Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things I Don't Like...

Yep, as a follow-up to my last email about things I Love, I thought I would write about things I don't like. This list is a little shorter, so explanations can go along with these:)

~ Messy Bed Covers (Really...who can sleep in a jumbled, twisted up mess?)
~ Gum Smackers (Seriously, fingernails on a chalkboard sound better than this!)
~ Tornadoes (Give me a good hurricane anyday...at least you can plan ahead!)
~ Blood (Yep, not a fan of it in any way, shape or form!)
~ Science Fiction (Give me a good romantic book anyday!)
~ Sand (Annoying...on the floor, in the bed, doesn't matter, I can't stand it)
~ "Not Nice" People (Why are some people just mean and unhappy? I feel sorry for them!)
~ Stupidity (Don't even get me started! There's a lot of people that need a "Here's Your Sign" Sign)
~ Things Done Half-Ass (Pardon the French, but if you're going to do it, do it at 100% or not at all)
~ Not Having TONs of Vacation Time (I wish I had enough time to do all the things I want to do!)
~ Whining (This is total payback, since I was a huge whiner!)
~ Really Hot Food (I know, this is stupid, but hot food is too hot for me!)

~ Frizzy Hair (And you know I have "Monica" hair, so suffice it to say, I'm not a fan of my hair!)
~ Clutter (Hate it, can't stand it...does one really need all that stuff?)
~ Carpet (I have it in my house. Hate it!)
~ I'm a Yeller (I yell. I hate that I yell. Why do I yell? It gets me no where...)
~ Bad Music (ALL Classic Rock falls into this category!)
~ Wrinkled Clothes (I iron everything. EVERYTHING!)
~ Sweat (I hate it. I hate the thought of it...good thing I don't sweat a lot!)
~ Worrying (It gets me no where...only lost sleep and ulcers!)
~ Shoes that Hurt My Feet (Beauty suffers, but seriously, this just hurts!)
~ Bath Time (I sound like a bad mom, but I can't stand chaos, water everywhere...ugh!)
~ Throwing Up (Gross! Just the thought makes me not want to. I think this is why I don't drink!)
~ People That Don't Wave in Traffic (If I let someone in, at least acknowledge it. Period!)

~ Talkers (You know...the people that never actually accomplish anything, just talk about it!)
~ People That Don't Believe in God (Enough Said...)
~ When I Disappoint Brent (His look alone is enough to make me feel bad!)
~ The Fact That I Still Miss Florida (It aggravates me that I can't just love Tennessee!)
~ When My Boys are Hurt (I'm their Mom. They shouldn't hurt. EVER!)
~ Leaving Vacations (There's no place like home, but man, it's hard to leave a vacation!)
~ Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian (Don't like any of these food. Just fine with McDonald's...)
~ Bad Pizza (I love Pizza, bad pizza is the worst!)
~ Unorganization (My boys will tell you, "Everything has a home. Find it.")
~ Rudeness (Really...the power of nice gets one so much farther in life...)
~ Vegetables (I wish I liked them, but I don't...continue to try, still no luck.)
~ Pieces and Parts (of toys. If a toy has too many pieces and parts, it goes right back to the store!)
~ Beer (I know...I just hate the taste!)
~ Cleaning Bathrooms (I can't imagine who loves doing this, but man, I hate doing it!)
~ Broken Promises (If you promise something, do it. Simple. That simple.)
~ Me Without Make-up (It's scary...why can't I be naturally pretty. Why can't I have eyes and lips without make-up?)
~ Dirty, Sticky Hands (Thank goodness for wipies!)
~ "Not Smart" Decisions (Why go down this road. Just try to make smart decisions to begin w/!)
~ Alabama (The worst state in the U.S. Period.)
~ Rude Neighbors (Won't say anything for fear they might read this!)
~ Lazy People (Don't get me started!)
~ That I Bite My Nails (It's a gross habit and I promise I have tried to stop. My one vice!)
~ Food Eaten Before I Get the Chance to Eat It (I think I might to suck it up on this one. Life with three boys!)
~ People That Hurt Other People (Murder, Child Abuse, whatever...why do they do this?!?!)
~ Snakes (Evil. Pure evil. Hate them. Just the thought...shivers!)
~ Being Late (Unless it's fashionably late to make a statement, it's just not cool with me!)
~ War (I could NEVER be in a War. I feel so bad for anyone that has to face this!)
~ Seeing My Mom Sad (She's a rock, so when she's sad, it breaks my heart!)
~ Not Focusing (The boys know the word -- FOCUS. They hear me say this, when they aren't!)
~ The Thought of Not Having My Family (Can't go there...)
~ Negative thoughts (see above -- and anything else that goes along with the above!)

There are probably other things that I don't like and just can't remember, but for now, I think I have complained enough. Again, I can't wait to see how these things change. Somethings never will, but others...who knows?!

TRULY BLESSED on this Wednesday afternoon to have let everyone know the things that drive me crazy!

PS...When I am in humidity, my hair really looks like the picture above.