Sunday, September 13, 2009 September?!

Scary...I'm already thinking about Christmas! YIKES!

Apparently though, I am not the only person in my household already thinking about Christmas. Peyton already has his Christmas list done. In fact, he had it done in August. And boy, does Christmas keep getting more and more expensive.

In fact, this year, Santa has said..."Only three presents." Of course, I think he says that every year, and then he gets all into the spirit and forgets.

This year...HE MEANS IT. Three presents for each child, so they better make it good!

I, of course, am not thinking about presents (for me anyway...I'm always thinking about what to get others), I am thinking about Christmas cards, wrapping paper, house decorations...all the stuff that I obsess about in making our house "feel" Christmassy. Every year, this becomes more and more of an ordeal. An obsession...

This year is no different. Two years ago, when I worked at Pottery Barn Kids, I obsessed and bought all PBK stuff for our house. Last year, I learned that you really do need a different wrapping paper for the Santa presents b/c kids are smarter than I was at the same age. This year, I'm obsessing over the Christmas cards. Last year, I chose the outfits, then tried to find a card I liked...took FOREVER. This year, I said I would find the card then choose the outfits. Did I do that. No! Did I pick the outfits, do the pictures. Yes...Do I still need to find a card. YES! Am I making this year any easier...of course not.

Well, anyway...Christmas is three months away and I feel it closing in. BUT, I am going to try to enjoy all the wonderful holidays in between now and Christmas...Halloween (and the neighborhood Saturday Social at our house), Disney World, Wedding for Chris and Jody, my dreaded 35th birthday, Thanksgiving (my favorite besides Easter) and our 10 year Wedding much going on that Christmas needs to wait its turn! Seriously!

So, here's a sneak peek at our Christmas cards...just a sneak peak!

(Not the best picture out of the bunch, but I only promised a sneak peek...not the best picture sneak peek!!!)

TRULY BLESSED each and every day, but I think I need to slow down and enjoy the ride a little...

PS...Every year I say I am going to have Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. And every year it doesn't happen!


Mrs. Montoya said...

Oh friend ~ looking for my cards, too. I think we are friends separated at birth!!! The setting for your pix is perfect. I love that the sand is white enough to pass for snow. Spectacular!!