EEEWWWWWWW)...

March 19, 2009
Let me set the scene:
On the beach...getting some sun...laying on a beach towel...soaking in the rays...THEN, next thing I know, two soaking wet little boys with sand all over them proceed to walk all over my towel -- you know the towel that you don't want sand to get on, especially when you are me -- a person that basically, hates sand! This is the quote that transpired...
The Boys: "Mommy, we're hungry...We want a snack!"
Me to Brent: "The Lord was definitely laughing hysterically on the day he decided to give me boys."

April 23, 2009
Palmer has a trike-a-thon at his school this Friday, so we have to take his bike to school. He knows he is NOT allowed to take toys to school, so this is what transpired:
Chasity: "Baby, we're going to take your bike to school tomorrow."
Palmer: "But Mommy, it won't fit in my cubby."

Moral of the story: it reminded me how little the world is to children!

February 26, 2009
Recently HSM3 was released. Palmer and I were listening to Radio Disney in the car and this was the conversation that transpired:

Chasity: "Palmer, please stop kicking the back of my seat."
Palmer: "Mommy, I can't help it. My feet are dancing."

Moral of the Story: He's my broadway star in the making!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day...

Happy Father's Day to Brent!

Not only is he a wonderful husband, but he's am amazing Dad. He's not your typical Dad. He's involved. He's hands-on. He's in the thick-of-it. He's one of them (most of the time)!

He's the one the boys run to when they want to play. He's the one the boys run to when they want something and I won't give it to them. He's the one the boys run to when they want to "fight." He's the one the boys run to when they have tons of energy and don't know what to do with it.

The boys want to be him. They want to hunt. They want to fish. They want to play ball.
Anything Brent does, there's always two little boys following behind!

He might not be the best disciplinarian, but that's ok. My hope is that the boys and Brent will always be close. Always. I'll be the bad guy if it means Brent and the boys will always be three peas in a pod.

I hope they will be best friends. I hope they will be fishing and hunting buddies. I hope they will be sports buddies. I hope they will always want Brent around. I hope they will call each other Best Friends. I hope Brent will be their Best Man in their wedding. I hope the boys get Brent's heart. I hope all three are the Three Musketeers forever! There is so much I hope for when it comest to the three of them...

Somedays, like today, it's not bad to have three boys -- Brent, Peyton and Palmer!

TRULY BLESSED on this Father's Day Sunday to have an amazing husband that's a fabulous Daddy to two energetic little boys,


Saturdays with "The Storm"...

The Storm Story...

May 29, 2005 -- Destin, FL -- This was our first trip to Destin that we didn't stay with Brent's
Mom. We actually stayed at a really cool Condo. This particular condo has become our staple...this is where we stay most of the time when we visit Destin. It has a walk-in pool that is connected to an amazing lazy river -- which you can see Peyton clearly enjoyed! This was our "last" vacation as just the three of us. It was a wonderful trip -- even little Palmer enjoyed the trip (and a huge kiss from big brother Peyton)!

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite memories!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not Complaining...

Really! I'm not complaining...

OK...I'm complaining.

So, for the first day in my career at cj, I had a REALLY bad day. All because someone decided to call a meeting and proceed to dump on me the entire meeting (in front of not one, but two departments). She even used the word "snakiness."

If you know me, I am not snakey. Not even a little bit. Not in the least, I mean after all, I hate snakes (they are evil). I firmly believe in being up front and honest. If she knew me (obviously, she doesn't), she would know that I am NEVER snakey!!! In fact, this is why I don't like politics...I have a hard time going behind someone's back to do something. Out of a hundred million words, this would NEVER be a word that I would associate with myself. NEVER!

Why are people mean? Why are people manipulative? Why can't people realize business is business (who uses the word "snakiness" in a business meeting?)? Seriously, wasn't it enough that I apologized to her a million times BEFORE the event that caused all of this drama happened...knowing I would probably screw up at some point. Wasn't it enough that I nominated her for a $10 reward (as a way to say thank you for her patience) and she got it (and NEVER said thank you)? Wasn't it enough that I went out of my way to be nice (with thank you email after email, along with thank yous in person), and yet, she still threw me under the bus?

