Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yep, that's all that needs to be said.

My crazy, wonderful husband turned 40 and we celebrated! And celebrated!

It was a great weekend as Mary Kay was able to come up and be with her favorite firstborn for the celebrate a huge milestone.

(This is one of my favorite pictures of the boys! Best Friends -- even though they don't know it)

(Peyton holding the "game ball." So proud to have MeMe at the game!)

(Brent and Mary Kay together on his 40th Birthday)

After going to Peyton's baseball game on Saturday afternoon -- of which, Peyton received the game ball for hustling (it was really cute, he chased down not 1, not 2, but 3 players and tagged them out) -- the boys and I quietly snuck down to the pool, leaving Brent and his Mom the chance to go out alone and celebrate his birthday (after all, they were together when he was born). It was good to get to see Mary Kay go out and enjoy time with Brent, by herself -- no daughter-in-law, no kids, no time constraints -- just the two of them. Funny...she didn't want to go, I wanted her to go. She was hell-bent on not going. I was hell bent on her going...I won (in a good way)! They had a great time -- complete with Karaoke and all:)

(Brent, Mary Kay, Aunt Dianne, Uncle Carl & Carla)

Brent's official birthday was on Sunday, so we had a 40th Birthday Celebration at the pool --complete with family and friends. The 3-4 hour party we had planned, turned into a 7 hour party! We had a blast! The food was good. The beers were cold. The sun was out. The pool was nice and cool. The kids were in good moods...Good times with all. Brent enjoyed it and was glad we did it (this coming from the guy that was being a baby about having a party -- after going back and forth and him asking me to cancel it, we agreed to a "get-together"-- I won! Again!) Attendees included Mary Kay; Uncle Carl & Aunt Dianne; Clint, Carla, Mary Morris & Maddy; Brent's old boss, Lee Feliciano & family; Jody, Brent's hunting friend; Art, Jan, Sophia & Ava Rudop; Tad, Melody, Jude, Campbell & baby Jamison; Mark, Sarah & Emma (Peyton's girlfriend); Trevor, Ashley & baby Mackenzie; Mark, Dawn, Sierra, Alexis & Kai (my high school friend); Sean, Laura, Jack & Lucy and other peeps that I just can't think of right now!!
(the neighborhood buddies)

Sunday night, man we were tired...but not tired enough to make sure Peyton and I watched the MTV Awards to see the new trailer for New Moon...the 2nd book to my recent OBSESSION 9and I've brought Peyton into it! Yes, I am obsessed...more than you know! In fact, so obsessed, I actually bought an iPOD...yes, amazement! The first thing I downloaded from iTunes -- the Twilight Soundtrack. ISSUES!

Weekends like this one only come along once in a lifetime. So glad we were able to celebrate and have fun!

TRULY BLESSED to have celebrated such a joyous occassion with amazing family and friends on Brent's 40th Birthday.

PS...Only wished my family could have been here to celebrate with us. That would have made the weekend absolutely perfect!