Saturday, May 9, 2009


It's hard to do! I hate doing it!

So, it has been raining here for two weeks straight! I've never seen the grass or the trees so is beautiful. But seriously, the rain has got to stop. We have landscaping to do. AND, I have two little boys that are going absolutely stir crazy (and driving us crazy in the process).

By 9 a.m. this morning (amidst the Flash Flood Warnings and Tornado Watches), the boys were already driving each other crazy. One was in time out, while the other was aggravating the one in time out...definitely a "CALGON Take Me Away" moment!

So after aerobics class literally kicked my butt, I had a brilliant idea...take the boys to the indoor pool at the Y. Let them get out some of their energy. PERFECT! So what did I do...I told them. Complete bribery on my part! "You guys take a good nap and after nap time, we'll go to the pool!" How awesome...they'll be so excited they'll listen and then peace will fall upon our house! OH, if only that were true...

30 minutes later, two crying children, two aggravated parents and the decision was made...NO POOL (and they have to stay in their rooms for the rest of the day). I hate it. I REALLY wanted to take them to the pool!

I've come to the decision that, sometimes, punishment is harder on the parents than the kids! Why is this? Is it because I know they will be missing something fun? Is it because I really wanted them to get rid of some of their energy? Is it because I wanted to spend time with them doing something they love to do?

No matter what...we'll all punished. YUCK! Now, I get to clean out my closet...going to the pool would have been way more fun!

Truly Blessed with two little boys full of energy (and being punished) on this rainy Saturday afternoon,


PS...Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so I did promise them if they are good (that includes Church), we'll go tomorrow. We'll see...we might need some luck! Also, the picture above is a reminder to me that, sometimes, they do get along!