So, add to my list of things that I don't like: passive/aggressive (shit!), manipulative women that will do anything to get their way or try to look better than you! Men wouldn't do this. They would simply tell you like it is -- like me. I tell you how it is! Truthfulness. To your face. Not behind your back. Not in front of everyone. Privately.

Doesn't she know I would have a TON more respect for her if she just came and talked to me. Face to Face. Instead, doing what she did, made me lose ALL respect for her! Ok, to be really honest, I will NEVER have respect for her. EVER. again. But that is beside the point. All I can do now is move foward.

How am I going to handle this? Well, I won't tell you what I really want to do. But, what I am going to do is try my hardest to take the high road. I am going to take her to lunch. Ask what is was that made her feel she couldn't talk to me. Ask her what I did that made her feel she needed to do what she did. Ask her why she used the word "snakiness." Talk to her. To her face. Get it out in the open. NOT DO WHAT SHE DID TO ME!


DRAMA...Really...who needs it?

There. I said it. I'm done.

I AM TRULY BLESSED to have a job. This I know. I love cj. I just hate days like today,

PS...hoping tomorrow is so much better. Otherwise, Goodness help that girl!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things I Don't Like...

Yep, as a follow-up to my last email about things I Love, I thought I would write about things I don't like. This list is a little shorter, so explanations can go along with these:)

~ Messy Bed Covers (Really...who can sleep in a jumbled, twisted up mess?)
~ Gum Smackers (Seriously, fingernails on a chalkboard sound better than this!)
~ Tornadoes (Give me a good hurricane least you can plan ahead!)
~ Blood (Yep, not a fan of it in any way, shape or form!)
~ Science Fiction (Give me a good romantic book anyday!)
~ Sand (Annoying...on the floor, in the bed, doesn't matter, I can't stand it)
~ "Not Nice" People (Why are some people just mean and unhappy? I feel sorry for them!)
~ Stupidity (Don't even get me started! There's a lot of people that need a "Here's Your Sign" Sign)
~ Things Done Half-Ass (Pardon the French, but if you're going to do it, do it at 100% or not at all)
~ Not Having TONs of Vacation Time (I wish I had enough time to do all the things I want to do!)
~ Whining (This is total payback, since I was a huge whiner!)
~ Really Hot Food (I know, this is stupid, but hot food is too hot for me!)

~ Frizzy Hair (And you know I have "Monica" hair, so suffice it to say, I'm not a fan of my hair!)
~ Clutter (Hate it, can't stand it...does one really need all that stuff?)
~ Carpet (I have it in my house. Hate it!)
~ I'm a Yeller (I yell. I hate that I yell. Why do I yell? It gets me no where...)
~ Bad Music (ALL Classic Rock falls into this category!)
~ Wrinkled Clothes (I iron everything. EVERYTHING!)
~ Sweat (I hate it. I hate the thought of it...good thing I don't sweat a lot!)
~ Worrying (It gets me no where...only lost sleep and ulcers!)
~ Shoes that Hurt My Feet (Beauty suffers, but seriously, this just hurts!)
~ Bath Time (I sound like a bad mom, but I can't stand chaos, water everywhere...ugh!)
~ Throwing Up (Gross! Just the thought makes me not want to. I think this is why I don't drink!)
~ People That Don't Wave in Traffic (If I let someone in, at least acknowledge it. Period!)

