Friday, July 3, 2009

He Passed...

Peyton passed the YMCA Swim Test! Wristband is proof!

YAY! This is a huge milestone in his little life! By passing the swim test, it means he doesn't have to wear a swim vest, he can jump off the diving board and he go down all the slides!

He's tried to pass several times, but you wouldn't believe what they have to do. They have to jump into the deep end, swim 50 meters (over hand) and can not touch the bottom or sides of the pool -- I'm not sure I could do this!

Palmer and I were his cheerleaders! He was tired, but he fought for it! He wanted it! BADDD! His reward: SLIDES!

Even little Palmer was anxious to see him slide down the slide...

And, here he comes...a proud moment. Earned. The hard way (he's not tall enough)! Such a proud moment for me to see his excitement!

What a great day during the Summer -- a day spent by a ridiculously fun pool with my two boys (best friends and they don't even know it)! These are the days...

TRULY BLESSED on this lazy Summer day in July!

PS...The slides are really fun!!! I don't blame him for wanting to go down them!