Thursday, September 3, 2009


Yesterday, I had a glimpse of what it would be like to have a girl. I got to briefly imagine what it would be like to have a little girl. Yesterday, I got to experience a child's imagination in full swing. It was adorable and precious!

Children's imaginations are a beautiful, wonderful thing. Thankfully, I have a little 4 year old that reminds me of this on a daily basis.

Yesterday, it was about a puppy. This adorable little stuffed animal puppy disappeared from our lives for about 4 months, but we found him. He's dirty and not the yellow lab he once was, but he's Palmer's "Puppy" nonetheless.

For weeks, Palmer kept him stuffed inside a candle/lantern thing I have on one of our end tables. That's where puppy slept until I suggested to him that maybe puppy would be more comfortable in a shoe box, where he could stretch out...He's been in the shoebox sleeping endlessly for about a month now. BUT, for a month, Palmer has been asking if he can take puppy to the beach with us...well of course he can!

So, yesterday, Palmer named Puppy...Bella. Then he combed Puppy's hair. Then he decided Puppy needed food (and then went through the list of all the things Puppy eats, including bees, houses, grass, trees, shoes, paper, etc...but he ONLY drinks water)! Then I realized something...I don't have a little girl that plays pretend with baby dolls, etc...This is the first time one of the boys has pretended to be taking care of something. So this is what it would be sort-of-like to have a girl!

Palmer took Puppy to school this morning and the entire way to school he proceeded to tell me what him and Puppy were going to do while at the beach. It was cute. Build sandcastles, dig holes, enjoy the sunshine. BUT, Puppy doesn't like the water...THAT MIGHT BE AN ISSUE.

Anyway, it was great for me to get a glimpse of what it would be like. It was great to hear Palmer's imagination running wild. Oh, to be a child...

TRULY BLESSED to have two beautiful little boys that I would not trade for all the adorably, sweet baby girls in the world. My boys are my heart, and I absolutely can't imagine my life without them,

PS...We're going to the beach...YAY! I get to see my Mom...Double YAY!