Thursday, May 14, 2009

Musical Beds...

That's what we play in our house!

Since we moved to Nashville, it seems the only people in our house that actually sleep in their own beds are myself and Palmer. For two years, Peyton (for whatever reason) slept in the guest bedroom with Brent. He doesn't like sleeping in his own room...we can't figure out why, I mean, really, who wouldn't want to sleep in a recreated Pottery Barn Kids room?

So, we painted the guest bedroom pink and green -- 1) To get Peyton back to his room (what little boy do you know would want to sleep in a "girly" room? 2) I needed a "girly" room. What happened?! Peyton could have cared less that the room was pink! So, we got bunk he and Palmer "somewhat" share a room. Peyton goes from his room to Palmer's room. We never know where we are going to find him in the mornings (sometimes we even find both of the boys sleeping together in the bottom bunk). Good news...he seems to sleep good wherever he is.

Brent and I are back in the same bed, except for last night when my dear sweet hubby decided to give me a night alone -- with no snoring, no talking, no cover stealing, etc...I must confess, he's a terrible bed partner (although he will never admit to this:)...I've been kicked, hit and once, I even woke up to him ready to punch me. Yep, I get abused at night!!! In all fairness though, I am the world's lightest sleeper...I wish this was not the case, but it is. So, last night, after a week of sleeping about four hours a night, Brent gave me a sleeping pill and sent me to bed at 7 p.m. Man, it felt great. 10 hours of sleeping. Amazing!

To round out the story, this morning at 5 a.m., I had a partner in crime, Mr. Palmer, came and climbed into bed with me and fell back asleep. I captured this on camera
(I also included a picture of him covered up when he was a baby!), as he was out (and completely covered by the covers...which was how he slept when he was a would scare us half to death, but that's how he slept). I found Brent in Peyton's room and Peyton in the bunk beds...Musical Beds, that's what we play! At least, there's a bed for everyone!

Truly Blessed and awake on this Thursday morning,

PS...Right after I took these pictures, I did what I used to do everytime I would find him like this as a baby! I yanked the covers off quickly and prayed that he was still breathing!