Friday, May 8, 2009

So Proud...

of Brent!

This is a total shout out to Brent for being ranked #1 in his district and region (we got the news yesterday)!!!

This has tons of meaning...why you ask?

A while back, Novartis sent out a pamphlet giving details about the highly-coveted annual sales trip for people that are ranked in certain percentages (president's club, etc...). In the pamphlet, it details where the trip will be, who gets to go, awards given out, etc... This year, the trip is to St. John's Virgin Island. Spouses get to go. All expenses paid!

The one award Brent can possibly get is the "Rookie of the Year" award. He told his boss that "Rookie of the Year" award is his goal. Now his boss knows his goal. This #1 thing definitely helps! When it comes time for his boss to nominate someone, I pray he will write in Brent's name, since he knows this is Brent's goal.

We are so thankful for this accomplishment. I am so very proud of Brent...he is working harder than he has ever worked since we've been married! I want him to get "Rookie of the Year." He deserves it! We also deserve a trip to St. John's (or at least I think we do, given the fact our Honeymoon was not so great -- to put it nicely).

For years, Brent has done a great job at all of his jobs...I just really want him to be acknowledged! My prayer...please let him continue to do a great job, move up in rankings and be acknowledged for his hard work!!! If all things work together, who knows where this will lead..._____________ (feel free to help us fill in the blank)!

Truly blessed and so very proud of my hubby on this Friday morning,

PS...please continue to keep Brent and his job in your prayers!