Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Blessings...

are many and my worries are few!

I love this saying! For Brent and our family, this is so true...

I had to write about this, as today was a huge reminder of how blessed our family is during this time when the economy...well, sucks!

Today, we got the terrible news that one of our close friends here in Nashville was let go from his job. Like us, his company moved him here. He received a promotion while here. He had been with the company for eight years. He and his wife have a four year old little girl and a 5 month old. And like us, they have no family here. When will this sadness end?

All of this not only reminds us to be thankful, but it also reminds me of the power of prayers and how great the Lord's timing is...

It seems like only yesterday that I was laid off from St. Joe...what a scary time, but then again, it was really a blessing in disguise! You see, I stayed home with the boys for four months. I was one of the first people laid off, so I had first pick of jobs (this is when there were still jobs to be had). Three months later, the entire company was gone.

Two years ago, Brent's territory went away, which is why we are in Nashville...at least he still had a job!

And how can we forget last April 16th. The day Brent was fired...what a scary time (especially for me...someone that needs security). We still remember all too vividly the feelings we went through. Even though it was only six weeks, it was a very scary six weeks. Stressful! Every interview Brent went to, felt as though I was interviewing with him. We said a lot of prayers...We'll never forget: Patience, Strength and Wisdom -- these were the things we prayed for during that time. Looking back, how lucky were we that it happened when it did? Companies were still hiring...competition was less...Brent got a BETTER JOB, BETTER BOSS, BETTER Company! Best of all, it made our relationship as a couple stronger. We cried together. We encouraged each other. We worked together. We prayed together.

Tonight, our prayers are with the Rudolph family. We know how it feels and don't wish it upon anyone. We do know that Art is a great person and will find something so much better. I just pray that they will be faithful and look to the Lord for guidance, strength, wisdom and so much more!!!

We are SO VERY THANKFUL for the blessings we have. I pray everyday that I won't forget the blessings we have been given -- First, we have God on our side! Second, we have a happy and healthy family! Third, we have wonderful jobs! May we never forget this! May we always be thankful! May we always remember the Lord knows his plans for our family!!!

We are TRULY BLESSED on this Tuesday evening,

PS...the pictures above were taken during a very scary time for our family, but it does remind me that there is nothing like the love of family! Also, the picture of Brent was taken on the day he was offered a job:)