Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Mom...

The ROCK of our family...

No, she didn't serve in the military (military tribute week), but the US would have been lucky to have her...After all, I can still here her singing (very badly) the Navy song, "Gee Ma, I wanna go home."

Brent calls her a ROCK. I call her MOM. She's my Mom. You can't have her!

My mom is amazing. There is no one else I know in this world that has been through what she has been through in her lifetime and not complained...even a little bit.

She's always taken care of everyone. My grandparents. Her brothers and sisters. My Dad (she got smart about that one). Me and Chris. The boys. There's no one she hasn't worried about. Taken care of. Given money to. And she does it with all of her heart!

She has sacrificed soooo much for my brother and I. She would do anything for us. ANYTHING! She made sure we had everything we wanted. The best education (which by the way, not going to college was NEVER an option for us). Activities (best dance studio, best golf clubs, best wedding). She sacrificed, so we could have...and she is still like that. My children are so lucky to have her as their B.B.

She's low maintenance. She goes with the flow. She rarely gets upset. She's encouraging. She's stubborn. She's funny. She's caring. She's loving. She's beautiful. She can be mean (if she has to be). She's a bad singer. She's everything anyone could want in a Mom. She's everything anyone could want in a B.B. (grandmother).

She's gotten more laid back with age. Brent always asks her if I will calm down one day -- her reply, "She is just like I was at that age...There's hope." Brent loves my mom. I'm thinking he got really lucky in the mother-in-law department.

A few of my favorite memories:

1) Sleeping with her when I was little (until my Dad came home from work). 2) Her coming to get me from a sleepover when I decided I didn't want to stay. 3) Watching Dukes of Hazzard and Dallas with her on Friday nights, including the night she went into labor with Chris. 4) Coming home to her when my brother was born (I had to stay with my grandparents). She was so happy to see me and I was really happy to see her! 5) Her being so proud of me after dance recitals (I still remember the one where I slapped her -- I was tired -- and she didn't get mad). 6) Teenage years -- those were a blur...I'm sure I remember something good:) Oh yeah, her going with me to dance competitions. There was more, I was just a stupid teenager. 7) We had braces at the same time. I always complained. She never complained. She's still like that. 8) Christmas' when every present was right, but wrong. 9) Her going with me to celebrate my 21st birthday. 10) Graduating from college and how proud of me she was. 11) Going with me to do wedding stuff -- our only fight was over the food -- funny now that we think about. 12) Her reactions when I told her I was pregnant with the boys...priceless! 13) Her staying up all night waiting for Peyton to arrive. She stayed in the room with me when Brent needed a break. 14) Her walking around Thomasville with me on the day Palmer was "supposed" to be born and then both of realizing, I probably didn't need to be doing that. 15) Her helping us all the time when the boys were little -- especially staying with us for the first week after they were born. 16) Her leaving me by myself with both boys -- right after Palmer was born. I remember crying, saying "Don't leave." and her telling me "you will be fine!" Yes, I was 30 years old. 17) Her going with me to Peyton's first gymnastics classes to help with Palmer. 18) Her letting us live with her for three weeks until we moved to Nashville. That was a very stressful time, but she handled it well. 19) The way she had the "magic" touch with getting Palmer to sleep every night. He would melt in her arms. 20) Her helping us move to Nashville and then leaving...that was a sad day! 21) Her coming to visit us in Nashville and proceeding to give Brent and I a "break" from everything. 22) Her reassuring words of encouragement when Brent lost his job. 23) Our trip to Disney World (without Brent). Not only did she pay for everything, but she never complained and trust me, that trip would have given anyone a reason to complain. It was fun, but man, were we tired. TOOO MUCH! 24) Our conversation on the day her divorce was final! 25) Our trying to plan Chris' engagement. Planning, wrapping, schemeing, we had fun! 26) Her coming to the beach with us this past Spring Break. Fun times. Good times. Especially, the dive-in-movie night. 27) I love it when she spoils the boys and gives them Krispy Kreme doughnuts, coke and anything else that is bad for them. She has so much fun doing that. 28) I love the way she always made the boys look so comfy and cozy when they were little and sleeping. 29) I love her reaction when she opens "the book" on Christmas day. 30) Her face when she sees the boys for the first time in a while.

There are so many more favorite memories. One day, I'll try to write them all down!

Most importantly, she's an example. She's a believer. She loves the Lord. She knows he has plans (which include her winning the Lottery) and is patient enough to wait for those plans to be revealed. She reminds us to be faithful and trust the Lord's plans. She is an example of what the Lord had in mind when he created Mothers. Her house in Heaven is going to be massive!

She's AMAZING and she's my mom!

TRULY BLESSED and so thankful for my Mom and all she is and does on this Thursday afternoon,

PS...These are some of my favorite pictures of my mom! There's so many more, but I'm keeping these to just her and I (and one with Chris for good measure)!

PSS...I hope I look half as good as she does when I get to be her age.