Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I can't believe I had tears over something so silly, but man, it all of a sudden hit me...

Yesterday, for the first time in his little life, Peyton boarded a school bus and went on a field trip to Kentucky Down Under -- two hours away from Nashville. Doesn't sound like a big deal right?! Wrong?!

First of all, I was so nervous about him being two hours away. On his own. No one specifically looking over just him...the way I would. I mean after all, the bus could have crashed. He could have gotten lost...all these things were running through my head before he left...I said a big, huge prayer that God would bring him back safely. I even gave him an extra big hug and I love you before he left. Of course if you asked him, he didn't have a care in the world other than going on the field trip. So, he left with a backpack full of extra clothes (he could fall in big water hole, right?!), $5 (I don't need that much junk/toys) and extra food/water (in case the bus broke down)...

It was a long day for my big little man. They left at 7 a.m. and got back to the school at 6 p.m. Palmer and I were waiting to pick him up. We were there when he stepped off the bus -- still blurry-eyed from sleeping the full two-hours back from Kentucky. I teared up when I saw the bus drive in. My Peyton was home, safely and he had survived without me. TEARS! This was a big moment for me. I survived the day -- the day he went two hours away from his family!

So, I asked him all the usual questions, "Did you have fun?" What did you see?" What did you learn about?" "What was the best thing about Kentucky Down Under?" "How was the bus ride." Mostly the only thing I got was "Yes" "Lots of things" "Snakes" "Fine"...but the best was when I asked him what the best thing was...his answer: The Gift Shop. Two-hours away to a cool place and his favorite part was the gift shop. Peyton's love language is "gifts." I know this, so I shouldn't have been surprised when he said this. I still found it funny though!

Peyton doesn't ride the bus to school. He's taken to school by Brent and I. The only time he has ever ridden the bus has been in the Fall or Spring when it is relatively cool outside and for a short distance. He's never ridden the bus in 100 degree heat for two-hours. So I laughed out loud when we got in the car, and the first thing he asked me to do was turn on the air conditioner -- "Mommy, it was soooo hot. Please turn on the air conditioner and can I have some water."

What a day. An experience for me. An experience for him. I know he's going to go on more than his share of school bus rides throughout his school years, but this was the first, and I am so glad I was there to welcome my big, little man! I look forward to welcoming him home from many more special experiences!

TRULY BLESSED to have had this experience, and to have Peyton home...safely,

PS...Poor Palmer, when it gets to him, I'll just say "See you later. Fend for yourself. You'll be fine!"