Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturdays in Springtime...

It's Baseball Season! YEAH!

Well, almost YEAH! I love baseball! After all, I was a batgirl at FSU, so I'm thinking that qualifies me as a baseball lover! The problem...

One little boy by the name of Palmer Bailey Phillips. He's 3 and according to my mom, "He's 3 and he's very good at it"!

Last year, Peyton played on the team, Brent was the coach and Palmer and I were cheerleaders -- you know those people that SIT in the STANDS and cheer on the team. The problem: I never actually sat down, since I was too busy chasing Palmer everywhere and trying desparately to keep him from sneaking around me to run on the field (while the game was going on).

Well, this year, I told Brent "Sign him up! I don't care that he is only 3 (and the age to play is 5 and above). I'll sign a waiver. I'll do whatever to not chase." Great idea in theory...not in practice!

You see, Palmer wants to be on the field playing, but his attention span is short! Very short! Which means, that after about, oh, 5 minutes, he's done and all he wants to do is run around, make sand angels and dig holes in the dirt. Not so great when the other kids want to play!

So, after battling through 2 VERY PAINFUL practices, I (yes, me) decided their would be no more baseball for Palmer and I...we are out for the season! I've tried, I've explained (Me: "Palmer what do we not do at practice." Palmer: "Cry." Me: "Well, there's no crying in baseball, but the correct answer is we do not run around. We listen to Daddy. If not, we will go home"). None of this stuck and all that happened was we left...I looked like a bad Mom, he was screaming. The whole seen was just too much.

So, while Brent and Peyton play baseball on Saturdays this beautiful Spring, Palmer and I will spend time taking naps, going to the know other fun Springtime activities. Baseball will always be around next year. For now, I'll just have to trust that Brent and Peyton are having a great time without us (and I'm not chasing)! I know I'll miss this one day, so I'm trying to remember it now!

So, enjoy this beautiful Spring! Get outside, play some baseball for me!

Truly Blessed on this Beautiful Saturday!