Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hear that?

That sound is the sound of peace and quiet!

AHHH...what an amazingly, beautiful sound!

It seems that for the past 3 years, the Phillips family has heard anything but peace and quiet.

It all started when I lost my job. I found another job. Then Brent's territory went away. So, we moved. Then I had to find a job (found one, but it sucked). Then I got another job (an awesome job). Then Brent lost his job. Then he found another one (an awesome job). It has been one year since our lives have settled down, and we, I feel like, are at peace!

Of course, saying this out loud, I feel as though I am going to jinx it...But there is not a day that goes by that we do not thank the Lord for this peace and quiet. This is what I have been praying for for three years...A peaceful life. Of course, things are not always perfect and there are still stressful things going on, but when I really think about it, it comes down to the basics: our family is healthy, our kids are happy (and fed), Brent and I have two very good jobs. The Lord is on our side. Seriously, our blessings are many and our worries are few!

So, as I enjoy this time of peace and quiet, I am truly thankful! I am truly thankful for the simple things: times spent by the pool, times working out, times sleeping without worries, times planting trees, times spent with friends. Three years ago, these things were not peaceful (even if we did them).

This is why I haven't been updating my blog...nothing is going on right now...and I am so unbelieveably thankful for that little fact! A great reason to not update my blog!

TRULY BLESSED to have peace and quiet (after three longs years of no peace and quiet),

PS...Screaming kids still count as peace and quiet -- the way I see it, at least they can scream! Some families would give anything to hear children screaming!


Mrs. Montoya said...

Ah - the blessings of comfort and peace. God's most precious gift. Enjoy your "quiet" holiday weekend. xoxo, Kim