Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Another year has come and gone in the world of cj Conference...

WOW! This is my 2nd year of helping with cj Conference and I am amazed, even more so than last year...It is unlike any conference you have seen or been too! All 60 something colleagues get involved...no meeting planners allowed in our office!

It was months of hard work in the making. Months and months of details. In the end, it was successful. In the end, we were tired, but proud.

My company has a Purpose: EMPOWERMENT. We all know this. My company also has 4 Core Values: Integrity First, Creative Enthusiasm, Team-Driven Culture, Uncompromising Service. We all know these as well. No excuses, we know them. We live by them.

I work for an amazing advertising agency. I work with amazing clients and amazing colleagues. SO BLESSED. BEYOND BLESSED.

TRULY BLESSED to have found this agency!

PS...Have I said how much I love my job?!