Wednesday, September 23, 2009


for Brent!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that Brent fixed our washing machine...I think:)

After finding a video on the web about how to actually access the tub part of the washing machine, he got really ambitious and started tearing the whole machine part...literally. In order to get to the tub part, you have to undo everything. I was worried...WORRIED!

Then I had a thought (while on the phone with my Mom, panicking that he was taking the machine apart and wouldn't get it back together), that maybe, just maybe, this was a lesson in the fact that I should have more FAITH in my husband...I do now.

He worked hard. Cut his arm. Got a rash. Sweated over the machine for two days. The end result...we found the culprit (we think)...two quarters. TWO DARN QUARTERS broke the machine.

So, I haven't officially run the washing machine. We'll see if it works this weekend. BUT, he tried. He tried his hardest and hopefully, it worked:)

TRULY BLESSED to have an I-can-fix-anything husband!

PS...You know I was having a heart attack when I saw 200 pieces and parts lying on the top of the dryer...and oh, all this forced me to clean off the washing machine and dryer and put away clothes.