Monday, August 31, 2009

Palm Trees and Mommys...

What do Palm Trees and Mommys have in common?

Destin. Labor Day Weekend 2009.

Palm Trees...I've written about them before, but guess just 4 days, I'll get to see them! So excited. Can't wait. Can't focus. Can't. Wait.

Mommys...I haven't seen mine since March! Six. months. Although I talk to her everyday, I absolutely can't wait to see her. It's true...Mommys needs their Mommys!

I can't wait to hug her. Can't wait to see the boys hug her. Can't wait to have a strawberry margarita with her. Can't wait to sit next to her on the beach. Can't wait to go shopping with her. Can't wait to see her.

Palm Trees and Mommys...they go together like peanut butter and jelly!

TRULY BLESSED to be able to see my Mom in just a few days...Can't wait!

PS...I am 100% certain that should a hurricane decide to make its way to Florida this coming weekend, I'll be heading into a storm!


Mrs. Montoya said...

Ah - you're back! Two days in a row, thank you ;) I've missed your blog. I hope you guys have a wonderful trip. Mamas are fun even in the rain. Cherish the time