Monday, May 18, 2009

My Brother...

Chris... or as I like to say, My Big, Little Brother! This is dedicated to you, my big, little bro...

If you didn't know us, you'd NEVER guess we are brother and sister. He is tall (thanks to my Mom's family) and I am short (thanks to my Dad's family). He is tan (again...Mom's family). I am white (again...Dad's family). He has brown eyes (ha...Dad's family). I have green eyes (ha ha...Mom's family). Personalities...pretty opposite (except for on the things that matter). Of course, Brent will tell you we are EXACTLY alike (personality wise)...I DON'T THINK WE ARE (ok, maybe a little if you count being anal)!

He's my HERO (besides my mom). Why?? Why not?? I mean after all, I didn't voluntarily go to a War zone...he did! That's what he is doing right now...serving his country in proud of my little bro!

As a kid, we weren't sure about him. In fact, I used to tell him he was adopted (he believed me one time...yes, he cried -- don't let him tell you that he didn't). As a teenager, we definitely wondered about him. Come to find out, he was just trying hard to not be related to me, so much so that he did everything opposite of what I would have done. Man, if only he had put that energy into making good grades, etc... He finally "came into his own" in college. And look at how he turned out. GREAT! Thank goodness for Kevin (shout out to Kevin)!

He's smart! He's an ass! He's a smart-ass! (only I can say that...anyone else, I'll beat you up!)
He's amazingly patient with women (thanks to all the dance classes he had to sit through). He's not too patient with men (my husband and boys fall into this category). He's good at what he does (I hope so, otherwise, he's in trouble). He's good at Politics, which I think is funny, b/c like me, he tells you how it is... just more sneaky about it. He's going to be President one day (and then he'll be really mad that I wrote this). Ok, if not President, at least a Senator! Did I mention his favorite holiday is "The 4th of July." I'm pretty sure only Presidents and Senators say this!

My Mom and I say "We did good!" and "We created a monster!" Those are our two sayings. He's patient. He's smart, intelligent and relatively good looking (oh yeah, gross...I'm his sister). He's high maintenance. He's a hypochondriac. I think after being in Afghanistan, maybe he'll be cured of a most of the latter two "issues!" Yes, those are called "issues."

He's getting married when he gets back. To a wonderful woman, Jody! She's patient (with men and women). She puts up with his "issues." I think I need to have a "sit down" with her (just kidding). Oh, and she likes my kids (that's a must). He is going to be a great husband to her (we know this without a doubt). She got lucky (or so we think)! But then again, he also got lucky to find her -- we were a little worried!

I'm calling it...He's going to have three girls. I can't imagine him with boys. Of course, GOD knows what he needs...goodness help them if they are boys!

With all this being said, Chris, I am so proud of you. You are a great brother and when you're not, I can still beat you up!

Can't wait to have you home!!!

Truly Blessed to have a great little brother doing something so noble on this Monday morning (Monday night in Afghanistan),


PS...These are some of my favorite pictures of Chris (thanks for letting me steal some of these from Facebook)!

PSS...Pretty sure I won't be asked to say anything at the wedding...I think this got me vetoed from any kind of wedding toast!


Chris said...
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Chris said...

Hearing the Star Spangled Banner WTC reminds me why I am in Afghanistan. I wish the news would play this every morning! We would be such a stronger country. It's hard to believe how much we have forgotten in just a few short years.

Jody said...

I'm so proud of him too...but I'll be really glad when he's home safely!

And thank you and Barbara, by the way. You two really did train him well! He's so good to me. I just have to work on those few little "issues" and then we'll be all set :)


P.S. We'd love to have you say something at the wedding!!