Saturday, February 6, 2010

Don't Mess With Me...

So...Seeing that I'm NOT happy about having to buy a new washing machine after 2.5 years AND having to spend my Saturday morning doing something I shouldn't have to be doing at 2.5 years, you'd think a slimy, wormy sales guy would notice the skowl on my face and NOT try to approach'd think...

So I went to HH Gregg (which is where we bought the first one, so I was determined to get them to give me a discount for selling me a lame washing machine) and of course, this slimy sales guy comes leisurely walking over to me. Poor guy. Stupid guy (didn't he see the skowl??!!). I was honest though. I told him up is your chance to walk away from me because I am not happy about being here and I won't be playing nice today. He stayed. Bad move.

After warning him and getting his General Manager out to the floor, I got a BRAND NEW model marked originally $1,100, on sale for $887, down to $667. Not bad if I do say so myself. That's not including the 25% I'm getting from Whirpool (I admit, I lied to the sales guy and told him I was only getting 10%...ha ha)!

It doesn't match my dryer and I still hate that I had to spend that money, but I feel like I worked them over for a great my new washing machine (that includes a 3 year warranty)!

After paying for the darn thing, the sales dude looked at me and said "Enjoy your new washing machine." I promptly looked at him and said: "1) Does anyone ever REALLY enjoy buying a new washing machine? 2) I would enjoy a beach vacation a lot more, but since I had to buy this, I guess I get to 'enjoy' doing laundry instead....yeah. right." JERK!

I'd like to say I'm blessed because I was able to buy the new one and didn't have to rely on a laundry mat like a lot of people do, but I've decided to be a little spoiled today. And whine. And complain.

PS...still upset that they don't match! I know, stupid...BUT!