Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Enough Said.

My assignment is to write about a memorable trip we have taken. I can come up with many...honeymoon in Aruba where it rained the entire time; trips to the mountain for our 1st and 2nd anniversaries; trips to the Bahamas; trip to Europe, but I'm going to focus on Disney, as I have a few things I'd like Disney to consider before we arrive in November -- see below:)

Since I was five, pretty much every year, my family made a trip to Disney World. Now, we are doing the same for our boys:

2002 -- Yes, Peyton was conceived at the Swan and Dolphin Resort while Brent and I were visiting Disney. (No pictures of that...small children might read this:)!)

2004 -- Peyton's 1st Birthday -- we only stayed a 1/2 day and he slept most of the time, but it was fun.

(Peyton kissing Pluto -- I know, I try not to think of all the germs...and I'm not a germaphobic)

2005 -- Peyton's 2nd Birthday -- He was cute, I was pregnant...a FUN time.

(Photo taken at The Grand Floridian)
2006 -- Peyton's 3rd Birthday/Palmer 8 months -- Two days of stomach flu before we went, then 3 parks in 3 days...enough said (with an 8 month old).

(One of my favorite all time photos. Taken at The Crystal Palace Breakfast with Pooh & Friends)

2007 -- we skipped this year since we were moving :(

2008 -- My Mom and I ventured to Disney for one reason: To get Palmer's 1st Haircute:)

(I miss his little curls, but they did a great "memorable" job on his hair)

(I love this picture!)

So, this year, when we make the journey, I just have a few things I'd like Disney to consider before we arrive. Don't get me wrong...I look forward to these trips, but these few little things would make it A MILLION TIMES BETTER, so that our day would be "The Happiest Day on Earth at The Happiest Place on Earth."

Please consider:

1) We will be having breakfast with Pooh & Friends. I know I signed up for the "character" breakfast, but do you think maybe you could hold off on having the characters come to our table until after I have gotten at least 1 bite in my children...I mean, after all, for the $30 I am paying for just one meal, I'd like them to take at least 1 bite. Just 1.

2) My children do not like waiting in lines. Do you think that you could possibly manage to either 1) Treat us as a VIP guest and get us onto Dumbo without waiting...I mean, I have given you a TON of money of the past, oh say, 35 years of my life OR 2) Realize that my children are far more important than the other children trying to ride the ride, so really, they deserve to go first. And I can only hold them still for so long.

3) Please remove the carts of souvenirs and toys from the middle of the walkways...Really, I give you enough of my money, but do I really have to buy the "Invisible Dog Walking on the Leash" toy that costs me $50? I have three real dogs at home that my children ignore...why must I buy the invisible dog to take care of too?

4) Could you possibly create a "parent zone." I know there are kid zones, but seriously, I think all parents that have kids with them should get to go to the "parent zone" for an hour...No kids, No whining, No chasing, No strollers. Just parents:)

5) Could you possibly just rub all the characters down with Purell? I love the fact the my children want to kiss and hug ALL the characters along with ALL the other children in the world, but could you do something about the germs I'm letting my children collect because of their love for these characters?

6) I know my child is 1" shy of riding the ride, but for the love of goodness, could you just have your "Employee of the Month" turn a blind eye for just a second or at least let my child stand on his tippy toes...this would avoid a huge meltdown and allow me to keep my sanity for another 5 minutes.

7) The parade. Can I reserve a front row seat for this? or better, Can my child, just once, be chosen to be in the parade? My back is tired of holding the kids to be able to see the parade, my feet are tired of getting stepped on, the person next to me smells and I can't understand what they said to me as they gave me a dirty look when they stepped on MY toes. And, I really hate answering the "WHY CAN'T I BE IN THE PARADE?" question a million try explaining this to a 5 year old.

I know these are big requests, but if anyone can do it, I know Disney can. In return, I promise to:

1) Spend money...lots of money that I don't have or need to spend, but I will.

2) Take my children back to the hotel for a nap instead of dragging them around exhausted, whining, screaming and crying.

3) Not try to cross the street while the parade is going on.

4) Try to outrun the kid/parent next to us, so that I can get the "blue" Dumbo hat and not the "pink" Dumbo hat.

5) Allow my children to make a complete mess at (I mean under) the breakfast table.

6) Not people watch and make fun of the Disney guests that apparently forgot to look in any kind of mirror before they left their rooms.

7) Stalk the characters even after it is time for them to leave and the line is closed.

See, Disney gives a little. We give a little. It's all about Compromise (or so Darby says on "My Friends Tigger and Pooh).

Ready for our trip!!!!

TRULY BLESSED to be able to take our kids to Disney and have funny stories to tell for the rest of our lives,


PS...we might wait to tell Peyton about 2002:)


Mrs. Montoya said...

Do they make wedges for little boys. Our favorite flip flops got us RIGHT TO 40". Maybe a shoe shopping is in trip for your sweet pea before your trip :)

Mrs. Montoya said...

Oh MY - so distracted by Miley Cyrus video on DWTS. 17 does NOT look like that. Anyway. Maybe a shoe shopping trip is in order before you leave on your Disney trip. That's what I meant to say

Life with Kaishon said...

What a fun thing to do with your kids : ) SO fun! I want to take Kaishon before he is a million years old... : )

kisatrtle said...

I love Disney. those are great pictures

Charlene said...

I have never been to Disney but plan to take my kids there lots (when I actually have kids). I think I've been to every amusement park except is that possible?

Anyway, just visiting from Mama Kat's.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I took my son to Disney with my daughter and her family. Since my son has an autism disorder (and waiting in line is not a situation that he excels in), we got a letter from his doctor that let all seven of us in our party to use the handicapped lines for rides.

The Boy is available for rental for your Disney trips...I'm just sayin'.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

We are such Disney addicts....Have been 3 times for a week in the last 10 months....Sick....

Love your blog and enjoyed reading your post.

I had just a few minutes to blog hop tonight....
Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog. I have a great giveaway that I will draw for on
Oct 1 and a comment is all it takes to enter....