Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Mom...

Mama Kat's writing assignment for this week is all about, I've chosen to write about "When I realized my Mom was more than just a Mom."

So, here it goes...this one's for you Mom!

My Mom is my best friend. My Mom is my confidant. My Mom is my cheerleader. My Mom is my inspiration. My Mom is my ROCK! My mom is the one person in the whole wide world that I know without a moment's hesitation would do absolutely anything for me...anything and not even hesitate to think about it!

I talk on the phone to my Mom everyday...mostly at the same time each day. There is nothing we don't talk about. I can be mean and she still loves me. I can be sad and she cheers me up. I can be tired and she wants to help me. I WISH WITH EVERYTHING I HAD THAT I COULD BE HALF OF WHO SHE IS!

I'm saying all of this because through all the years, I have tons of memories. Good, Great and not so great...(the not so great ones are mainly because of me -- the teenage and college years were a little rocky)! The one memory that absolutely without a doubt made me realize that she was more than just a Mom was on the day she left me with a two year old little boy and a 4 day old doesn't sound like much, but boy...I still get tears in my eyes just thinking about it!

When Peyton was born, I was ready for Mommyhood! I was ready. for. it. My Mom wanted to helpme, but I didn't want my Mom's help, as I felt I needed to prove to her that I could be a Mom...I could manage and handle whatever was thrown at me. I was a grown-up. Stupid me. Stupid, stupid me!

(Mom with Peyton...this was her first picture holding him...we got home and realized that she of all people -- the one that stayed up all night while I was in labor -- had not her picture taken with Peyton...and she never said anything)

When Palmer was born, I remember wanting to say to the hospital and doctor, "what are you doing letting me leave this hospital with a baby when I already have another baby at home. I have no idea what I am doing!" I kept thinking...How am I going to do it with two babies...two sets of diapers. Two that needed all of me at all times!

(This time, Mom was in the room while I was delivering Palmer. She got to see him make his appearance into this world!)

(She watched Peyton the entire time I was in the fact, she was holding his hand when he met Palmer for the first time!)

Mom stayed at the house with us for the first few days after Palmer's birth...she was such a huge help and this time, I let her help. In fact, I didn't want her to leave. As far as I was concerned, she might as well just sell her house and move in with us! Well, the day came, when she packed her bags and told me she was going home (see, I still get tears thinking about it..tears rolling down my cheeks)! Mind you, she only lived 20 minutes away, but the way I felt when she said she was leaving was like my world was coming to an end and taking my Mom with it! I was heart-broken. The most scared I have EVER been! I remember looking at her with crocodile tears (while trying to pretend that I was strong) and saying "You're leaving me!" She looked at me and as reassuringly as she could, she said "You are going to be fine."

THIS WAS THE DAY I REALIZED THAT MY MOM WAS AN ANGEL, SAINT and my BEST FRIEND all in one! She was more than a Mom. More than a human! She was an Angel sent by God to be my MOM!

Well, I've survived motherhood with two boys for four years. I'm still alive and so are my children and husband. AND all of this because my Mom said I would be fine!
I've managed to not kill anyone. In fact, there are days when she warns me to not kill them and to remember how little they are...

I am the person I am because of my Mom...good, bad and beauty (notice I switched the ugly part)!!!!
I can't imagine not having my Mom around. I often ask myself what I would do without MY ANGEL!
(Isn't she beautiful??!!!!!!!)

TRULY BLESSED to have an angel as my Mom!

PS...I can only hope and pray that my boys will always love me!