Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not Complaining...

Really! I'm not complaining...

OK...I'm complaining.

So, for the first day in my career at cj, I had a REALLY bad day. All because someone decided to call a meeting and proceed to dump on me the entire meeting (in front of not one, but two departments). She even used the word "snakiness."

If you know me, I am not snakey. Not even a little bit. Not in the least, I mean after all, I hate snakes (they are evil). I firmly believe in being up front and honest. If she knew me (obviously, she doesn't), she would know that I am NEVER snakey!!! In fact, this is why I don't like politics...I have a hard time going behind someone's back to do something. Out of a hundred million words, this would NEVER be a word that I would associate with myself. NEVER!

Why are people mean? Why are people manipulative? Why can't people realize business is business (who uses the word "snakiness" in a business meeting?)? Seriously, wasn't it enough that I apologized to her a million times BEFORE the event that caused all of this drama happened...knowing I would probably screw up at some point. Wasn't it enough that I nominated her for a $10 reward (as a way to say thank you for her patience) and she got it (and NEVER said thank you)? Wasn't it enough that I went out of my way to be nice (with thank you email after email, along with thank yous in person), and yet, she still threw me under the bus?

So, add to my list of things that I don't like: passive/aggressive (shit!), manipulative women that will do anything to get their way or try to look better than you! Men wouldn't do this. They would simply tell you like it is -- like me. I tell you how it is! Truthfulness. To your face. Not behind your back. Not in front of everyone. Privately.

Doesn't she know I would have a TON more respect for her if she just came and talked to me. Face to Face. Instead, doing what she did, made me lose ALL respect for her! Ok, to be really honest, I will NEVER have respect for her. EVER. again. But that is beside the point. All I can do now is move foward.

How am I going to handle this? Well, I won't tell you what I really want to do. But, what I am going to do is try my hardest to take the high road. I am going to take her to lunch. Ask what is was that made her feel she couldn't talk to me. Ask her what I did that made her feel she needed to do what she did. Ask her why she used the word "snakiness." Talk to her. To her face. Get it out in the open. NOT DO WHAT SHE DID TO ME!


DRAMA...Really...who needs it?

There. I said it. I'm done.

I AM TRULY BLESSED to have a job. This I know. I love cj. I just hate days like today,

PS...hoping tomorrow is so much better. Otherwise, Goodness help that girl!


Mrs. Montoya said...

Oh sweet girl - I feel ya! Professional politics are SO much harder to tolerate when life at home, your REAL life, are so good. Taking the high road is the right thing to do and I admire you so much for knowing right away. I am not sure I'd have made it all the way through that meeting and not have completely flipped. You're right, who says "snakey"?!??! We all know who has the real issues. Pray for her and all of the things that are pushing her to take it out on someone who has it so much better. Life can't be easy for someone like that. Hang in there. There is pooltime in your near future and I am sure your weekend with your boys will be wonderful. Good Luck, my friend