Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One word...


That is the sheer simple reason I haven't updated the blog since last week!

I'm addicted to this series of books. It has become an obsession. One that needs to end soon. I need sleep. Reading till 11 p.m. every night does not accomplish the sleep need. Not to mention the fact that I am sure my family might be feeling a little neglected!

I bought the first book and read it in a week. Then I discovered the movie...watched it 3 times within about 24 hours (thank goodness it was a rainy day outside). Then I bought the second book, read it in two days -- 600 pages. I am not sure if that qualifies as "sad" or "weird!"

I must clarify -- I don't like blood and gore. These books are a love story where one of the main characters just happens to be a vampire. No blood or gore! Plain and simple...a very sweet love story!

So, in between my reading...we have been busy. Brent was in Dallas last week, so it was the boys and I. Me and my sweet babies. It was crazy. Last week of school, kindergarten graduation, holiday weekend, baseball...craziness.

So, in an earlier blog, I know I said there would be no baseball for Palmer and I, but since Brent
was out of town, we ventured out and took Peyton to his game. Surprisingly, Palmer did great. I was even able to get some pictures of my favorite firstborn playing..intensely. He is just so cute in his little uniform (with sheer determination on his face)!

And then, the long weekend was finally here. Nothing like a three day weekend to get the juices flowing again. The pool opened on Saturday and wouldn't you know...the Florida people were the first ones by the pool! Yep...we pretty much lived by the pool this past weekend. With the exception of a rainy day (this was the day I watched Twilight three times) and a neighborly get together, we lived by the pool...oh, an I was productive...I did get the boys toys and closets cleaned out. That was my accomplishment for the weekend (laundry included)!

This coming weekend is Brent's 40th birthday! He'll be 40, but rest assured...he doesn't act it (and that's ok...that's why I married him. Ok, sometimes it's aggravating, but I knew it going in)!

Stay tuned for pics of the party!

TRULY BLESSED to have holiday weekends where I am able to spend time with my family (and enjoying a favorite hobby -- reading)!

PS...Forgot to mention that I also read another book this was for work, so it doesn't count as "pleasure reading."


Angie Long said...

Love your blog! It's great to see pictures of such a cute & happy family. I went to high school with Brent. Tell him happy birthday for me. I also have a family/photo blog. Would you be interested in exchanging links? Mine is Let me know what you think. Thanks! Angie

Chasity and Co. said...

Hi Angie. Great to hear from you! I look forward to meeting you!

Sure...of course...I'll add you to my page. Ours is!

As for the scrapbook page, I go to and save their backgrounds as a picture. I then drop that into powerpoint and enlarge it. From there, I just insert pictures and then save the entire thing as a .jpeg or .gif. This way I can use different fonts, etc... When saving you have to "select all" and make sure the photos are brought to the front...from there, you'll just drop the picture into your blog as a photo...let me know if you have any questions!

Nice chatting with you!!!