Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Home...

This is our home in Nashville. We saw it one time before we bought it. My advice...don't ever do that. We love our home and our neighborhood, but not remembering what our house looked like before we moved in kind of sucked!

But, after a tramatic move, we made it up here...Brent had to video tape the house for me to remember what it looked like.

After a few months of painting every room in the it is in partial form...more pictures to come.

Enjoy the tour...
The front of our house. The tree on the left side of the windows is now HUGE!

Our Welcome's from a really cute store called "Hot Pink."

Yep, those flowers have been long gone. I killed them within, oh, about a week...maybe two!

Such a clean front porch!

House Rule: Clean the House and You RULE!

The piano that only gets dusted and banged on. The wedding pictures...I was 10 lbs. lighter!

Our last portrait taken in Tallahassee at Goodwood Plantation...right before we moved.

This is my baby shrine room...or so Brent calls it.

A little bit of a picture freak...

The antique cabinet my Mother-in-law gave us as a housewarming present.

More pictures...

A different view of the room...this is really supposed to be a dining room, but we're just not that formal!

Our Eat-in Kitchen...yes, the highchair is long gone, but great memories!

Our living room...when it's nice and neat. Disney is still on the TV most of the time.

I wasn't kidding about the whole picture freak thing...

See, still not kidding about the pictures!

Palmer's room...we really need to update with the bunk beds, but Brent really did make those surboards. Hand made, Hand painted by my very own talented hubby...

Peyton's themed.

My sweet, innocent, angelic babies...this is their Christening portraits.

Guest 1/2 bathroom...

Looking down on the living room from the upstairs.

There are more pictures to come. We've finally almost finished the backyard. The guest bedroom and bathroom are done, along with the boys' bathroom. Oh, and the upstairs play area/entertainment room and office are also done. Now, I just need to clean them, so I can take some pictures:)

We love our home in Nashville. It's different that our Florida home, but that's part of what makes our world up here so different and special!

We are truly blessed to have our beautiful home.