Monday, September 28, 2009

My Name...

is Chasity. However, I really do answer to everything...

Chasity, Christy, Charity, Chelsea, Cassidy, Chastity, Chas.

I don't go around correcting people. I tend to think it is because someone usually ends up correcting it for me at some point. I've also learned, overtime, that people feel bad when you correct them. So, I don't. I just go with it and then eventually someone either corrects them or they realize it need for me to make them feel bad.

My maiden name is Chasity Jean Bailey. It's funny...I tend to forget that I have a "weird", when I make fun of someone's name, I have to remember that I have too have a weird name and the table could easily be turned. I do have to say, though, I've always thought Jean was worse than Chasity...or at least I did until I realized how much it hurt my Mom's feelings that I didn't like Jean. You see, Jean is a family Mom, Grandmother, my Great Grandmother, my Aunt..we all have the same middle name. Of course, I only found out how much it hurt my Mom's feelings when I officially "dropped" it after getting married...yep, dropped it like a hot potato. That's when I became Chasity Bailey Phillips.

I think I was lucky growing up. I went to a private Christian school, so I didn't get teased about my name. Virginity was preached daily, so having a name like Chasity, I think, just became something we didn't really think about. I think things would have been different it I had gone to a public school. It's funny...I just got asked the other night by a client if I ever got teased...and I can only remember one person ever teasing me about my name (I won't name names, but I will say that this person was one of the cutest guys in our class...he's now going bald!).

If I'd been asked the question "would you change your name" when I was younger, I probably would have said yes, but Why? Because Chasity is a name people remember. When I was going through RUSH at Florida State, I wasn't one of 100 Amys...I was Chasity...the only one...easy to remember. So, no I wouldn't change my name. I like my name. It's grown on me.

Now, my children...they got different, but easy to spell names -- Peyton and Palmer. Both a little different, but spelled the most normal way possible. And Brent, well his name isn't exactly normal's Brenton (he just shortens it)!

TRULY BLESSED to be unique and original,

PS...IF, and only IF, I like a person can they call me by my nickname: Chas (and it's pronounced Chas, not Chaz)!


Mrs Montoya said...

Gasp! Girlfriend, I saw your blog featured on Lamberts Lately earlier today and LOVE the redo. I am way jealous. It looks gorgeous! Congrats on your pretty new baby

Perfectly Phillips said...

Thank you...I decided to jump in and do it. I figured for about $35, I can update it every season:) And, it's cheaper than scrapbooking!!!

I hope you are feeling better. I saw where you have been sick. Meant to leave a comment, but got called away by the little ones!

Feel better,