Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday's with "The Storm"...

The Storm Story:

Christmas 2004 -- This Christmas was special for several reasons...

1) We had just found out that I was pregnant with Palmer...we announced this to all of the family via special Christmas cards.
2) This was Peyton's first "real" Christmas and his last as an only child.
3) This was the Christmas we decided there would be no more traveling for us at Christmas time. We officially outnumbered those we were going to visit, so we decided, let them come to us. Santa has a hard time keeping up when we go other places.

This was such a fun Christmas since it was Peyton's first "real" Christmas -- he got tons of toys...too many, in fact. It was also very exciting b/c of the baby announcement!

Oh and it was especially cold -- which is always good at Christmas time. Great memories!!!!

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite Christmas stories!