~ Talkers (You know...the people that never actually accomplish anything, just talk about it!)
~ People That Don't Believe in God (Enough Said...)
~ When I Disappoint Brent (His look alone is enough to make me feel bad!)
~ The Fact That I Still Miss Florida (It aggravates me that I can't just love Tennessee!)
~ When My Boys are Hurt (I'm their Mom. They shouldn't hurt. EVER!)
~ Leaving Vacations (There's no place like home, but man, it's hard to leave a vacation!)
~ Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian (Don't like any of these food. Just fine with McDonald's...)
~ Bad Pizza (I love Pizza, bad pizza is the worst!)
~ Unorganization (My boys will tell you, "Everything has a home. Find it.")
~ Rudeness (Really...the power of nice gets one so much farther in life...)
~ Vegetables (I wish I liked them, but I don't...continue to try, still no luck.)
~ Pieces and Parts (of toys. If a toy has too many pieces and parts, it goes right back to the store!)
~ Beer (I know...I just hate the taste!)
~ Cleaning Bathrooms (I can't imagine who loves doing this, but man, I hate doing it!)
~ Broken Promises (If you promise something, do it. Simple. That simple.)
~ Me Without Make-up (It's scary...why can't I be naturally pretty. Why can't I have eyes and lips without make-up?)
~ Dirty, Sticky Hands (Thank goodness for wipies!)
~ "Not Smart" Decisions (Why go down this road. Just try to make smart decisions to begin w/!)
~ Alabama (The worst state in the U.S. Period.)
~ Rude Neighbors (Won't say anything for fear they might read this!)
~ Lazy People (Don't get me started!)
~ That I Bite My Nails (It's a gross habit and I promise I have tried to stop. My one vice!)
~ Food Eaten Before I Get the Chance to Eat It (I think I might to suck it up on this one. Life with three boys!)
~ People That Hurt Other People (Murder, Child Abuse, whatever...why do they do this?!?!)
~ Snakes (Evil. Pure evil. Hate them. Just the thought...shivers!)
~ Being Late (Unless it's fashionably late to make a statement, it's just not cool with me!)
~ War (I could NEVER be in a War. I feel so bad for anyone that has to face this!)
~ Seeing My Mom Sad (She's a rock, so when she's sad, it breaks my heart!)
~ Not Focusing (The boys know the word -- FOCUS. They hear me say this, when they aren't!)
~ The Thought of Not Having My Family (Can't go there...)
~ Negative thoughts (see above -- and anything else that goes along with the above!)

There are probably other things that I don't like and just can't remember, but for now, I think I have complained enough. Again, I can't wait to see how these things change. Somethings never will, but others...who knows?!

TRULY BLESSED on this Wednesday afternoon to have let everyone know the things that drive me crazy!

PS...When I am in humidity, my hair really looks like the picture above.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dragon Park...

Yep, it's really called Dragon Park and there really is a dragon.

Ok! Maybe not a real dragon, but a cool dragon, nonetheless. It's made for the kids to play on, and it is completely covered in Mosaics (a piece of it is above).

This was the place where my company had our annual Company Picnic. It was steamy. It was hot. But, it was fun!

I work for an amazing advertising agency. It's unlike any other agency I have worked for or with. They actually care about the employees. In fact, somedays, it seems they put just as much emphasis on employees as they do on clients! No! Really! It's true. We have a team called "FISH." This team's job is to make sure we have fun and to make sure we get recognized for hardwork!

So today, they hosted a picnic at Dragon Park for all the employees. Completely catered with BBQ, watermelon and more. We had a great time. We enjoyed every moment of it. It's great to get out of the office and spend time with the people we spend 40+ hours with each week. And the great part...we actually like each other! And, another amazing thought -- no one is required to go, yet everyone still shows up.

Brent and I are so unbelieveably thankful to have such wonderful jobs! We work for wonderful companies, and it is all because of the Lord -- no one else. He made our jobs happen and for that, we are eternally thankful!

TRULY BLESSED on this Sunday evening to work for a company that still cares about their employees and still spends money on employees even in this economy,

PS...Batman made another appearance at our house this weekend! First with Peyton, now with exciting (and cute)!

Shutterfly Sunday for June 14, 2009

June 4, 2006 -- This picture was taken while we were at the big play pool on John Knox Rd. The boys were 3 and 10 months and obviously loved the water. What great times. Mom would meet me and then we would all hang out for a few hours. The only part I absolutely hated were the times when they would make us get out of the pool for 10 minutes -- the boys just didn't understand why we had to get out of the pool! Ugh!!! It was great times!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturdays with "The Storm"...

