Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where is Palmer?

On "the floor"...that's where!

This past weekend, when my Dad and Grandparents came into town, Brent and I gave up our bedroom for my Grandparents...since it's on the bottom floor. My Dad and his wife slept in the guest bedroom, so that left only a few places for Brent and I to sleep -- the top bunk in Palmer's room or "the floor." Thinking Peyton would sleep in his bed, Brent and I decided to take "the floor." Until...the boys discovered "the floor."

I made a pallet for Brent and I in Palmer's room -- not bad, pretty cozy looking if I do say so myself. Little did I realize what EXCITEMENT the boys would get out of just thinking they were going to get to sleep on the floor -- so willing to give up their nice cozy beds for "the floor."

So, here we go...musical beds. We quickly changed plans...the boys slept on "the floor," Brent took Palmer's bed (bottom bunk) and I (whew!) took Peyton's bed -- Peyton grinds his teeth at night, so that removes me from any thought of sleeping in the same room or bed with the little booger (trust me -- my sleeping habits are a whole other blog!).

Well, today is Wednesday. Company left on Sunday and guess what?! Palmer has decided the floor is his new bed (Peyton got smart and reclaimed his bed). I suppose I could just pick up the pallet and put it away, but what fun would that be...every night he gets "SO EXCITED" to be sleeping on the floor.

Honestly! Who knew "the floor" would be so exciting??!! Guess we'll see how long it lasts!

TRULY BLESSED to have a little boy that gets so excited about the little things in life on this Wednesday evening!

PS...I captured this cute obsession on camera. I think I'll remind Palmer of this when he is 16 and complains about having to give up his bed for company (that's a whole other blog too!).