Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Uncle Allen...

Since this week is Memorial Week, I am dedicating this week to my family members that have served in the military (or similar...that's for Chris)!

Today, one year ago, my Uncle Allen past away. So this is dedicated to him.

Uncle Allen served in the U.S. Navy and somehow managed to never leave the state of Florida -- I find this funny...not really sure if he did!

Uncle Allen was Mom's oldest brother. He was quiet. He was sarcastic. He was loved! HE IS MISSED!

I am so glad he was able to meet the boys and play with them. Without a doubt, he loved them. He thought I should have dressed them more "boyish," but no matter what, he loved them -- smocked outfits and all.

I had the priveledge of writing his obituary. I'll always remember having the honor of doing this! I've posted it below...I want my boys to know who he was to our family!

Clifton “Allen” Brock
January 24, 1951 – May 17, 2008

Clifton “Allen” Brock quietly and privately passed away at his home in Panama City, Fla. on Saturday, May 17, 2008.

To all who knew Allen, he was a man of few words, but a very large heart. He was reserved and humble, yet sarcastically funny with a dry-sense of humor worthy of roaring laughter. He was a private man who would have wanted today to be kept short, sweet and to the point.

At the young age of 17 and during the Vietnam War, Allen followed the path of his father,
Eldridge Clifton Brock, by joining the U.S. Navy. He wanted to serve his Country, while also seeing the world, which he did – through the eyes of Orlando, Jacksonville and Pensacola, Fla., never to leave Florida. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, Allen lived in various towns throughout South Georgia and North Florida, including the wonderful town of Wewahitchka, before finally settling in Panama City, Fla., his home of more than 15 years.

Allen was a devoted son to his parents – In fact, he’s either fishing with them right now, helping
them with the garden, or helping his mom, Emma Jean, put up some of the vegetables. He’s going to thoroughly enjoy his Sunday lunches. Barbara’s cooking was good, and he always enjoyed going to her house for special occasions, but as we all know, Emma Jean’s cooking was the best!

Allen was also a caring and aggravating brother to his siblings, Barbara, Maynard and Leola –
After all, isn’t it an older brother’s job to love and aggravate at the same time. We know he enjoyed spending time with Maynard, doing things brothers love to do!

He was a wonderful uncle to his nieces, nephews and nephew-in-law, as well as his great-
nephews – who today, are dressed in clothes Allen would have wanted them to wear, not the girly clothes Chasity would normally have dressed them in just to aggravate him!

Allen was also a dedicated employee and hard-working service-technician. He loved his job and
his colleagues – we know they will miss him tremendously. We know it will be hard to replace him!

And lastly, as we celebrate Allen’s life, it must also be said that he loved to read. His love of
reading made him a smart and intelligent man. In fact, he had quiet the talent for being able to eat and read the newspaper at the same time – it really is hard to do!

So, as we say “See You Later” to Allen today, we know without a doubt that in his own quiet
way, he will be looking out for each of us, while “simply” enjoying the beautiful life he now has in Heaven!