The Storm Story...

November 27, 1999 -- My Wedding Day -- Well, actually (and obviously), these pictures were taken before the days
of "The Storm." This is my MawMaw and these are the last pictures I have of her and I together (and thankfully of my mom, her and I). Today is her birthday. She would have been 77 -- it's funny, it's hard for me to imagine her at 77. I miss her. I miss her cooking. I miss her laugh. I miss her talking over me. I miss her. She looked so pretty at my wedding! I was so lucky to have her there. I'm the only grandchild that got to have her at my wedding. I wish she could have met the boys. She would have LOVED them. At least I have my memories!

Thanks for letting me share my favorite pictures of my MawMaw...Happy Birthday MawMaw!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Traditions...

Summer traditions are so much fun!

What is our Summer tradition? Friday nights by the pool with pizza and friends (the Rudolph family on this night and most Friday nights). It's fun for the boys. It's fun for us. It's relaxing. It's refreshing. It's easy.

So, if you're looking for us on a Friday night during the months of June, July and August, you'll find us at the pool with good children (ok, sometimes), good friends, good food and good drinks!
Fun times for all!

PS...Sweet baby girl Ava missed out on last year's Summer tradition, but made an appearance just in time to enjoy this Summer. Welcome little Ava. We love you (and so does Uncle Brent)!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I Love...

In no particular order, here are 100 or so things I love:

~ Sunny Sunday Mornings
~ Palm Trees
~ Chocolate Brown
~ Beach Towels
~ Southern Living
~ Crosses
~ Ipod Shuffled
~ Santa at our House
~ Pottery Barn Kids
~ Catching Fireflies with the Boys
~ Brent's heart
~ Pregnancy
~ Coconut/Suntan Lotion Smell
~ Bed-time Prayers
~ Cool, Crisp Fall Mornings
~ Disney World
~ Big Hats
~ Brent Telling Me He is Proud of Me
~ Laying by the Pool at the Beach
~ Friday Evenings
~ Sweet, Happy Dreams
~ Decorating my Front Window
~ Ballet Pink
~ Forgiveness
~ Charleston Chews
~ Star Gazer Lilys
~ Bible Verses that Inspire
~ 4th of July Fireworks
~ Flat Stomachs
~ Snow
~ Pictures of my Family
~ Date Nights with Brent
~ Babies Bellies
~ Bunny Rabbits
~ Love Attacks
~ Peyton's Face When He's About to Hit the Baseball
~ Periwinkle Blue
~ A Good Workout
~ God/Jesus
~ Bonus Checks
~ My Blog Page
~ Sweet Potato Casserole
~ The Little Things
~ Sleeping In
~ Eeyore
~ Clean, Shaved Legs
~ Porch Swings
~ Summer Tunes
~ All White Rooms
~ Goggles on the Boys
~ Cheese
~ Brighton Jewelry
~ Love Attacks
~ Christmas Morning
~ Brent's Hugs and Kisses
~ Fireproof
~ FSU Football and Baseball
~ My Mom's Words of Encouragement
~ Church Hymns
~ Old Wood Floors
~ Anything Baby
~ Fall
~ The Days My Boys were Born
~ Chubby Cheeks of My Palmer
~ Pizza
~ Classical Music
~ Big, Furry Golden Retrievers
~ A "Get Lost In" Kind of Book
~ Peyton's Hugs
~ Brent When He is All Dressed Up
~ The Thought of Having 3 Boys
~ Pecan Pie
~ Infinity Pools in the Caribbean
~ Cottage Living
~ Shopping with My Mom
~ Winter Mornings & Snowman Pancakes
~ Scarlet Red
~ Purses/Bags
~ Music Played Loud
~ Pumpkins
~ Sweet Tea
~ Memory Books
~ Twilight Series
~ ANYTHING Tiffany
~ Sound of FSU Marching Band on Game Days
~ Lime Green
~ Cornbread Dressing
~ Brent After He Goes Fishing & Hunting
~ Lilly Pulitzer
~ Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
~ Traveling
~ Clean Hair
~ The Boys When They First Wake Up
~ Bright Orange
~ My Wedding Rings
~ Sandals
~ Shabby Chic
~ Hydrangeas
~ Great Lipstick Color
~ Cheesecake Factory
~ Spring Time Tallahassee
~ Palmer's Little Voice (and Laugh)
~ Faith * Hope * Charity
~ Dina Ivory
~ Report Card Days
~ Speckled Butter Beans
~ Bows
~ Coastal Living
~ My Playlists
~ Memories
~ Shoes
~ Love Languages
~ Christian Music
~ Yankee Candles
~ Coton Colors
~ Good, Faithful Friends
~ Toasted Poundcake with Butter
~ Florida
~ Really Good Movies
~ My Job
~ Wedding Day Memories
~ Easter Sunday
~ Big 'Ole Bellies (the Boys)
~ A Good Bible Devotion
~ Unconditional Love
~ Baby Feet That Have Never Had on Shoes
~ A real Baby's Breath (not the flower)
~ Facebook/Status Updates
~ Brent's Job
~ Puppies Breath
~ Pushing Presents
~ Childhood Memories
~ Peyton in His Baseball Uniform
~ Sunrises
~ Hugs and Kisses
~ Forgiving Family

