Friday, June 26, 2009

My new middle name...

Should be "Don't make me count to 3." Chasity "Don't make me count to 3" Phillips. Sounds good...right?!

I feel like I have said this phrase in every possible way. In every language. I feel like I say this way too many times. When I think about it, I actually hate this saying.

I came to the conclusion that this should be my new middle name this afternoon, while sitting on the toilet (I know, TMI)... I had to go to the bathroom (I was picking up Palmer from school). So, Palmer and I went into the bathroom and while I was trying to go, Palmer decided to turn off the lights. It was dark. Very dark. That's when I said it, "Don't make me count to 3." At that point, that's when I realized my new middle name!

The next obvious question: "How many times have I actually counted to 3?" The answer: more times than I can actually count...literally. It usually takes me getting to the "Alright, that's it!" That's when I get their attention. So in essence, counting to 3 does nothing, except get me to count to 3.

As I am writing this, it's a quick reminder that I am discovering God's sense of humor...everyday! Me sitting on the toilet...realizing my new middle know HE was laughing!

I had to remember this feeling. All too soon, I know I'll be yelling something else...

TRULY BLESSED to have two beautiful children that make me "count to 3" on this Friday (and most of the time everyday),

PS...Palmer turned on the lights in the bathroom right about the time I hit 2 1/2.