Sunday, May 3, 2009

Palm Trees...

I miss them!

Not exactly sure why this is! I came to this realization last week and had to write about it.

It could have been the new Lilly Pulitzer book I got or it could have been the fact that when I asked if it was possible to plant a Palm Tree in Tennessee, I was told it wouldn't survive (I might have to try it anyway). Either way, I discovered that I need Palm Trees in my life.

They remind of me of Florida. Sunshine. Beaches. Salt Air. Beach Cottages. Simple things. Happiness. Laughter. Grilling Out. My children...yep, they even remind me of my children (hence the pictures above). Even Palmer has Palm in his name!

The Lord has us in Tennessee for numerous reasons, so for now, I'll have to miss Palm Trees. I think I will definitely appreciate them more. Their beauty and everything they stand for.

Isn't it funny that something so simple, can mean so much?

Truly Blessed (but missing Palm Trees) on this very rainy Sunday,

PS...I'm serious about planting a Palm Tree. Just watch. There will be one in my backyard!