Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dang it all...

Two years. That's how long I've had my washing machine and dryer...the front loading kind.

10 years. That's how long I had my previous washer and dryer. NEVER ONCE did I have a problem with those. They were the top loading kind and although, they weren't pretty and didn't clean as good as the front loading ones, I never had to call someone to come and repair them.

It figures. Wouldn't you know it. The expensive ones are the problem. Yep, after two years, I have to call a repairman. It seems something has gotten underneath the agitator part of the washing machine and won't let it spin. And of course, these new fangled contraptions are too fancy for my "fix everything" husband.

We tried. We finally got it pulled out (a miracle in and of itself). Finally got the back off. We just knew if we could get to the back, we could get underneath to get whatever it is in there out. Nope. Not happening. Dang it all.

So, instead of going to look for cute shoes for the conference on my lunch break, I'll be waiting for the repairman that will inevitably charge me a million dollars to fix my fancy, just-had-to-have-them front loading washing machine.


Well, I guess if I have to find a bright side, at least I have a washer and dryer. I'm just praying
that it won't cost me a million dollars to get it fixed. And, if I'm looking for a second bright side, I washed most of the clothes prior to this happening. So, I've got about a week before the laundry piles up on me. Did I mention it was Brent's clothes I was washing when it happened. I'm, of course, blaming him for having something in his pocket that did it. He, of course, then told me that I should have checked his pockets. REALLY?! @!$#*&@! That's whay I have to say about that!

Anyway, please say a prayer this won't cost us a fortune!!!!

TRULY BLESSED to have a washer and dryer...would love it even more if they wouldn't break!

PS...Did I happen to mention that Brent is majorily hung over after watching the FSU game (they won against BYU) with friends, so fixing the washing machine was the last thing he wanted to do. I'm wondering if he could really fix it and was just too hung over to try?!


Katy said...

That is hilarious! The P.S. part, not the whole washer and dryer fiasco!!! So sorry to hear about that. At least you did clean clothes first!! How frustrating that would have been! Good luck! Stopping in from SITS to say hi. Your family looks precious!

Mrs. Montoya said...

We have the SAME washer and dryer and have spent weeks keeping our fingers crossed that we won't have to call someone. On average, it takes 8 tries to get the washer to start right now. Not a good sign, I know . . . I'll be on TeamBrent I don't think he could have fixed it even without the hangover :)