Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturdays with "The Storm"...

Welcome to my newest blog addition...Saturday's with "The Storm."

A little background: We are called "The Storm" by family members that we often stay with when traveling! You can imagine this b/c with two little boys (and Brent, ha! ha!), they are like bulls in a china shop. Nothing is safe. Therefore, it seems we always come in like a strong thunderstorm...loud, destructive, chaotic...then we leave! And guess what, there's a huge mess left to clean up (or at least I always feel like there is, even if there isn't).

I have a million pictures that are my "favorites." I needed to find an outlet for these, since I have all but given up on scrapbooking for the time being. This is my new creative outlet, so with the help of a some special software...I am adding this post as a way to share all of my favorite photos!!

The Storm Story:
Oct. 11, 2008 -- Brent was out of town for training and Peyton was out of school for "Fall Break" -- which by the way, I don't ever remember having when I was young...sorry, I digressed -- so, we packed up the car and headed to Tallahassee...Florida, that is. B.B., Disney World, Palm Trees. You name it. Mom joined us for our adventure (which I am not so sure she will do again...). We visited Downtown Disney (where Peyton thought Lego Land WAS Disney -- which by the way, makes Brent really mad since Peyton has been to Disney at least four times and doesn't remember any of the visits), ate breakfast with Lilo and Stitch (and Mickey) and then visited Disney World, all in only two days (talk about a very long drive back to Nashville)! A little tired to say the least. Oh, and how could I forget...Palmer had his first haircut at Disney World (he was 3 years old). We had a blast and I just love these pictures!

Thanks for letting me share some pictures from our latest trip to Disney World!!!