Friday, June 20, 2014's gone!

It's gone. Completely gone. And, I'm sad. Very sad.

I have officially cut my morning caffeine fix. Goodbye Moutain Dew. It was nice knowing you.

It was my only real vice (salt does not count). I so enjoyed it every morning. The truth is, I never even drank a whole 12 oz. can. Rarely ever. Most of the time, I only ever drank half of it.

But, I'm trying to be healthier. So out with the Mountain Dew and in with the Naked Juice -- today it was Power C. Yesterday, it was The Green Machine. The picture below tells you how I feel about that. My five year old eating habits did not care for the "greens" that were included!

Fitabulous 40 Update:
I always wake up in the mornings. Never set an alarm clock because I'm up. Not this morning. I must have been tired (I mean, a work trip for four days, then baseball, then Costco, etc...who wouldn't be tired...this little guy was even tired.

So I'll be working out in two sessions today.
Morning: 2 10 minute sessions done this morning -- Arms and Thighs.
Night: 3 10 minute sessions to be done (after baseball game, baseball laundry and repack for tomorrow's games...ugh...around 10 p.m. tonight) -- abs, glutes and inner thighs.

Yay me. And then, I get to wake up at 5 am for my 7:15 spin class. Will power.