Saturday, August 13, 2011


Don't get me started.

Those of you that know me, know how I feel about "A.L.A.BAMA" (imagine Forrest Gump saying that).

****if you like Alabama, now's the time to STOP reading****

To get from Point A: Tennesessee to Point B: Florida, driving through the entire state is a requirement. It's painful. I have nicknames for every town. I'd share, but I truly might offend my friends that live in Alabama and have continued reading my blog. I've long since stopped worrying about offending my husband who was born in the great state of Alabama.

Let me be clear...some good things have come from Alabama: My husband, his families, some great friends, Bear Bryant, Bobby Bowden, my dog's name and some great football games. But that's about it.

Worst fear (ok, maybe not the worse, but close) in Alabama. Second closest worst fear...getting stranded in the middle of nowhere in Alabama with no cell phone service. IT. ALMOST. HAPPENED. TODAY.

In an effort to find a shorter route to get home, my MIL gave me a shortcut to take from Destin to I-65. My MIL was kind enought to draw me a map even though she was exhausted from putting up with us for a week at her house -- of course, now that I just wrote that, it hit me...maybe her true intentions were for us to actually get lost in Alabama. Another story for another day. Anyway, at 4:30 IN THE MORNING, I missed the turn. MISSED. THE. TURN. Not something one wants to do in Alabama. at 4:30 AM. With two small children.

Did my beating heart wake anyone up this morning?! Kids, in the backseat with drool running down their mouths, while they are in safely in dreamland (not Alabama). I'm seven miles past the sign where I thought to myself..."should I turn? I don't remember MK saying anything about turning!" It's getting darker and my cell phone now reads "No Service" It's been at least 10 years since I last saw a message like that on my phone. Next...I see were entereing a National forest. GREAT! Then, I see it...the deliverance sign that made me decide to turn around. 60 mph to 0 mph in 1.2 seconds. 180 degree turn on a two-lane road done with perfect precision. Hand on chest, prayers being said...I'm going back to make the turn I probably should have taken.

Now, I promised my MIL I wouldn't call her at 4:30 AM to ask her any questions. I called. and called. and called. NO ANSWER. I'm pretty sure she said, "Call me if you get lost." (Again, I'm starting to think that maybe she planned all of this.) 45 minutes later I get to a sign that looks like maybe I made the right decision to turn away from deliverance! Halleleujah! A lot of prayers were sent up and Jesus delivered...He didn't want us to be stuck in Alabama either.

EVERY name I have for every town in Alabama was used on the way home. Don't worry, the kids didn't hear me. They were too busy fighting (ha ha...actually they were really good the entire way home).

So, 8 instead of 7 hours later, we arrived home. I don't think I've ever done the "entering Tennessee" dance, but I dang sure did today. Thank goodness for Tennessee and Florida rescuing us from Alabama.

Tonight, when Brent asked me if I wanted to watch "Sweet Home Alabama," I not-so-nicely replied, NO! Had about all of Alabama I can take for one day. He laughed and agreed with me (and he was born there)!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to be home (or at least, out of Alabama),