Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, I'll tell you...this has been a week and is a week.

I'm a little behind on my posts, as things have been a little hectic...Here's a quick recap and forecast of the week!

Friday, May 29th -- Mary Kay came in town to help us celebrate Brent's 40th Birthday.
Sunday, May 31st -- We celebrated Brent's birthday with a pool party and tons of family and friends.
Monday, June 1st -- Peyton had a double swimmer's ear infection -- around the world and back to the Dr.'s office and then to one of the four baseball games we have scheduled for this week.
Tuesday, June 2nd -- My Mobile clients arrived for a 3-day visit to our agency -- this means early mornings/late nights at the office. And, a baseball game, just for good measure!
Wednesday, June 3rd -- Production shoot for my clients. Time to wash all the sheets, as my Dad and grandparents arrive on Friday for a quick visit to watch Peyton play baseball.
Thursday, June 4th -- 7 a.m. Strategy meeting -- who really wants to think of branding strategy at 7 in the morning?? Again, cleaning bathrooms, floors, etc...for company that is about to arrive.
Friday, June 5th -- Dad and grandparents arrive. Baseball game at 5:30...yikes...I feel I should be singing some kind of song...
Saturday, June 6th -- Was thinking about going to the Zoo, but I'm already tired from just writing this, so now I am reconsidering...And, baseball at 2 p.m.
Sunday, June 7th -- Dad and Grandparents leave. Chasity WILL NOT be moving from the lounge chair by the pool, except for when we go to Crockett Park -- for Sundays in the Park.

Ok, I'm done...and oh, this is funny. Brent mentioned wanting to have a cookout for the baseball team. Very nicely (ok, not so nice way), I absolutely, without hesitation, said NO:)

I'm done...for now!

Truly Blessed to have so many things happening at once and the ability to keep up with it all on this Wednesday afternoon,

PS...Sorry, no pictures for this post...other posts to come soon!


Mrs. Montoya said...

Hi darling girl! Looks like your life is a lot like us other Moms will lots of blessings and busy kids. What a big, messy, exhausting treat. Hope you enjoy your pool day today. I can't wait to read how you survived your whirlwind week. Love, Kim