Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dragon Park...

Yep, it's really called Dragon Park and there really is a dragon.

Ok! Maybe not a real dragon, but a cool dragon, nonetheless. It's made for the kids to play on, and it is completely covered in Mosaics (a piece of it is above).

This was the place where my company had our annual Company Picnic. It was steamy. It was hot. But, it was fun!

I work for an amazing advertising agency. It's unlike any other agency I have worked for or with. They actually care about the employees. In fact, somedays, it seems they put just as much emphasis on employees as they do on clients! No! Really! It's true. We have a team called "FISH." This team's job is to make sure we have fun and to make sure we get recognized for hardwork!

So today, they hosted a picnic at Dragon Park for all the employees. Completely catered with BBQ, watermelon and more. We had a great time. We enjoyed every moment of it. It's great to get out of the office and spend time with the people we spend 40+ hours with each week. And the great part...we actually like each other! And, another amazing thought -- no one is required to go, yet everyone still shows up.

Brent and I are so unbelieveably thankful to have such wonderful jobs! We work for wonderful companies, and it is all because of the Lord -- no one else. He made our jobs happen and for that, we are eternally thankful!

TRULY BLESSED on this Sunday evening to work for a company that still cares about their employees and still spends money on employees even in this economy,

PS...Batman made another appearance at our house this weekend! First with Peyton, now with exciting (and cute)!