I know I've left some things off of the list -- things I truly treasure and just didn't think of when I started thinking about this list. I also know that over the years I will add more to the list (and some things might fall off). But for now, I am happy to have and had so many wonderful things to love! This is my happy list. This is my praise list. This is my list -- one that I look forward to adding to each and every day!

TRULY BLESSED to have all the blessings we have!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where is Palmer?

On "the floor"...that's where!

This past weekend, when my Dad and Grandparents came into town, Brent and I gave up our bedroom for my Grandparents...since it's on the bottom floor. My Dad and his wife slept in the guest bedroom, so that left only a few places for Brent and I to sleep -- the top bunk in Palmer's room or "the floor." Thinking Peyton would sleep in his bed, Brent and I decided to take "the floor." Until...the boys discovered "the floor."

I made a pallet for Brent and I in Palmer's room -- not bad, pretty cozy looking if I do say so myself. Little did I realize what EXCITEMENT the boys would get out of just thinking they were going to get to sleep on the floor -- so willing to give up their nice cozy beds for "the floor."

So, here we go...musical beds. We quickly changed plans...the boys slept on "the floor," Brent took Palmer's bed (bottom bunk) and I (whew!) took Peyton's bed -- Peyton grinds his teeth at night, so that removes me from any thought of sleeping in the same room or bed with the little booger (trust me -- my sleeping habits are a whole other blog!).

Well, today is Wednesday. Company left on Sunday and guess what?! Palmer has decided the floor is his new bed (Peyton got smart and reclaimed his bed). I suppose I could just pick up the pallet and put it away, but what fun would that be...every night he gets "SO EXCITED" to be sleeping on the floor.

Honestly! Who knew "the floor" would be so exciting??!! Guess we'll see how long it lasts!

TRULY BLESSED to have a little boy that gets so excited about the little things in life on this Wednesday evening!

PS...I captured this cute obsession on camera. I think I'll remind Palmer of this when he is 16 and complains about having to give up his bed for company (that's a whole other blog too!).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crazy Week...

Well, the week ended...finally! No complaints though! All went well...happy 40 year old hubby, happy clients, happy Dad and Grandparents...Whew!

