Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alligators and Rashes...

Or is it Rashes and Alligators? Did Ms. Mary have an alligator purse or did the Doctor or Nurse...or maybe it was a lady with an alligator purse?!?!

Alligators -- Brent left on Friday to go Alligator hunting in Florida. I know. It sounds stupid. It is. But, he went anyway. My warning to him...lose hands, fingers, toes, whatever...don't call me. I will not go to the ER. I will not help in anyway. I will be mad if medical bills arrive at our house. Did he listen to my warnings? No! He's off being a man for the weekend...alligator hunting!

Which leaves me here. In Nashville. With two crazy little boys. One of which decided to get some kind of viral rash all over his body.

Rashes -- Palmer. He's the culprit. He's the little one that ended us up in the Walgreen's Take Care Clinic...not because he was feeling bad. Definitely. Not. Feeling. Bad. I took him to make sure daycare will take him at school. I mean, clearly, after hearing the nurse tell about 10 different drs. that he was definitely not feeling bad -- she also kept saying Mom is going crazy in here (which I thought I was handling being trapped in a 10x10 room for an hour fairly well) -- it was clear that he was not feeling bad, nor did she know what it was causing the rash. Thank goodness we have dear sweet neighbors...Sara (Mark's wife) is amazing (she invited us over for Mark to check out Palmer) and Mark is an amazing pediatrician. In fact, not only did they tell us to come over so he could check Palmer out, he then kept the two boys for an hour while I left and went home to make dinner -- how awesome was that?!

So, the dianosis -- a vital rash of some kind, from something. Benadryl every 6 hours. And, as far as I know, Brent still has both hands and all 10 fingers:)

Can I have a margarita?! Please?!

TRULY BLESSED on this LONG weekend to have enjoyed my two precious, mischevious little boys while Brent does the "Man" thing in Florida,

PS...I'm really serious about that no help thing. Lose a hand = no help from me!


Mrs. Montoya said...

Yes - you CAN have a margarita! I wish I was there and we would share them. Hang in there and I will pray for Brent to come home with all of his God given limbs!!