Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mini Garnet & Gold Glitter Guys

These little guys just might be the biggest little Seminole fans known to man. It's amazing...40 degree weather, and they wanted to be the Garnet & Gold Glitter Guys. They've asked if they can dress up like this for a game.

They get their love of all things FSU honestly. Both boys began attending games when they were just months old...for the little one, he was just two weeks old when he attended his first FSU vs. Miami game. ACC Tournaments. Bowl Games. They live for all things FSU.

Their parents -- were in school during the "Glory Days." Their wedding reception -- in the University Center. Dad (Class of 1992) has a man cave filled with FSU memorabilia. Mom (Class of 1996) was an FSU batgirl who shows pictures of her FSU days all.the.time. These two little guys have dreams -- dreams to be FSU Baseball players AND FSU Football players (if we'd let them).

Their ONLY Christmas wish -- to go to the National Championship Game in Pasadena, California. They've offered to give up all their "Santa" presents in order to go. They've offered their entire savings accounts to go.

Clearly, we have trained them right. Die.Hard.Seminole.Fans. Help them get to Pasadena...all they need are reasonably-priced tickets:)


The Phillips Family,
Brent, Chasity, Peyton & Palmer


Spacenole said...

I have 4 tickets if you still need them. My contact info is or call my cell at 321-302-4716.

Ben Ross