Before I recap the weekend, I have to admit a big, huge mistake that I made -- on Thursday, I
stopped at Target! BAD IDEA!! Why??!! Because I bought the 4th book in the Twilight series. For whatever reason, I felt that I could actually buy the book and not read it for another four days...yeah. right. On Thursday night, I had a crap load of things to do -- laundry, floors, bathrooms, grocery store, etc... Ask me! Go ahead..."Did you do any of those things?" Truthfully, only the laundry! Everything else, my sweet hubby did. He did it all: bathrooms, floors, baths for the boys. Shoot, he even fed the boys (ok, so when I tried to take credit for this, Brent replied, "All you did was put the pizza in the oven. If it were up to you, the pizza would have been burnt to a crisp and the boys would have gone without dinner.")! I was useless Thursday night, with the exception of reading 200+ pages in my book. Apparently, I needed a break. Not like me to usually slack on stuff like this!!??

Anyway, we were ready (thanks to Brent) for the Dad and Grandparents to arrive. I left work early on Friday to go to the grocery store (which should have been done prior to this, but Twilight got in the way)! It was going to be a weekend of cooking.

After hugs and kisses, we all got ready to go to Peyton's Friday night baseball game. He did so good-- totally showing off for the Grandparents. Then we went back to the house and ordered Pizza and watched the FSU Baseball game. Fun times. We were all tired.

Saturday morning came way too soon. After a huge breakfast, we loaded up the bikes and went to the park -- the boys have so much energy! We managed to sneak in a quick nap, and then it was time for Baseball...again! The last game of the season. Each little boy got a game ball. It was cute. This game, however, was a little rough on Grandma. She had to go back and rest -- this was a wake-up call. My grandparents are getting older. I felt like crying when my Granddaddy, a man that has survived two triple by pass surgeries and now has a very weak heart told me, "I've been feeling my age lately." This coming from the man that has never felt his age. I could have cried, instead, I just tried to be happy that the boys were getting a chance to spend time with them, and they were able to see Peyton play baseball!

After this, we grilled out. Simply enjoying the time together. And then, their visit was over. So quick, yet so incredibly important. I realized, this was probably their last visit to see us. It is just too much on them. This brought tears. Makes me miss home something terrible!

We did get some great pictures that we will always cherish. We will always remember this visit. It was a moment in time that we will never get back. And the best part, my Grandparents (very much from the South) gave me a great compliment -- I turned out to be a great wife and mother -- I'm a good cook, a good housekeeper and good hostess -- coming from the South...what a great compliment (I think:))!

TRULY BLESSED to have had this time with my family. A great weekend for all! One we will not forget!

PS...Sunday was spent by the pool (with a few naps in between)!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturdays with "The Storm"...

The Storm Story:

New Year's Eve 2008 -- Nashville, TN -- We partied! Ok, so we partied in our jammies, but hey, aren't those some of the best parties? New Year's Eve 2007, Brent went to the Music City Bowl when FSU played Kentucky...leaving me and the boys home alone to do all the partying (good thing I'm not a big "Ring in the New Year" type of person!) So this year, it was the whole family together. We ate pizza (and the boys were allowed to have Coke), ice cream and brownies and then proceeded to make as much noise as possible (with the noise makers, etc...). We didn't quiet make it to midnight, but who cares...we brought in the New Year Philllips-style!

The "Oh NinE!" card is the card we sent out to family and friends to wish them a year full of Oh So ManY BlEsSiNgS!

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite "New Year's Eve" memories...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yep, that's all that needs to be said.

My crazy, wonderful husband turned 40 and we celebrated! And celebrated!

It was a great weekend as Mary Kay was able to come up and be with her favorite firstborn for the celebrate a huge milestone.

(This is one of my favorite pictures of the boys! Best Friends -- even though they don't know it)

(Peyton holding the "game ball." So proud to have MeMe at the game!)

