Friday, April 12, 2013

One Sentence...April 7-13, 2013

So...I saw a devotional/journal book called One Sentence.
It's where you document you days in one sentence.
I think I can do it. Possibly.
We're going to give it a try.

Here's my week via one sentence for each day (some might possibly be stolen from my FB page)...

Sunday, 4/7/13 -- Sittin' on the deck (with shorts on) soakin' up the sun's rays while sippin' on a real coke and pettin' my old dog. Thankin' God for this amazin' Spring day! #lifeinthesouth

Monday, 4/8/13 --  Ending a long day with some BASEBALL... Peyton's baseball game (playing 10 year olds...). Go Ripsters! Extremely proud of Palmer for getting up early to go turkey hunting with Daddy, and not complaining of tiredness later on...

Tuesday, 4/9/13 -- Brent's leaving for East Tennessee for 3 days. Peyton practice and Palmer Cub Scouts. Fun times being a "single Mom." Welcome to taxi land. And...the tiredness caught up with Palmer -- full on break down over a crinkled paper. Yep.

Wednesday, 4/10/13 -- Love me some Wednesdays. Bring on Happy Place #1 -- Choir Room for choir practice (P.S. Happy Place #2 is my bed).

Thursday, 4/11/13 -- Ugh...3 hours of sleep. Palmer's eyes and pollen Do.Not.Mix. Thunderstorms and sleepiness Do.Not.Mix. Bring on Happy Place #2 -- my bed.

Friday, 4/12/13 -- 11 hours of sleep does a girl good...needed that beauty sleep. Long day -- big work meeting, a trip to Costco (yippee written with sarcasm), favorite sweet baby baseball practice at the same time as favorite firstborn's baseball game. Go Ripsters (a repeat of Peyton's Grand Slam and triple from last Friday night would be extra nice). Oh...we now have baby birds in our front door wreath. Mama Bird is getting way more aggressive.

Saturday, 4/13/13 -- Today's the day Peyton's been waiting for -- 10 year old Shark Attack Party. Up and At 'Em early -- baseball practice. Palmer game. Pick up cookie cake. Pick up pizza. Shark Attack Party at 5:30 w/ 20 of his good friends -- baseball friends, school friends, church friends and even some neighborhood girl friends:) Spend the night with 3 of his friends. Please let this be the last of the week-long Double Digits birthday celebration.

Truly Thankful and Beautifully Blessed to spend the these crazy hectic days with two very healthy little my favorite firstborn really 10?