Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Mouse...

in the house...

Silly little critter found his way into our house and ever since that time, Brent has become a mouse hunter. Not a deer hunter. Not a duck hunter. A mouse hunter. For real.

Brent found his house. Little thing gave himself away.

One hunter. One mouse. Someone's not going to make it out alive.

Unfortunately, that someone was almost little Palmer. Keep reading for that story...

After setting traps (not the old Spring kind, but the kind they get stuck in), nothing. nada. zero. zip. For a hunter, the man becsme even more obsessed. Thank goodness the boys and I were out of town. Poor mouse. Brent and he were on a showdown. So far, Mouse 10. Brent 0.

Then, the hunter gave up?! gave in?! or just thought the mouse was gone. NOPE.

After a crazy busy day and finally sitting down for dinner (Chick Fil A because I'm a great Mom...ha ha ha) we were surprised by a random noice...squeek squeek really sounded like a mouse. Brent's eyes met mine. My eyes met Brent's eyes. We knew. But thought, no, It can't be. THEN, we heard it again. I'VE NEVER SEEN THE MAN MOVE SO FAST. The craziness in his eyes. The look of "I GOT HIM." When it hit us, we ALL jumped up...did we get him?! Clearly, this is the first time we've ever had a mouse in our house.

We all jumped out of our chairs and started to run. Poor little Palmer was almost as much of a casuality as the mouse. Somewhere along the way, Brent accidentally shoved him into the chair. Little man got squished! Imagine all 4 of use trying to see if we got the mouse, who by the way, is next to the refrigerator in a 3 in. space.

Well, we got him. We only got him because I apparently scared the "bejesus" out of him (according to Brent) when I went to get the ketchup out of the fridge. He just accidentally stepped in the trap. Poor little guy managed to escape all the traps and then ultimately, got scared by me. Figures.

Well, here's to no more mice. And no more mouse hunter.

Whew! Three weeks of not knowing where that little thing was. Although, I did discover the torn up bag of cheetos. Cheetos were his downfall.

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to be rid of one Mouse Hunter,