(Brent and Mary Kay together on his 40th Birthday)

After going to Peyton's baseball game on Saturday afternoon -- of which, Peyton received the game ball for hustling (it was really cute, he chased down not 1, not 2, but 3 players and tagged them out) -- the boys and I quietly snuck down to the pool, leaving Brent and his Mom the chance to go out alone and celebrate his birthday (after all, they were together when he was born). It was good to get to see Mary Kay go out and enjoy time with Brent, by herself -- no daughter-in-law, no kids, no time constraints -- just the two of them. Funny...she didn't want to go, I wanted her to go. She was hell-bent on not going. I was hell bent on her going...I won (in a good way)! They had a great time -- complete with Karaoke and all:)

(Brent, Mary Kay, Aunt Dianne, Uncle Carl & Carla)

Brent's official birthday was on Sunday, so we had a 40th Birthday Celebration at the pool --complete with family and friends. The 3-4 hour party we had planned, turned into a 7 hour party! We had a blast! The food was good. The beers were cold. The sun was out. The pool was nice and cool. The kids were in good moods...Good times with all. Brent enjoyed it and was glad we did it (this coming from the guy that was being a baby about having a party -- after going back and forth and him asking me to cancel it, we agreed to a "get-together"-- I won! Again!) Attendees included Mary Kay; Uncle Carl & Aunt Dianne; Clint, Carla, Mary Morris & Maddy; Brent's old boss, Lee Feliciano & family; Jody, Brent's hunting friend; Art, Jan, Sophia & Ava Rudop; Tad, Melody, Jude, Campbell & baby Jamison; Mark, Sarah & Emma (Peyton's girlfriend); Trevor, Ashley & baby Mackenzie; Mark, Dawn, Sierra, Alexis & Kai (my high school friend); Sean, Laura, Jack & Lucy and other peeps that I just can't think of right now!!
(the neighborhood buddies)

Sunday night, man we were tired...but not tired enough to make sure Peyton and I watched the MTV Awards to see the new trailer for New Moon...the 2nd book to my recent OBSESSION 9and I've brought Peyton into it! Yes, I am obsessed...more than you know! In fact, so obsessed, I actually bought an iPOD...yes, amazement! The first thing I downloaded from iTunes -- the Twilight Soundtrack. ISSUES!

Weekends like this one only come along once in a lifetime. So glad we were able to celebrate and have fun!

TRULY BLESSED to have celebrated such a joyous occassion with amazing family and friends on Brent's 40th Birthday.

PS...Only wished my family could have been here to celebrate with us. That would have made the weekend absolutely perfect!


Well, I'll tell you...this has been a week and is a week.

I'm a little behind on my posts, as things have been a little hectic...Here's a quick recap and forecast of the week!

Friday, May 29th -- Mary Kay came in town to help us celebrate Brent's 40th Birthday.
Sunday, May 31st -- We celebrated Brent's birthday with a pool party and tons of family and friends.
Monday, June 1st -- Peyton had a double swimmer's ear infection -- around the world and back to the Dr.'s office and then to one of the four baseball games we have scheduled for this week.
Tuesday, June 2nd -- My Mobile clients arrived for a 3-day visit to our agency -- this means early mornings/late nights at the office. And, a baseball game, just for good measure!
Wednesday, June 3rd -- Production shoot for my clients. Time to wash all the sheets, as my Dad and grandparents arrive on Friday for a quick visit to watch Peyton play baseball.
Thursday, June 4th -- 7 a.m. Strategy meeting -- who really wants to think of branding strategy at 7 in the morning?? Again, cleaning bathrooms, floors, etc...for company that is about to arrive.
Friday, June 5th -- Dad and grandparents arrive. Baseball game at 5:30...yikes...I feel I should be singing some kind of song...
Saturday, June 6th -- Was thinking about going to the Zoo, but I'm already tired from just writing this, so now I am reconsidering...And, baseball at 2 p.m.
Sunday, June 7th -- Dad and Grandparents leave. Chasity WILL NOT be moving from the lounge chair by the pool, except for when we go to Crockett Park -- for Sundays in the Park.

Ok, I'm done...and oh, this is funny. Brent mentioned wanting to have a cookout for the baseball team. Very nicely (ok, not so nice way), I absolutely, without hesitation, said NO:)

I'm done...for now!

Truly Blessed to have so many things happening at once and the ability to keep up with it all on this Wednesday afternoon,

PS...Sorry, no pictures for this post...other posts to come soon!